Thursday, May 26, 2011

"23" - Jimmy Eat World

Three Twenty-Three Things Thursday.

1.  I am loving my new KidRobot shirt.  Like LOVING.  Like I actually haven't worn my run emz shirt this week kind of love.

2.  Found this at my door this morning:

3.  I also had "BIG BOOTY BARS" delivered.  Thanks Kim! Tuesday.  Thank goodness I didn't even get one.  I'm thinkin' my booty should avoid the word "big".  I should give her my plate back again.

4.  Today is "rest" day.  Which means my schedule is chock full of crap I need to do but the word "run" isn't on it.

5.  Lunch with my Mom yesterday was --- a w e s o m e .

6.  I hate raisins. [thanks Dad]

7.  I love it's a four [4] day weekend.  More family time.  And there's a "4" happy. me.

8.  My protein shake today was all lumpy and it made me sad.

9.  Today is Peanut's last day of school.

10.  Holy. crap. she's. going. into. 6th. grade.

11.  Made 5 dozen [raisin free] cookies last night with my group of girls from church.  Came out beautifully.

12.  Work has been going really well. yay!  Funny how when you actually work - you actually MAKE money!

13.  Woodway.  Woodway.  Woodway.

14.  I got this text from "Aaron" --- this is how you know you are ready for the next BIG thing . . . "Let's get baby loggers and run from Flagstaff to Tucson through Phoenix....unsupported". [FYI . . ya, that's about 265 miles]   . . . . . and it made me smile.

15.  Playing wii with Peanut this morning was way better than running.

16.  I got this from the People at The Sojourner Center last week.  I.  Love.  It!

17.  Some people don't like my use of "freaking" .  Guess what?  I freaking don't care! ;)

18.  Sojourner called and said the women there asked that I come in Saturday to discuss the run [24 hours], ask questions, meet me.  why am I nervous?

19.  I still have a lot of thank you notes to write.  I am sorry for the delay.  I'm. on. it. though.

20.  Peanut will be eleven next month.  O. M. Gosh.

21.  This summer is the summer of family.  YAY! We have all sort of family events going on.  [family reunion, missions, graduations, fights . . I kid. I kid.]

22.  I love Lionel Richie.

23.  If I beg ya, will you click here and vote?  [here].  You. freaking. rock.


Favorite Lionel Richie song?


Alicia said...

No begging required. I already voted for ya! Love the Lionel Richie flyer. Makes me want to go and do that just to make people laugh. Very funny!

LB said...

Has to be dancing on the ceiling hands down! Love that shirt, where did it come from?

Jannifer said...

Voted! Dancing on the Ceiling!-Love Lionel

Emz said...

LB. England. But you can buy online & on eBay for less than the pita paid. :/

Rene' said...

I hate raisins really hate them! I can't believe your kids are out of school. We don't get out until June 24th, yuk, yuk, yuk! Lionel rocks, All Night Long:)

Matty O said...

ummmm was this post directed towards ME!!!!!!!?

I will make a post about how much I hate pickles :P

Lionel Richie... seriously?

I find that more shocking than you having an 11yr old haha.

4 day weekend? HOW THE HECK do I get your vacation schedule?

Christi said...

I love the Lionel Richie flyer. That just makes me laugh!

bobbi said...

The Lionel Richie flyer is hysterical. Even more so when I realized that the little tabs were all song lyrics. I have to vote "All Night Long."

I love to eat raisins on their own, but I hate them in anything except trail mix. When I eat traditional trail mix, I have to make sure there is at least one raisin, one peanut, and one m-n-m. Bet you feel better knowing that, huh?

A Prelude To... said...

Today is Peanut's last day of school? Hooray!! I'm counting down the days until we're on summer V.A.C.A.T.I.O.N!!!! We've got about 9 more school days left.

Anonymous said...

Jimmy Eat World FREAKIN rocks! SO do raisins - although I like craisins better!


Emz said...

MattyO. Maybe. Ya. Totally.

J-moo. Awwww yaaaaaa.

Jen said...

So many fun things. Cookies, no school, big booty bars, Lionel Richie, speaking engagement, unsupported relay... you freakin are so cool.
This summer sounds like it will be a good one.
Let me know when you've figured out how to freeze time cause I've got some kids over here that need a little zap!

Jen said...

Oh and I voted!

Samantha said...

I FREAKING voted for you. Who in the world doesn't like that word?!

Emz said...

I. Freaking. Have. No. Idea!

Here's the problem people think...

Freaking = bad F word.

They. Freaking. Don't.

BTW. You'd be surprised. I. Get. Emails. But I also get emails from people telling me I should post more about food & training.

I get really random emails.

KovasP said...

baby loggers rock

Evolving Through Running said...

I'm freaking voting for you every day. I'm kinda lukewarm on Lionel Richie, but freaking love his hair. Somewhat indifferent towards raisins, but freaking love them in certain salads, especially the freaking golden ones. I'm really freaking bad at the Wii, but it is pretty fun, especially freaking ping pong. Freaking beats the heck out of some of the alternatives. Freaking.

Nelly said...

I'm a HUGE Jimmy Eat World fan, that alone got me to click on your post today, haha 23 is one of my favorite songs they sing - it's a slow one and it builds throughout the song.

Awesome on the certificate from Sojourner Center!

Marlene said...


Awesome gift from Sojourner Center!

4 day weekend sounds like heaven. ENJOY!

Anonymous said...

Dancing on the Ceiling!!!!! Yes for me too a day off means a day of crap to do!! HAHA!

I know how you feel, kids grow up way to fast!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Voting has been my daily routine! Gotcha girl!

Happy 5th grade graduation Peanut!!! Enjoy 4 days of family fun!!

Anonymous said...

I voted! its a no-brainer!

Just wondering, are we going to find out how much money was fundraised through your endeavour? I totally understand if they dont disclose that stuff, but I'm really curious.

And lastly...what the heck is a big booty bar?? lol

XLMIC said...

As soon as my allotted 24-hour waiting period has elapsed, I am all over that button like FREAKING white on rice. ;-)

You just hit 800 btw... to the top, baby!

Michelle said...

That Lionel Richie flyer cracked me up! Has to be All Night Long - his best song I mean.

Last day of school already - oh I'm so not ready...good thing we've got a couple more weeks!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

Crap it took me too long to read this. I was trying to be commenter # 23!!!

ihaverun said...

1. Love the shirt. But not as much as my EMZ shirt.

8. You being sad makes me sad. Stupid protein shake.

11. Just makes me smile.

17. I freaking love it. Always think of you now when I say it.

18. You will be awesome. When are you not?

23. Already did. From two computers, my phone and my iPod.

H Love said...

Love me some Lionel as well....All Night Long!

racing dawn said...

Once, twice, three times a lady....that happens to use the word freaking a lot. Whatev.

Did u make 'the' cookies???

And where u gonna go this weekend? 4 days off!!!!

Stacie said...

I've been voting :)

Lumpy shakes suck. Say that 5 times fast.

Love Lionel.

How tall is your Peanut? Big M turned 10 in April and is 5' 2.5" She has loved your blog because of the other "tall" family :)

Emz said...

Stacie. Love. That!! I'm an awesome mom...I have no idea. Uggg. All I know. Three pairs of shoes in one month. Yikes.

Amanda@runninghood said...

I'd love to see some of these e-mails! One of the joys of having a bigger blog I'm sure....I'm not there yet...mostly nice e-mails. I still have a pretty small following but I'm sure once I get my first mean e-mail, I will cry. :( ha! Love your attitude of I don't freaking care! I'm surprised I have not gotten any e-mails about using the word Pussy in my post today. :)

Cari Mugz said...

I have voted a FREAKING BAJILLION times


Dancing on the Ceiling is the BEST FREAKING song EVA!

You are going to FREAKING ROCK Saturday.


Vanessa @ Gourmet Runner said...

Voted! Loving that shirt, may have to grab one myself!

Unknown said...

The Lionel Richie pic made me smile =D

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Mmmmmm raisins!!! They're easy like sunday mornin'!

JC said...

I too hate raisins. That LR picture is a.w.e.s.o.m.e.

Cynthia said...

Voted twice for you today, once now on my laptop and ealrier on thru my iphone. Freakin heart your blog!

My son is going onto 5th grade next year. I'm freaking out cause he wants to ride his bike down to the gas station which is a block away haha. He's growing up to fast!

Kevin and Kim Partridge said...

This post made me cry tears of happiness. You seem so genuinely happy and I LOVE it. What a difference a year makes. It's just going to keep getting better!

Char said...

Your little girl's growing up so quickly. She's going to be in high school before you know it.

Love the plaque from the Sojourner Centre.

Unknown said...

Love the Lionel Richie poster.

My Dancing Girl is going to be in middle school in Sept, too. We just went to our parent orientation night this week - weird. She'll be 11 in Oct.

Your 24 hour run fame obviously has not ended.

Jill said...

Who Freaking Cares, use your word PROUDLY!!!

Happy graduation to Peanut (is she starting middle school? 6th grade is when they start MS here...and then the REAL fun begins).

Happy 4 day weekend (and yay to making money! I need to do that one day!!!).

Laurie said...

My mom used to be one of those crazy people that thought freaking was basically a bad word but we would use it all the time just to bug her. Now I've even heard her say it from time to time. :)

That sign is absolutely awesome. Can't say I have a favorite, is it bad that I can only think of 3 songs I even know? Sorry. Oh, and I typed this while eating raisin bran... but that is the only way I will eat raisins, oh unless they are triple dipped in chocolate so you can't really taste them.

Have a freaking fabulous friday... off to vote now. :)

Chris K said...

#12: Work has been going really well. yay! Funny how when you actually work - you actually MAKE money!

If you had gone to SDSU instead of U of A you would have already been aware of this concept.

Molly said...

I can never do just three things on a thursday, or five on a friday.

I'm a sucker for say you say me. Slow, yet fast.

happy holiday weekend : )

Patrick Mahoney said...

That Lionel Richie thing might be the best thing I've ever seen.

ajh said...

Everyone in Blogworld has a 4 day weekend. I have a 3 but guess it beats two hands down. Also 3 more weeks of school. I will survive. I will survive. I will survive! Too funny about not liking freaking. I used to make my kids say "frigid." I still think people are swearing when they use it.

Caroline said...

LIONEL....hmmm Hello
I like that one.
summer should include a visit to California...taking peanut to Disneyland...and come see me