Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"You Look Good In My Shirt" - Keith Urban

Mr. Chris K.
Mr. BQ or die [thank goodness he BQ'd].
Mr. Manly Runner.
Mr. Korn.
Mr. Made Emz freaking happy.

Why you ask?

Well, other than his always randomly [awesome] comments - DO entertain.

His choice in clothing --- well, is just that --- choice. toga anyone? [who is not attending a college frat party?!]

His pick in the Duke VS. U of A game ---- while his pick is SPOT on.  Nope that's not why either.

It was this:

you. freaking. bet. cha.

The stupid face just comes naturally to me.


Here's the thing [I soooooo hate taking self portraits] . . . . . I'm not the only one who thought it was all things awesomeness.

Pita:  That's actually cool.  I  w a n t  one.
Emz:  whatever email Kera.  I think she liked you.
Peanut:  Mom, can I have that when you don't fit in it any more?

Emz: [confused look] what?  how would I not fit in it?  You think I'm going to gain 30 pounds by morning?

Peanut:  well, on TV they said as you get older your "tabolism" slows down and you'll put weight on.  so when that happens.

Emz & Pita: [busting out in laughter]

Emz:  ya, that's not happening.
Peanut:  soooooooooooooooooooooo?
Emz:  soooooooooooo?

Peanut:  so how about you wear it on Wednesday [today] and then you wash it tonight and I'll wear it tomorrow, then you can wear it again Friday. [please, notice how it didn't need to be washed after her use..... only after mine.]

Emz:  I love you kid.  but get lost.
Peanut:  Remember that story about how you took your sisters penny loafers and changed into them at school since she said "no" to you wearing them?

Emz: yes................. [enter EVIL stink eye from me]
Peanut:  [pause/thinking]


To Be Continued . . . . . .

Chris. you. freaking. rock.

Also - so awesome that they hate Duke in Dubai too.

Is it Thursday yet?


Chris K said...

Damn, you are skinny. That was an XS. Fits like a glove, eh? Tell Pita and Peanut that next time I'm in Dubai I'll get them one.

EMZ, what is our bet when the Wildcats face the Aztecs in the Elite 8 this weekend? Who's gonna send Caroline the Kleenex. You should, but I'm closer. Poor girl.

Emz said...

I think we should send her an:

"it's okay to cry" package.

A huge big lot of stuff.
*Kleenex for sure
*Clear eyes [eye drops]
*body glide for under her nose - kleenex chafing
*and probably a U OF A SHIRT!!!

KovasP said...

Duke is "camel" in Arabic?

Emz said...

Kovas. Love. That.

Melissa Cunningham said... it!

TRI714 said...

Id run 26.2 miles for a camel

XLMIC said...

That arabic says:

My friend went to Dubai and got a smokin' hot belly dancer wife... and all I got was this camel t-shirt.

Seriously, though... that is a way cool gift! And it does fit perfectly. Better watch out for Peanut... girl's goin' after it fo' sho' ;-)

LB said...

killin' me with your hatred of my beloved DUKE........

Emz said...

LB. Come freaking on?!?!?

XLMIC. You. Rock. Loving that.

A Prelude To... said...

Love the shirt! I can see why everyone is fighting over it :D

Char said...

I would be very wary of Peanut bearing any gifts of food. She will have an ulterior motive.

Emz said...

Julie. Seriously. It. Freaking. Rocks.

Char. Wise. Wise. Wise. Thank you for that. Good call for sure.

jymmebe said...

Uh, ya . . . about those penny-loafers . . . :)

Emz said...

K fam. Cracking up here. That was awesome.

RockStarTri said...

I guess ChrisK is not related to CoachK. My youngest daughter's favorite team is Carolina. Her second most favorite team is whichever is playing Duke.

Emz said...

RST- your daughter rocks. I could not say it better. Duke vs [ anyone]

[ any one ].
Seriously. Not. Picky. Just beat Duke & the officials they pay & you are my new favorite team.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Go Uof A--poor Caroline will be broken when hr beloved Blue Devils fall.

Awesome shirt Chris k-he got your size right on! You are t-i-n-y!!!

I hope your "tabolism" doesn't fluctuate over night!! :) ha ha peanut!

racing dawn said...

sweet shirt... gonna have to fold it up and sleep with it under your pillow... that Peanut is a quick one... :)

pretty sure that tabolism is doin just fine with those 30 mile training runs... :)

and chris k... i'll take one of those too... i do have your beloved school winning this round...

Caroline said...

LOVE the shirt.

There is NO POOR Caroline
there will be NO poor Caroline
I told you first the Cats will cry and then IF and it is a BIG IF SDSU beats UConn it will be their turn
Chris you are not worthy of the K
The 2 of you will get a package from ME.

The officials they pay??? WTH?
I cannot wait for tomorrow!
I am a good winner I will not be toooo bad after Duke humiliates the U of A. I will go easy,

Caroline said...


Caroline said...

OOPS WENT TO FAST, I love that song!
We love KEITH!

Caroline said...

And Kovas: REALLY????

Emz said...

Oh man Caroline.

Marlene said...

"you look skinny" bahahahahaha!

Awesome! And nice boot-ay!

Emz said...

Marlene. You kill me. Day. Made.

Jill said...

Dang girl...You ROCK that shirt!!! SWEET!

Nelly said...

great post! great gesture by Chris K!

and I was cracking up at his comment, "who's going to get the kleenex for Caroline?" haha

Go Aztecs and Go Wildcats!
Just like they said in the ESPN Fab 5 documentary, time for SDSU to shock the world! haha

ltlindian said...

Cool shirt and you have the tiniest butt ever! And I was psyched about my size 6....... Lol! Guess that's what happens when you run 60 miles in a week!!

Anne said...

I absolutely love that t-shirt! You really are as tiny as you look.

Haha...Caroline has really integrated the US culture...I don't even know what those teams play :)

HD said...

I love the play by play of your conversation with your kid! Totally sounds like something that goes on in my house on a daily basis :)

Alyssa said...

Everything about this post is amazing & hilarious!

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure you won't be seeing other folks around town wearing the same shirt- very cool!

The Green Girl said...

The note rocked almost as much as the shirt.

Rad Runner said...

I was at an adidas store this past Sat.
no stomach covering, only arms and bra area, it was exp. but it had you name written all over it.

Steel Springs said...

That shirt is awesome. It totally captures the classic camel expression. Do you know what the shirt says?

I love Peanut's response. She's too smart, threatening to use your own tactics against you. Haha.

Caroline said...

notice I made a change?
just for you...(and the manly swell guy also)

you know what post you will love then one I will write after the game tomorrow...I will be as nice as can be...

Silly Girl Running said...

Ha! Your kid cracks me up! She takes after her mom! ;)

Johann said...

Love it! Good one Chris! Yes, it's Thursday already! At least here on my side of the world although by the time you read this I'm probably going into Friday.:)

Matty O said...

Listen lady... YOU NEED TO EAT!!!! You look like you are going to break in half!!!

Great exchange amongst your family haha, I miss smart alicky kids. I think that I would really enjoy a smart ass kid, our conversations would go back and forth for HOURS :)

Caratunk Girl said...

NICE one!! Chris K rocks. So do you.

Love Peanuts way of trying to "share" the shirt. ha ha

Michelle said...

Oh my gosh - love Peanut's "tabolism" logic! Definitely better keep an eye on that girl! Love the shirt!!

Sammie Girl said...

At least Peanuts asks! Jose raids my t-shirt drawer thinking I won't notice. Love the shirt!

Jason said...

Tabolism is my new verb.

I just tabolized my breakfast.

I just got off the phone with a client and I need to tabolize their comments.

You are taking this to a new level. Remember 6 vegan carrot cake cupcakes and 6 vegan fig cupcakes.

Gracie said...

That is awesome.
And peanut is hilarious on so many levels.

Anonymous said...

please find the 10 second delay on that expensive camera and quit using the mirror to take pictures of yourself! :-)
It's GOTTA have one!
cute shirt!

Emz said...

Cheryl. Love it. It does. I hate instruction manuals.

Jen said...

Love it! And I love your daughter's comments! She's a character!

Quinton J said...

nice shirt.
and nice use of 'stink eye'.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Duke cant be camel in Arabic, or you been caught wearing a Duke shirt and claiming you love it.

Peanut is so going to steal that shirt

Emz said...

BDD. It is missing. No. Joke.

Emz said...

Wait---I'm cool enough for Q again?!

Molly said...

love the shirt, and I also love that you can see your treadmill in the back of one of the pics!

Karine said...

40 minutes on the treadmill at the gym this morning. I can already tell my "tabolism" is boosted! Thanks peanut. (And, by the way it is true, when you are older you tabolism slows way down!)

Anonymous said...

I am 57 and my tabolism is just fine thank you very much...keep it at 10 hours or more of swim/bike/run/lift and you won't have a problem either!

Unknown said...

Luvin' the shirt!

Kera said...

so now i'm just starting to get annoyed with you. stop it with the freaking numbers already. geez.