Tuesday, March 15, 2011

"A Beautiful Morning" - The Rascals

This morning was the perfect morning.

Early.  Recover-ish run.

McD's made me some eggs & the Pita a few sandwiches.

Peanut's requests . . . .  waffles [ya, they don't sell those].  She's my girl.  How can I refuse?  Waffles.  done.

Lunches were made.  Kisses given.

A n d


20 minutes to blow before drop-off?!

I knew just what to do.

I grabbed my new favorite cereal.

And. it. was on.

She never saw it coming.  food.  fight.  fabulous.

Little guy was a little scared.


You can run --- but hiding is for wimps!

Damaged ammo.

Slightly damaged Peanut.

Conveniently for her, we had to leave before "clean-up".  Chuy did help me out with the big scraps [the ones he could find]. 

Found three in my hair.  No.  Joke.

The conversation on the way to school went like this [I recorded it on my phone, just have no clue how to upload that]:

Me:  So how does 2nd place feel?
Peanut:  Oh.  Ohhhhh.  It is sooooooooooooo ON!

Me: [laugh]
Peanut:  How does it feel to come in 2nd?

Me:  I wouldn't know.  I was in 1st.
Peanut:  How does it feel to come in last?

Me:  I wouldn't know.  All I do is win

Peanut:  You're just a sore winner.  And a sore loser.  L [places hand to head] on your forehead.
Me:  w i n n i n g !


Happy Tuesday.

a n d

a HUGE - HUGE - HUGE thank you for all the donations. 

You guys amaze me.  I am so grateful.

Thank you.


Katie said...

hahaha. this post is awesome and makes me happy.

adena said...

no way, first??

adena said...

darn it, I got beat in the time it took me to read that.

LB said...

haha, you guys have too much fun! love it!

Melissa Cunningham said...

what a way to start the day!!!!

bobbi said...

You are an AMAZING Mom.

I need to remember sometimes how fun it is to just. let. go.

Usually I'm too wrapped up in day to day logistics.

Thanks for the reminder how fun it can be :)

Emz said...

Bobbi. Don't let me fool you. I. Forget. Often.
Thankfully today.....I remembered.

Anonymous said...

Somebody jumped into the "way back machine" for today's title!

One Crazy Penguin said...

One of my best memories with my mom is a flour fight that she started when we were baking one day. I'm glad to see that peanut is going to have oodles of memories like that to hold on to and cherish :)

You're an awesome runner, but you're an even more incredible mom and that's what really counts!

Christi said...

A food fight. That sounds like awesome fun. I have should have done that with my son. Oh wait, there is still time!

RockStarTri said...

Remind her that you don't win the silver but lose the gold.

A Prelude To... said...

FUN!!! Such Great memories we have the opportunity to make with our kids!

Matty O said...

Hey Adena... HOW DOES IT FEEL TO LOSE?! hahaha.

Ummmmm yeah, the floor mop dog is allowed in the house, where is my boy MACE???

Peanut - 1
EMZ - 0

Jen Feeny said...

LMAO!!! Love, love, love it.

Emz said...

RST. Love that.

MO - hilarious. He got to go on a 2 mile run. Lucky. Freaking. Mase.

Morgan. You. Rock.

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

I think Charlie Sheen might disagree with you about who is WINNING! Haven't had a good food fight since first grade when i used the spoon as a catapult to launch the green peas across the lunch room!

ltlindian said...

What??!! 20 minutes early? You clearly aren't suffering from time-change-itis! This week has my family being 30 minutes behind every frickin day!

Love the food fight though! And the dog vacuum. :)

Matty O said...

recovery food for mase :p

Hannah said...

I admire and love the relationship you have with your daughter! I'm excited to continue to watch my girls grow and change through the years, and to see how we balance the fun and the ups and the downs. Cute...food fight!

Rene' said...

that sounds fun. Would definitely add excitement to the morning.
Just finsihed the donation process...will be excited to keep up with your progress.
PS....i am jealous that your AC is on, our heat is on:)

Emz said...

LTlindian- we didn't change time here in AZ!! :)

KC. Peas. I shall go buy some for after dinner entertainment--frozen ones!!!

MO - I just threw him a leftover waffle. Happy now?! ;)

Hannah. Love your comment.

Rane. T H A N K You!!!

Emz said...

Rene. Sorry. I DO know how to spell your name. ;)

Angie said...

OMG- want to be you next door neighbor with all my heart. You are the best mom ever.

runnergirl training said...

haha Sounds like a fun day! :)

DRog said...


are those chuckies she is wearing ?
love it

GF peanut butter cereal has been my crack. But Im pretty sure tearing thru a box every other day negates any benefit of going GF. c r a c k

Big Daddy Diesel said...

LOL!! That was classic!!!

Marlene said...

What a hoot! Your house is ALWAYS fun!

Caroline said...

speaking of winners:
I mean REAL ones
that's all.
U of A...those colors are not good for me but thanks for offering a shirt!!!

Molly said...

love it! I have to go donate!!!!!

Laura said...

that sounds like a way better morning than mine..my cats just don't appreciate me at all.

Kelly Leigh said...

eeeek you are one cool mom! The awesomeness is a lucky girl. Glad you are all winner Charlie Sheen style. Can't wait to hear about you winning on that treadmill expedition!

Teamarcia said...

Perfect way to start the day!

XLMIC said...

Panda Puffs! We need to try those! We usually get the Gorilla Munch... but no throwing in the house... we have ant problems :(

You are such a fun mom!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

You and Peanut have an AWESOME relationship!! hahahahaha!

I donated--such a small amount, but hoping every bit counts!

Emz said...

Jess. No. Amount. Too. Small. THANK YOU so very, very much!!

Unknown said...

You are a winner! In every sense of the word.

you and that little peanut are so cute!

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

awesome!!! sounds like such a fun start to the day!! :)

Char said...

Great idea! I think I should plan a food fight and we'll have it in the chicken run. It'll add the extra element of avoiding chicken poop while eliminating any need for a clean-up.

Unknown said...

haha! Oh peanut. You guys crack me up!
Happy Tuesday!

Unknown said...


ihaverun said...

Will you adopt me? Please.

Alyssa said...

I LOVE this cereal, but I love how you used it even more!!

Jason said...

What a great mom. P-Nut will always remember these times. Congrats to you on being:


Matty O said...

Yes, happy now. And so is Mase.

The Green Girl said...

This is just chock full of awesomeness. You rock.

Elena (Running in Heels After Child) said...

I love it! Sounds like a lovely morning. I love when I can just let go and play/mess with my kids and not care about the mess or the aftermath- like playing in the rain and mud. So good.

Happy running,


Caroline said...

just made my donation
it is not a lot but I wanted to support you!
I admire what you will do. a lot.
but still
and Go EMZ!

Chris K said...

This Peanut seems like a chip of the 'ol block to me. She's a pistol.

That cereal label cracked me up. Talk about appealing to the latest trends....EnviroKids, Organic, Gluten Free.

Jill@Run for the Hills said...

Peanut will remember that for the rest of her life, and that, I think, is all we want from motherhood. :)

PunkRockRunner said...


Rock on.