Friday, March 25, 2011

"Rock This Town" - Stray Cats

Awwwww, heck ya.

Did he rock?


Did he FREAKING rock?

You. should. have. been. in. my. house.

I did not sit the entire second half.

There was jumping.  There was screaming.  There was the occasional recommendation for me to shut-up.  whatever.  Ya, see the Pita and I made a bet.  Ya, he lost and tonight is looking really great for me.

Awesome note #1.

Jason - I am going to love the 12 cupcakes.  I can almost taste them now.  yum.

Awesome note #2.

Caroline realizing they [Duke] were going to loose way before I did.  BTW - where did you find that photo?  I looked everywhere for it?!

Awesome note #3.

Seeing DW's one of 44 dunks and saying, "Did you see that?  Did you freaking see that? That was SICK!"
Being told by Peanut [after DW's crazy SI-K dunk]

Peanut:  ummm, Mom please don't say that ever again.  It makes you NOT sound like a Mom.


Side note:

I was trying to do my Neil Z run today. 

Peanut even took the photo AND made a bib for me.

Notice the "four" fingers - kinda like vibrams.

Ummmm, ya, next time I'll check the dates.  Nice Emz.

long run done.

I'm freaking loving this.


Big Daddy Diesel said...

Great game, I am tired today, that game ended at midnight Ohio time

bobbi said...

34.44?!?! I'm curious - how far do YOU think you'll go in 24 hours?

I cannot WAIT.

Emz said...

Bobbi. Better be over 100. ;)

BDD. I was soooo stoked I didn't go to bed until 11:30 here! Happy. Happy. Emz

Adrienne said...

Awesome and Hilarious. 34.44--wowsers girl!

XLMIC said...

"It makes you NOT sound like a mom."
Cracking me up! I love it when they say stuff like that :)

Way to rock that run, hot stuff!

runnergirl training said...

Great pics!! :)

Christi said...

I immediately thought of you when I saw that Arizona had won. YAY!

Caroline said...

Who's that Caroline and what does she know?

Yes he did rock. He was a GOD. I put the picture of his sick dunk on my post before I went to bed last I did not go when you ordered me to...I had to put a post up..I am not a sore looser.

My 6 yrs old son told his dad when he got home: "mommy is being REALLY loud, not sure watching basketball is good for her" SMART kid.

congrats to the cats.

34.44 miles? out of this world. I admire you. A lot. this is not something a lot of people could do.

Emz said...

Caroline - you are one classy chick.

and on the running. I'm just "sick" in the head. you. rock.

Caroline said...

thank you. and no YOU rock. now return to my blog, you will smile. I hope. I left something there for you.

Neil Zee said...

Not A big basketball fan. Whatevs.

That is pretty far to run on a treadmill.

April 17th you can start the marathon. But have to do something on May 1st. A km minimum. Think you can handle it? Little miss 34.44 clicks. Not as impressive had you done 44.44 today... Just sayin. That would have been impressive.

Sarah said...

34 MILES?!?!

racing dawn said...

Game of the night fo'sho.... I will now turn all my loyalties to U of A for the season...

That mileage is just plain crazy... U r destroying the tm... So amazing... :)

And I don't know if a tm can read over 99.99 miles... Better bring a spare to jump over document all mileage! :)

Caroline said...

the photo of the dunk? I got it on Facebook. CBS SPORTS page

Emz said...

BNZ - are you challenging me to a 44.44? I'm. All. Freaking. Over. It.

Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

go jayhawks! :)

oops wrong blog. :(

Mandi Runs said...

Seriously 34 miles!


BEAR DOWN! Great game, can't wait til tomorrow!!!

Neil Zee said...

Heh. Thot that might be your response. AND I. Have. No. Doubt. You. Can. Do. It.


You have this. Uh. You get that... No... Um


You are a real good runner and a good mom and a fun writer.

Gawd.. That was exhausting.


Emz said...

BNZ - you came back. You came 2 X I know you hate coming back.

What. Is. Exhausting. About. The. Way. I. Write?


You. Freaking. Rock.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Caroline, BDD, and I were all tweeting to your fake twitter account--unbelievable game!

EMZ--you are a rock star 34.44 miles!!! HOLY born for ultras girl!!! Love peanut's comment!

P.s. When I see you in AZ and we pose for a pic, I am standing like 15 feet deep so i dont look so huge next you and your 6-pack!! HAWT.

Kerrie said...

Holy balls lady. 34.44.

PS: You left a comment on my blog the other day that implied you would be at Seattle Rock N Roll. Is that true? Did I miss that somewhere? Because that would freaking rock.

Emz said...

BNZ. I hate. H A T E the term "lol" but I am soooo lol-ing.

Jess. Ha. Funny. Very. Funny. Girl. I'll be the one trying to only show 1/2 a face. Have I ever told you just how deeply I loath my forehead? Can't. Wait. To. Meet.

My. friend. With. The. Blonde. Ponytail.

Emz said...

Kerry t. It's in the "penciled" in plans. My. Heart. Loves. Seattle.

Unknown said...

Sad here in JimmerTowne to have our run come to an end but AZ was awesome. Williams was big time in the game! Wow! Go Wildcats!

Emz said...

Bruce. Don't let me fool you I'm sad for all things cougar & jimmer. Such. A. Freaking. Bummer.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

W-w-what???? 34.44????

Emz said...

Jim. It might be a typo?! ;)
Wait if I add the "cooldown". I hate cooldowns

We have: 34.84
Does a cooldown count?!

Anonymous said...

The other CATS better win tonight!

Emz said...

Mike- I will cheer for all things "cat".

Unknown said...

It was nice watching Duke get smacked down!

Crazy ass run, screw that Dean Karnazes guy he has nothing on you (-:

Jamie said...

YEEEEEAH U of A!!!!!!

Caroline said...

fake twitter account? did I miss something? I am old and I am blond so it is possible...!

Laura said...

You are so funny...seriously.
I am chanelling You've Freaking Got THis on Sunday in my race...

tahoegirl said...

34.44???!!! OMG. You are freaking awesome. 'nuff said.

Unknown said...

gotta love the 4's! I think peanut did an awesome photo job. She gets 4 stars!

DRog said...

what a run
I though of you today as I was struggling early in my swim ...thought to myself at lap 20 "I only have to swim 30 laps wheras EMZ alreday RAN 30+ TM Miles" and promptly finished my measly little 50 lapper swim :)

Teamarcia said...

34 and change? Your mill must be on fire with that kind of use. You freaking rock.

Chris K said...

All I can say is thank god Duke lost else I would have jumped off the Coronado Bridge today after my fiasco. I'm still hurting.

I am going to give some Wildcat love on my Post. Up soon.

Aimee said...

My husband and I both went to UofA so we were going crazy during the game! It was soo awesome! They totally crushed Duke! Woohoo!!

Nice job with your long run! You are awesome!

The Green Girl said...

I never run on treadmills because, well, I don't own one and I don't have a gym membership because I hate the gym.

But then my work opened a gym and I went this week and tried to run on the treadmill. I lost interest before I hit a third of a mile and only managed to hold on for two miles.

You are my hero.

Steel Springs said...

Awesome, intense photo. "It makes you not sound like a mom" made me crack up.

Your long runs are seriously impressive. Over 34 miles?!? Wow.

Johann said...

I can't comment on the game as that is not really a sport here in SA. We are probably all too short or something. 100+ on the mill in 24 are my hero!

KovasP said...

44.44 before or after the Cats loss?

Emz said...

After they win kovas.

Caroline said...

Kovas is a March Madness trouble maker!
If U of A wins the whole thing and I win my pool. I will make a second donation for your cause!

Emz said...


Get. Out.

You. Are. So. Freaking. Awesome.

coach dion said...

34mile or 34km...

how long were you on the Mill for? You are braver than me.

Jason said...

I am just now getting over the a**-kicking to be honest. It was tough to watch for me but I should not have been surprised. That was typical Duke to come out early and strong to only get their a**es handed to them in the 2nd half.

Great game by 'Zona. Dominated big time and played like champions. I will order your dozen cupcakes as soon as the site is back up. Had trouble ordering, but you will get them soon enough.

Congrats to you and I got nothing on the mileage. That is truly incredible. Rockstar EMZ.

Quinton J said...

you prolly should've run 44.44.
jus' sayin'