Monday, November 23, 2009

That "happy".

She is a funny little tart. So my Mom sent a "here's what each of you ungrateful children [other than EMZ] need to bring to contribute for Thanksgiving dinner" email. First you must know - I come from a family of "reply all's"......why would they just reply to Mom when they can "reply to all" and we can all see how willing they are to make/help/contribute?!

I was thinking just this as I read Happy's email but then I noticed my contributions had been jacked.

I went from Emz: soup, dessert & salad

to this: soup, dessert, salad, 7 homemade pies, more potatoes [Happy may not bring enough], your amazing brownies JIC someone doesn't want pie, green pistachio salad that Dave likes, green bean casserole & olives for our fingers.

Bring on the Holiday's! Can't wait until Happy gets my "reply all" email.

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Kevin and Kim Partridge said...

Wow. I thinked you've stunned your family into silence. Either that or they are so ticked off at you for outing them and they are not speaking to you anymore. Enjoy your large Thanksgiving get together. I will be jealous.