Tuesday, March 8, 2011

"No Hands" - waka flocka flame

Life feels like it's been a freaking roller coaster.  Not really an up & down roller coaster but more like the screwdriver-ish twisty ones.


Each day seems to come with a new set of ideas & plans. 

Happy. Emz.

Sunday - I got to see my 3 sisters & 1 brother [each with their personal crew{spouses, children}].  Awesome.

Peanut - finally bit into her 5 pound gummy bear. 

Then she rocked it to sleep.

Then, I read all about Gummy Bears in my RW mag.

Guess what else I found in RW:

You. freaking. bet. cha.


Yesterday, Peanut and I went to see "Body Worlds" at the AZ Science Center.
Was. amazing.  no photos were allowed but if you see this exhibit come to your town.  you. must. go.

We stayed a while after and did the other "regular" activities.

Loved this photo......it's the two of us "meshed" together.

And f i n a l l y ,

[the little 24 hour thing]?


Cannot.  wait.

Right at the news station.




Two months from today.  I'll be sore as heck.  And. loving. every. moment.



Matty O said...

Awesome post. AWESOME!

That is a biggggg gummy bear. Have you taken a picture of it as it lost each limb?!

Glad you got to spend time with Peanut. Sounded like an awesome trip :) I am a science nerd remember?

News station huh? talk about accountability... cameras on ya 24/7? What happens if you fart?

Ultra runners carry pickle juice with them (don't know why/how I know that, but I do).

Keep on rocking !

Emz said...

Matty-O. No smell o' vision. I'm safe. Well I'm totally NOT.....can they NOT tape in HD just this one freaking day?!

A Prelude To... said...

My old tri coach swears by pickle juice. He would freeze a big jug of it and set it out at his T2 for race day and after he got off the bike he totally downed that sucker like crazy.

I "might" try it...

Love the pic of you two merged together!

Can't wait for your 24 hours!!

Matty O said...

Haha, EMZ HD. Prepare yourselves!

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

I wonder how long it will take her to eat the whole bear.

Will there be a live webcam for your whole 24 hours?

Emz said...

Prepare? How? Botox fest? Lipo? Face lift?

Emz said...

Rose. If you want a web cam to watch my slow death ;) you got it!

Julie. It works. I swear.

Jenn said...

That is a HUGE gummybear! Sadly, I could polish it off in one sitting!

I love science centers! That pic is SO cool!

24 hours??????? Nah-I doubt you will be sore...Would be fun to get a live feed of that!!

Aimee said...

That gummy bear is hilarious!! My boys would LOVE one of those..ha ha!

Body Worlds came here last year and I really wanted to go, but didn't make it! Hopefully it will come back!

RunningLaur said...

omg!!! I will so come the EVB to see you running for a long time (assuming I'm in town, ugh.)
so. cool.

Matty O said...

I think they will get the "real deal" on tv :) I better not see you jumping ship and packing on the makeup for your run either LOL.

Liposuction?! The only part of your body they can actually remove something would be from your ABS! That would be tragic HA!

jymmebe said...

We'll be there to watch, encourage and to feed you gummi bears while you do your 24 hour run . . . seriously, there will be a web cam? Coolness!

It was so good to see everyone Sunday! Thanks for coming over and for bringing that amazing chocolate cake . . . just finished it off a bit ago! Yumm-O!


Melissa Cunningham said...

alli saw was the gummi bear......

Katie said...

pickle juice?!!? that gummy looks aaaaahmazing!

H Love said...

so so so cool! I can't wait! this is big time baby...bring on the gummy bears!

Jen Feeny said...

Holy crap, where do you even buy a 5 lb gummy bear?!?!?

So frigging awesome that you're doing the treadmill run live from the new station! Any chance they will be streaming it online so we can check in on you?!?!?

Anonymous said...

Did I win?

Emz said...

J moo. You. Are. A. Winner. Don't let anyone tell you otherwise. No.

K fam. Ily.

RL. You may be a back up runner in case I trip fall and my hair gets caught in the mill.

Morgan. Vat19.com. Awesome.

Jen said...

I cannot think of a better excuse to eat gummy bears!
My brother used to drink pickle juice before a big football game because he used to get calf cramps really bad. I've tried it once. Totally worked, didn't taste super great though.
Body Worlds is so awesome. It is a must see event!
You are so cool. Right in the news studio? You're gonna be even more famous! I can see why you're not sleeping. But no worries... you're gonna be great!

Marlene said...

I love that Peanut took a bit and then rocked it to sleep.

At the NEWS STATION? For reals?! How awesome is that. I hope I can catch a broadcast online!!!

bobbi said...

Hory freaking CRAP! There's no failing (not that there WOULD be anyhow) when you are running for 24 hours at the NEWS STATION!

No pressure EMZ. YFGT!

When I saw the post about the 5lb. gummi bear I thought it was a BAG of gummi bears, not one GIGANTIC bear!

(MUST web cam it. MUST!!)

Jason said...

This post is just filled with


Karine said...

You are not the only one who can't sleep. So excited for you and for the Sojourner Center who will benefit big time from your awesomeness!

Sarah said...

I could get into running if people would hand me gummy bears along the way. :-D

Caroline said...

At the NEWS station!!!! awesome!!!
pickle juice? really...I can do ACV but pickle....but I would be one to need that actually....My boys can never know about this gummy bear..!!!
so did you think of me Saturday?
I wore black the rest of the day in mourning...
I bet YOU were smiling....
it is not over though...
no running with Dean on Sunday?

Kerrie said...

You'd need a serious fuel belt for the 5-pound Gummi Bear.

Also. You freaking rock.

BTW - TV stations are COLD as long (as you're not sitting under all the lights at the news desk). So you got that going for you!

Emily said...

ooooh so cool! you'll have to livestream it for all of us non-AZ peeps!

ltlindian said...

I too, thought it was 5 lbs of gummy bears, not one gigantic 5 lb bear. That is one huge gummy! I love gummy bears and I don't think I could tackle that one. Good luck Peanut. And good luck to you on your crazy 24 hr run! Rock it!

Heather said...

Whoa! that is the biggest gummi bear ever, wonder how long it will last. 24 hours at the news station? that's gonna be great!

Julie said...

How cool is that! The news station!?!?!? I love the idea of a 24 hour web cam too! I wanna watch...well maybe not all 24 hours. ;)

I can not get over that gummi bear.

Christi said...

What an awesome gummi bear!

LB said...

how exciting!!!! cant wait for your run, has anyone told you today that you are AWESOME!

Unknown said...

Dude you are going to be like a TV personality and stuff? WOW! Holy motivation!

Hey, Ive been away for a few days and may have missed some posts but did you post how we can support you with a donation yet? Because we really want to (-:

Emz said...

Jeff. You. Rock. Thank you.

T h a n k y o u !

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Bummer that you couldn't take photos. That sounds great.

Knew that about pickle juice but I've never used. At the race they had a big jar (community style) of the stuff. I didn't partake.

How cool are you?! Running at the news station. Should we start asking for autographs now?

Unknown said...

That bear is awesome!!! I remember getting gummy rats at the candy store in the mall when I was a kid and I thought those were huge. They have nothing on that bear!

I am so out of touch but I am really happy to see that you are happy and have such cool things coming up. Did you ever get my email with my EMZ t-shirt photo? Like I said I am out of touch :)

Emz said...

Angie B. Yes. I got it. I loved it. I'm posting it 3/15. No joke. I have it all drafted up.

KovasP said...

So I will be creating pickle juice gummy bears (5 lb variety) for all the ultrarunners out there. I bet I make millions.

Emz said...



Pam @ herbieontherun.com said...

I looooooooooove pickle juice!!!! When I was a kid, I would freeze it and make pickle-cicles. And I always loved spending the night with friends because their pickle jars always had juice left in them! HA! Not when I was done with them...

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

I'm so jealous of peanut right now! EMZ--I'm PUMPED for you!!! Will you be televised?!!! I hope they have a keg-o-pickle juice ready!

Oh, and I am coming to AZ. April 14th I arrive a 2....will you be leaving for B-town that day?

ihaverun said...

Holy Gummi Bear!!

I'm counting down the days. Hopefully Kovas will have his pickle juice gummies available by then!

Jill@Run for the Hills said...

For some reason, when you mentioned the 5lb. gummy bear in a previous post, I thought you meant a freakin' 5lb bag of a bunch o' gummy bears, not ONE GIANT GUMMY BEAR! I'm cracking up over here.

Pickle juice? Dill or sweet? My neighbor cans his own, but they're hot and spicy. I dare ya to drink that juice! :)

SO excited for your run and can't wait to follow along. I hope it's internet-ized. Let us know when we can donate, m'kay?

Generation X (Slomohusky) said...

Pickle Juice Sunflower Seeds were found today and tried. Perfect! Just suck them whole and spit them whole is my thought for my next HM. Just NO spitting on the other runners.

I am sure 7 hours on - something transcendental will happen to ya. MORE PICKLE JUICE PLEASE!!! good luck!

ajh said...

I read that pickle thing too. I had actually heard it before - I think from T my running buddy. Weird!

Cynthia said...

You are amazing!!
That is a BIG gummy bear. I want to see the webcast of your 24 hour run. I'll be watching to see when you drink pickle juice and take a big bite outta that gummy bear for fuel!

MCM Mama said...

Wow, that's a big Gummi! And hellz yes to the webcam! If you can run for 24 hours, the least I can do is watch. ;o)

Char said...

Someone needs to invent the pickle-flavoured gummi bear. It'd be the perfect runner's fuel.

Anonymous said...

At the news station- very cool! My guess was way off (shoe store). Very excited for you.
Where did you guys get that gummy bear? Want one. Badly.

Michelle said...

That Gummi Bear is outrageous - I thought you were talking about a 5lb bag of gummi bears - not one bear!

Love that you're running at a news station!!

Karen R said...

So if I run crazy miles like you, I can eat giant gummy bears and drink pickle juice? I'm in!

Science center visits with the kids - one of my favorite things to do :)

ShutUpandRun said...

I find myself wondering if Peanut's gummy bear would fit in my hydration belt. It might weigh me down a little, but would be so worth it.

Glad all's well in emz's world, we'll at least 99.4 percent of it.

Laura said...

I love me some gummi bears..but that one scares me.
I cannot wait for your 24 hr run..you are so amazing.

Molly said...

I'm such a weirdo. Thinking of pickle juice, and thinking of how hot it is in AZ, I thought.."pickle ice cubes." make some out of juice, pop a few in a water bottle for your run and you have cold juice!

Love that the run is at the TV station!!

RunToTheFinish said...

how cool!! your adventure just keeps getting more and more exciting

Nelly said...

that is awesome about the 24 hour treadmill run, I bet no one guessed that location!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Can you email me where you got that gummi bear from?

Anonymous said...

That gummy bear is insane!

I had heard the pickle juice theory before... apparently cyclists are also big fans of the pickle juice. Just trying to imagine telling someone to meet me at mile 15 with some pickle juice!!!

Cannot wait for your 24 hour run. It's going to rock!

Unknown said...

Mmmmm pickle juice..... my mouth is watering!

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Thought of the EMZ as I posted tonight. Check it out, you might like it!

Barbie said...


Anonymous said...

@kovas- great idea!!

emz- sorry i've been away. mardi gras has consumed my life and now i'm drying out. booo

loved the pic's and loved peanuts gummy bear. :)


Anonymous said...

Who knew that gummy bears were not only delicious but a must for runners?

GOOD LUCK, I'd usually say run swift, but in this case, "run long!"

Caroline said...

I just tried the juice just to see how it is....ayaye...did not go down easy but not as bad as I tought...

Caratunk Girl said...

Holy crap! That is a HUGE gummy bear (not to repeat everyone else here, but holy cow!)

Huh. Pickle juice? Not sure my stomach could handle it, although I love pickles so would try it anyway.

I am a geek, the science exhibit sounds awesome.

So cool on the radio station!

runnergirl training said...

I've read that gummy bear article in Runner's World! Love the giant gummy bear!! I'm a new follower! :)

Jill said...

Ahhh, I was just talking about you and your pickle juice from the horsey run :) to the track coach at school - he is a big ultramarathoner and was intrigued with your PJ (someday, you gotta come out and do the Leadville 100 - I'll be your main crewman, er crewgirl :)).

My boys would be incrediby jealous over that gummy bear; they saw it on some show and have talked about it frequently. Glad P is enjoying her sugar!!


Chris K said...

I just stayed up for 24 hours and it kinda wrecked me. And I didn't even run, let alone ONLY run. Good luck with that.

HD said...

oh my god! a 5 lb gummy bear?!?! i would seriously be the happiest girl in the world with one of those, lol :)

Mark said...

Holy Smokes! That is one BIG-ASS gummi bear. Maybe I will put that in my special needs bag for ironman this year, or better yet, mount it to my bike aero bars and gobble it up on my 112 mile trek. Think I'd get some strange looks?