Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Hey Mom!! . . .

. . . . guess what tomorrow is?

Me: I know, I know . . . the day I finally get my car back!!
Peanut: [less than impressed] - no.
Me: Oh, wait, it's the day your Dad promised he'd actually get home at a reasonable hour!
Peanut: [eye roll]
Me: the day you are going to do your math facts after school without me asking?
Peanut: mom ------- no.
Me: well then you might want to tell me - but please know, I have more sarcastic answers if you want to hear them.
Peanut: um lemme think about it - no.
Me: [thinking . . . what an attitude she has inherited from the Pita's family] ;)
Peanut: It's NATIONAL Kid's Day! It's on our calendar at school. See Mom someone IS looking out for kids - not just Moms/Dads/Grandmas/Grandpas! We have a day! So whatcha going to get me?
Me: huh, what? A roof over your head, clothes, food and A LOT of love!
Peanut: Come on! It's one day a year! pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease?!!
Me: ok-I'll pick you up from school and we'll go get a "special" treat.
Peanut: [So excited] Thanks Mom!!

Now, I should have done this yesterday but I googled "NKD" and nope - nada for Nov 17th. However, I do see something brewing on Nov 20th.

What do you bet she has something up her sleeve for the 20th as well?!

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Angie said...

that's a smart kid you got there- definitely a mixed blessing