Wednesday, May 11, 2011

"Part One" - Band of Horses


So I hate greatly dislike "part" posts. [part one, part two, blah blah blah] but there really is no other way unless you want to read a post for 45 minutes. And trust me you don't.

The "event" really started for me on Thursday afternoon . . . . when the treadmills were delivered [from Athlete's Performance]. It felt like Christmas day. Then it came in . . . the photo of my [heee hee] Woodway Treadmills. [you can check them out on Facebook here, oh and feel free to mention to them how you think I should get one for half price while you are at it. ;) ]

Next off to pick up Dawn - awesome. Did I mention she realized this was "outside" on Thursday night at 9pm?! hilarious. Sunscreen anyone?!

Then I got an email from an amazing blogger which yep, sent me into tears. [shocking, I know] but the most awesome email ever.


emails like this. stories like hers.

a w e s o m e.

in bed by 9:40. . . . alseep by 10:30. . . .awake at 2:00am

ya, not great but I'll take it.
The alarm was set for 3:30 anyway.

interesting facts:

nerves on a scale of 1-10 . . . . 1.4
hunger scale 1-10 . . . . 0.4
Let's get this freaking run started scale 1-10 . . . . 44.

Got a shower - ya, it was going to be a while until my next one.
brushed teeth - ditto from above
got dressed - thanks Vemma!
got Jesus [prayer time] ;)
got 1/2 a bagel down
got 1/2 pickle juice down
brushed teeth again - ya forgot about the needed to eat thing.
got my PRR bag packed, thanks Ron!
got in the car.
Checked phone. . .

Time read:


awwwww. heck. freaking. ya. this was sooo going to be my day.

We arrived.

Escorted to the "green room" --- ya, I just like saying that. "green room"

where Dawn got this little photo of me and my Peanut looking tired but ready!

Only spent a few minutes in the green room [wink wink]. I didn't even get a chance to look in cupboards or steal take free sample sachets of sugar.

next. the. walk. through. the. studio.
I so love that Dawn took this photo. It was a fun moment. Chatting with the news people about the "RUN EMZ" shirts. Scott Light, he was awesome.

SL: hey you really running for 24?
Me: naaaaa just thought it'd get me on TV.
[weird pause]
Me: yes, I cannot freaking wait.
[weird pause....did she just say "freaking"?]
SL: love the shirts. who designed those?
Me: Patrick [then I go on about him being a blogger, his blog name, that I met him in Boston,

, what kind of bike he rides, his shoe size and one day the design for the RUNEMZ shirt was in my email inbox]

SL: very cool. I'm going to run with you today!
Me: awww heck ya! Can't wait!

Set-up time . . . .

Ya. baby. the "" sign. Thank you DAN!!

And yep, my parents, they rock.

not only was my mom [and my sister "happy"] my "manager", my go to in good and bad, my best cheerleader . . . .they also stayed the whole freaking night. Yep, all twenty-freaking-four hours.

We got the AC units going. All thanks to one "Randy" [this man is a one man show, he does it all]

Treadmills were leveled. I got my laugh on with my main man "Jay" [camera guy]. This man was awesome. Felt right at home.

okay now I'm cold.
Nervous cold?!

Enter Medical team [the freaking awesom-est ever . . DeRosa Medical]

bring out the snu.......ggie?!

fine I'll show you the photo.


I'm. a. believer!

Ya, I've got my "run emz" bracelet on. I hear they are going for $4.44 on eBay. Maybe that was in pesos, can't remember.

One last "I'm a nerd" photo . . .


time for that 24 hour clock to start and start counting down . . .

time to run.
time to raise money.
time for the training to be put to use.
time for Sojourner.


Caroline said...

What? We don't get part 2 over here?
What kind of follower service is this?!!!!

you should have "find the differences" for your LOYAL followers who read both blogs. no title does not count..

GI Jane said...

I'm DYING for part 2!

Patrick Mahoney said...

First guy. Will have to be good enough.

Anna Walker said...

THis seems so amazing! Ha I am so excited to hear part two and I honestly just clapped after reading this first post!!!

bobbi said...

Yay!!! I promise to wait patiently for each installment if you promise to jam them FULL with as much detail as you can remember. Deal?

Still in complete awe of you...

Bethany + Ryan said...

glad you got so many pix! I so enjoyed seeing them! hope part 2 will have more!

Cari Mugz said...

AAAGGGGHHH! I can't wait... but I will, because I know this story has an AmAzInG Happy Ending :)

Emz said...

Caroline. Love that. One day there will be a copy /paste option that works. ;)

GI. Hang in there. ;)

P-funk. Hmmmm. ;)

Aimee said...

Yay for part one! How exciting! I can't wait to read all the other pars!

Emz said...

Bobbi. You. Got. It. Friend.

B+R. Yay photos. Oh man, I've got photos!!

Cari. You. Freaking. Rock.

Britt @ Chicago Runner Girl said...

This is probably the coolest thing that anyone EVER has done. Following your story gives me tingles.

Laurie said...

I'm not a fan of waiting... but for you I guess I'll make an exception. :) Looking forward to parts 2, 3, 4... will there be 24 of them?!

I'm still in complete awe. You. Are. Amazing.

Patrick Mahoney said...

EMZ, this was such an amazing production you pulled off. Super impressed not only with the run but the logistics as a whole. AReally well done.

Could do without that photo though. I don't think I am that wide, I think you are that sleek.

XLMIC said...

on the


of my seat

but I am not ready to cry again right now so I'm glad this is it for today :P

Nelly said...

love all the story details, look forward to part 2!

Jen Feeny said...

So far, so good... can't wait for the rest!!!

Erika said...

So awesome!!!
Can't wait for part 2!!!
And I love all the pictures!

Amy said...


Julie said...

Yea what they said!

RunningLaur said...

the picture of you walking through the studio is fantastic! (of course along with everything else)

Julie D. said...

Love it! can't wait for more.

racing dawn said...

I like the idea of 24 posts on this. No way can only 2 cover it.

Keep em comin' lady...

And btw...I assumed inside the studio because who runs outside in Az... I mean really. Isn't it against the law or something? 100 degree weather?!?!?

And one of my fave things...that Scott kept running with you AFTER the newscast was over. He genuinely thought this was the coolest thing ever. Loved that. Oh and that his tm was on an incline and we failed to mention that.... ;)

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

Nice idea Caroline!! haha

And I can't wait to read another 45 of these posts. Literally, I'd be quite happy watching a 24 hour video of this whole day.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

We want part two ... clap, clap, clap-clap-clap! Simply amazing!!!

Jill@Run for the Hills said...

I can't even imagine how emotional you're getting reliving all of this. You, my lady, rule!

Arica said...

So emotional...
Just reading about it.
Thanks for sharing such a special and personal day!!

ihaverun said...

Love it. My mom just called to find out the details. She asked what you ate and if you got sick and how you felt after. And she isn't a runner, so you can imagine all the things the rest of us are dying to know!

You are my hero. You have no idea how close I came to loading up my girls and driving 11 hours just to run next to you that day. One of these days we will run together =)

Can't wait for part 2!!!!

Aron said...

I think 24 hours on a treadmill definitely warrants a multi-part post ;)

YOU ARE AMAZING!! Cannot wait for the rest!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

This would have to be a top 10 moment of your life! I can't even begin to understand all the emotions you went through. You are inspiring!

Emz said...

Shelly. TOP 3. For sure. :) without question.

Dawn. What incline?! ;) ohhh fine. Blah blah his incline wouldn't go down blah blah. ;). He. Freaking. Rocked.

Jill said...

Eagerly awaiting part two (and LOVE the pic of you going into the studio - that's frameable!!)

Michelle said...

Please don't make me wait too long for part 2!! I'm so bad at the patience thing!

Amanda said...

lovin it! my favorite part is the snuggie so far....j/k ;)

jymmebe said...

One of my favorite parts so far has to be that awkward silence you talked about after you told Scott that you weren't running for the whole 24, and just wanted to be on T.V.!!! I would have paid to be there for that one . . . awkward for sure! hehehe!

Mark said...

still gotta say it: you're. freaking. AWESOME!

Are the snuggies really that comfortable?

Emz said...

Mark. You. Freaking. Rock.


Unfortunately. Yes. They. Are. :/

KovasP said...

And the RunEMZ snuggies are coming out when? Hope there's a color choice.

Anonymous said...

My jaw is still hanging open! I still can't believe you did this. Running for 24 hours and on a DREADMILL!!!!!! Bring on Part II!!!

fancy nancy said...

No matter how many times I hear about it it is still absolutely amazing!!!

Love the snuggie!! Can't wait for part 2!!

Molly said...

I can't stop smiling!!! : )

adena said...

Screw this I DO want to read for 45 minutes in a row.. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this and once you are done I am linking every post in my blog. I'm not smiling much these days but

oh and wtf bbq, you drank pickle juice? ummmm why?? I love you but you are weird.. but seriously, I wanna know.

Christi said...

Girl you bring tears to my eyes every time I think about what you did. I hope someday we can meet so I can give you a great big hug!

Anonymous said...

I despise multiple part posts, but I am making an exception...this time.

By the way, if you weren't doing this for charity, I would demand all money pledged for wearing a snuggie.

Emz said...

Christi. Day & time please. I'm a hugger.

Emz said...

SSINAG- first. Hope you slept. ;)
Second. Google pickle juice + endurance sports = prevents cramping. Yay!!!

adena said...

Thanks, counting sheep helped.. I believe I made it to 4,157...

pickle juice.. just ew

Caratunk Girl said...

This is awesome. Except that I have to wait for part 2.

I like Kovas's idea for a RunEMZ snuggie. ha Really, those are taht good?

I think I get the pickle juice thing. As long as it was dill. Not bread and butter, because those pickles are gross.

Way to pull it off Emz, you are a master organizer for sure. Congrats again you FREAKING rock.

Also, I need to thank you for adding FREAKING to my vocabulary. I mean I used it, but I use it much more freaking often thanks to you.

Get on that part to, stat. ;)

Caratunk Girl said...

I meant part 2. I am from Maine, please excuse me.

Emz said...

Mandy - you kill me. Yes, "freaking" is so freaking appropriate 94.4% of the freaking time.

J-moo -- I'm sorry you are soooo right.

Kovas - love it. [comment] but I like you a [even]little more

Unknown said...

This is all so cool ... get to typing dammit, we need part two!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Wow, this is amazing!

Matty O said...

not sure what to say... this post was reallllllly awesome.

You looked tired in that one pic, NOT PEANUT, she was up and raring to go :)

what an amazing experience and to have your family there to support you too, truly special.

Props to PITA for being there!

Beth said...

My post made you tear up? Maybe it's pay back for all the times YOUR posts make ME tear up!!!! lol. Prepare youself for the pictures to come over the next 2.5 weeks!! :-)

Emz said...

Bethany. Loved. It. Love just talking about weddings. I'd like to get married again. [same man, of course]. ;) the live at weddings......pure. Awesomeness.

MO. Whatever-on the tired. ;) but yes. Would not have done this w/o pita.

Mandi Runs said...


I love THIS!!!

I love you.... is it too soon? ... nawwwh :-D

Unknown said...

i dont care if there are 4,444 parts, i will read each and every one of them

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

GREAT intro to an AMAZING experience Em! Both pictures of you and E are telling: funny faces and mommy & daughter time.

Like Dawn and Jennifer--I'll read them all--not sure how you can break down an experience like that into just a few!

Emz said...

Mandi. Too soon?! As if. ;)

Marlene said...

What an adventure - so much excitement even BEFORE the run! You are going to remember this FOR-EV-ER.

Denise said...

:-) CONGRATS! knew you could, and would, hit the 100! i can't imagine how happy you must be! now get some rest!

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE reading about the pre-run stuff! :) freaking-yeah!!! ;)