Friday, March 4, 2011

"Check It Out" - & Nicki Minaj

ya. so. this. is. about. as. random. of. a. post. as. they. come.

And in honor of Kovas . . . . I'm going to "kiss".


[no, he never REALLY calls me "stupid"]

So here's some awesomeness - photo style.

1st photo
my "I have no brain photo":

Ummm, ya.
Probably should have thought about placement.

So, I emailed Mooshy [uggggg] J-moo and he's sending me a new one.  He. might. rock. just. a. little-ish lot.

Got an extra 2 miles in with Mase [he kept staring at me out my window].


Awwwww, heck ya. Hello [my favorite] UPS woman!

We have boxes.

I love boxes.

First up:

A box for Ms. Peanut:

5 pounds.

5. freaking. pounds. 

This is how it worked:

Pita:  Peanut I need your iPhone.
Peanut:  ummm, you bought it for me.....for my a gift to me.

[omitting a lot]

Pita:  so here's the deal.  I'll buy you that stupid 5 pound gummy thing you want in exchange for your iPhone or if you are grouchy I'll just take the phone and no gummy thing.
Peanut:  I'll take the gummy bear.
Me:  s m a r t  girl.

Interesting fact:  one 5 pound gummy = 12,900 calories.

So - - - I'm buying another for my 24 hour treadmill run.

Next box:

YAY my Saucony progrid ride 3 that, may I mention, are going to be discontinued.  UGGG.

Then.  This:

Because you bet cha - I wanna be like Janae.  who doesn't?

"big daddy".

The. Big Daddy. [Nordstrom] box.

Let's put it in perspective:

That's the fun of my job someday's.  Like Forrest Gump.

It's like a box of chocolates . . .



Have you ever hid a purchase from your significant other?
Did it work? 

Happy Friday!


Kerrie said...


Kerrie said...

My mother taught me how to hide purchases by leaving them in the trunk of the car and saying, "DON'T tell your dad." (I never do this now that I'm married...okay, maybe I don't HIDE them, I just don't mention them and wait for him to notice on his own, which he doesn't usually. I mean, it's not my fault he's not very observant. Right?)

Also, when it comes to purchases I'm of the camp that says: Buy it first and ask for forgiveness later. Or, at least, it goes something like that.

I wanted to let you know I got stickers made and am thinking about putting them on my treadmill because of your post recently.

Hannah said...

That is one seriously hot purse. Love it.

12,900 calories? Seriously, that sounds perfect for your 24-hour treadmill run!

Anonymous said...

5 pounds of gumminess? Seriously? How many marathons will teh little have to run to work that off?

LB said...

holy cow, your house was a small post office today. OMG, love that bag. who says you have to sell it???? i hide purchases all. the. time. i know, i know, its bad, financial infidelity...whatevs. but hubs never pays attention to my clothes, shoes, etc so he never knows if anything is old or new....maybe he should pay more attention :)

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

Normally I'm not a purse person, but that one s puuuuuurdy.

H Love said...

you hit the jack pot! fun Friday!!!

Laurie said...

I hide things all the time and then slowly work them into my wardrobe, usually incorporating them during the day when he won't seen them. Then we he notices for the first time and asks how long I've had it, I can honestly say, "oh, I've had it for a while, haven't you noticed it before". Ha ha... pretty silly, I know. :) Speaking of my signifiant other he would kill for 5lbs of gummy bears... wow!

Unknown said...

can you teach me to run like you? I'll cook for you! I'm pretty good at hiding gifts, or maybe my hubs is just that blind.

Kelly Leigh said...

that is one big gummy bear. Don't hide it, just lie about the numbers. Whatever it cost divide by at least 2 and look guilty. If he thinks ur cute ur in business.

Michelle said...

OMG I want that bag!

And yep I've been known to quietly slip a purchase into the house unnoticed!

5 lbs of Gummy Bears - holy smokes! How long do you think it will take Peanut to get through it?!?

Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

watch the dosage on the L-Glu. I think 40 grams is the most daily per adult. Plus, if you are allegeric or have a reaction to MSG I have heard you will also to L-Glu. There have been some possible severe Liver issues with some who take it as well. I am sure you have already looked into all this before hand though? It is beneficial to Cancer patients going through Chemo though. My Sister used for just that reason.

Take Care!

Jen said...

I love getting boxes in the mail! That purse is SO stinkin cute! Ummm, yes, I've done the hide it until it's "old" so when I get asked the question, "is that new" I can say, "no, I've had it a while". I'm very very bad. And I think he knows it too.
And just to make things clear, you have posted plenty of post run pictures and they are all gorgeous. Paaa-leeeeese!

Adrienne said...

5 Pound gummy bear. That's pretty cool. Purse is pretty dang cute too. I want your job....but I don't have much style.. is that a problem?

I don't have to hide stuff from my husband because he is oblivious.

On the other hand when he wants to buy a big ticket item and has worked me over about it for a while and I finally say yes it is usually then retrieved from his hiding spot. Sucker!

Marlene said...

That bag is a beauty!!!

Love love getting packages!

Ohmigosh that gummy bear is insane! We need updated pics if she ever digs into it! (or is it a souvenir gummy bear? lol)

XLMIC said...

Noooooooo! That is awful! Those are MY shoes, too! Shoot. I forgot they do that, it's been so long since I was running regularly. Dang it.

I never hide anything except additions to my ridiculous Disney 'Cars' collection :P cuz that's really all I have to sneak when I buy.

Jason said...

Is that the G Recovery I keep seeing on TV with Peyton Manning and other football players?

Gummy Bear and Glutamine -- G Recovery by EMZ.

Unknown said...

Wow, I need to start running more so that I can eat that gummy bear. What an awesome set of goodies from the postman. I love non-bill mail!

Caroline said...

the only thing I buy without telling my husband first are registrations to races...

I don't usually like fancy bags..but that one I LOVE!
do you need my address? you can put a RUN EMZ shirt in it!!! ha ha!!

Rene' said...

Usually the running shoes get me to smile, but that bag is AWESOME! I would never be able to hide it because I would have to use it so much he would catch me. Good for you!

DRog said...

theyre discontinuing your kicks?!! how dare they, and are you stockpiling, protecting supply?

totally thought of you this afternoon:

I had a tough week with scheduling and it was a total hassle to figure out my training. Poor me! and worse was my physical and mental efforts as I cut two workouts short: POOR ME! haha

today as Im walking out of Target passing by the cust serv center I overhear from about 20ft away one employee tell another employee: "DUDE, you totally freakin got this" HAHAHA! 4real! was totally smiling walking out thinking...umm shoulda been sayin THAT b4 my workouts this week


Jim ... 50after40 said...

OMG! What a cute gym bag!

Chris K said...

OMG I want that bag too!!!! Way more than Michelle does.

Lisa said...

Brand new running shoes usually come in first, but not when that bag is in the queue! Very nice!

Julie said...

5 POUND!?!?!?!?

Nice bag!

Julie D. said...

what a great mail day!! I just got some glutamine too. Can't hurt. The purse? love it. Yep, I have hid purchases from my significant other. I like to do what Laurie does, keep it in the closet for awhile and then when he does notice..."nope, it's not new. I've had this forever!" ;)

RoseRunner said...

Did you just post a pic proving you ran over 20 miles, and not even mention it!? 20+ miles!!!

I've seen those 5-pounders before. They are actually really soothing to touch..weird, yes, but I want one just to squeeze ;)

The Green Girl said...

I got some glutamine but I haven't tried it yet.

I can't believe there's a 5 pound gummy bear. Insane.

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

LOVE that purse!! *sigh*

5lbs of gummy bear? that is AWESOME!!

I've heard a few bloggers rant about glutamine... is it worth the money? I have never tried it...

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

Wow that is a lot of calories.. Cool purse... thanks for the reminder I need to get new shoes.. 24 hour treadmill... please email me and tell me you are doing it somewhere cool like on the pier of a beach, on top of a tall building with a view, or on a trail with a generator??? HUGS!

Jill said...

One of my children was just telling me they wanted this 5 lb gummy bear (forget which) just yesterday. You can tell how well I listened :). They'll be super jealous of Peanut!

Yep, you need to keep the bag!

L-Gutamine is THE BEST! Make sure you give youself a break from it now and then, your liver will thank you!!!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

hahahaha! This post made me laugh and blink in awe---you just ran over 20 miles on your TM. AMAZING. I know this is a common run for you, but still, amazing.

The gummy bear is such a better call than a 5 pound sack of GU!

I totally thought heels were in the box---but it looks like you have buyer in Chris K if you don't want to keep the bag! :)

Annie said...

Ok, what do you do?? That Nordstroms sends you that bag?? And no you don't have to sell you you can send it to, well, you can sell it. Just sell it to Jeff. We have an anniversary coming up :)

One Crazy Penguin said...

Holy. Crap....biggest gummy bear that I have *ever* seen!

Also, *love* that bag!

SupermomE13 said...

I think I would like to have the gummy bear IN the bag please... I will send you my mailing address :)

Petraruns said...

That gummy bear looks DELICIOUS. I want to see a photo of Peanut eating it. And you on the treadmill having a go at yours..

Melissa Cunningham said...

all i saw was the 5lb gummy bear...
i want to stick my face in a whole bowl of them!
dang this contest prep!
anyways,love the shoes,love the purse...
as always,
you rovk!

Char said...

Hahaha. I love that Peanut ordered a giant gummy bear. She's still a kid - wait till she hits puberty and is ordering shoes and clothes!

Caratunk Girl said...

Wow. 5lbs of gummies!! That will be awesome on your 24hr run.

I hide stuff all the time. Then one day I wear it and he says, "is that new?" And I say, "no no, I got it a while ago."

Unknown said...

That purse is gorgeous!

How do you eat a 5lb gummy bear? I would love that little gem!

ConcreteNCoffee said...

I just try to pay cash when I go to Trader Joe's or Whole Foods to put together a special meal so the hubs doesn't catch wind if he does any mid-day banking.

You are going to ROCK this TM run. What do you do to keep yourself running for 2, 3, 4, or more hours on the TM? I'm assuming there must be some sort of Kick-Ass Ultimate Playlist of Insanity going on your ipod.

Katie said...

oooh i love the UPS presents!!

MCM Mama said...

That's quite the gummy bear!

I have some shoes coming in the mail soon, so I jump everytime I see the UPS guy go down our street...

I'm sad 'cause my kids ran off with my turtle sticker and I can't find it. *Insert sad face here*

Mark said...

I get so bummed out when they discontinue a line of kicks I have been wearing forever.

My wife gets me gummy bears every year at Christmas. That box is the motherload. Of course, after a six hour bike that might be just what my body needs to replenish all of its calories and essential gummy vitamin and minerals.

Matty O said...

I ate a 10lb chocolate rabbit my mom won when I was a kid. 5lb gummy bear... is that as big as Peanut?!

Love it. Glad I am not the only one in the world that buys completely random crap.

If H ever hid a purse from me, I swear she would get it!!!

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

Is it weird that I want the gummy bear the most.....or the purse:) THAT PURSE IS BEAUTIFUL!!! Let me know how you like the glutamine! Thanks for the shout out. I am so so excited for your 24 hour treadmill seriously are my hero.

Angie said...

I miss you when I am away from blogs for a few days. Got a pair of frye cowboy boots for $62 last weekend- thought of you. Don't know how you can sell that wither- maybe you will accidentally price it crazy high and no one will bid?

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

I might not catch all your posts, but this was a long one! I kept wondering where the end was as I was scrolling down. You must have been really inspired that day.


(There's my EMZ tribute for the day)

KovasP said...

Yeah, I'm sure PITA won't notice the bag here on your blog - camouflage it with the Chicked sticker!

Arica said...

So I am waiting for my new Saucony progrid ride 3's to arrive in the mail. Yay love em. I also just got the brooks ghost 3 for my birthday which I think you have also. I am not a crazy stalker I just noticed them in one of your pictures. But I am not liking them so much b/c the tongue seems to slide down when I run. Just wondering if it's just me? A big GIANT Nordstrom box with a lovely purse inside = A dream come true!! Lucky you :)

Unknown said...

I just don't happen to mention exactly everything I order. My Kate Spade handbag collection and shoe collection are increasing in size at an alarming rate :-)

Anonymous said...

hahaha, that gummy bear looks yummy-rific. and that picture of that tiny dog on that huge box, although is that tiny dog really your pitt bull & that's how big that box REALLY is? ha! Love it, rock that Prada!