Saturday, November 14, 2009

s w e e t e r !

Seriously - who even designs playground equipment in NZ - r o c k s !

You would never find this in the States. Even if you did - I am quite certain it would not be free.

This, my friends, is the "flying fox". The "toy" I wanted to play on at the end of every day.

The little "kiwi" kids thought it was hilarious to watch me. I think they found my screaming unnecessary but highly amusing.

One little "bloke" went and got him Mum to show her the "silly blonde girl who talks funny" . . . whatever Mate!

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Karine said...

"Silly blonde girl" and "big tall kiwi" made a yummy Sunday dinner. And your little "kiwi" daughter plays a mean game of Monopoly. Thanks!