Sunday, May 15, 2011

"This Afternoon" - Nickelback

If you missed part 1 [click here]

If you missed part 2 [click here]

If you are up to date . . . . well, then I'll just be super impressed.

ok, so I changed [bet you can still smell me through the computer!]

But first, a few awesome things happened:

My Niece "T" came . . . yep, she's the super hot, super smart, super supportive niece who just took her MCATS - ya, she should probably work on being more motivated. She. is. amazing.

Nephew Tan came ---- and he's a runner -- awwww yaaaa.  His brother Troy had been with me since 5:30am - he was a part of the medical freaking awesome is that?!

My sister Y-von came with her four awesome kids.  Her son, the one I had an abs throw down with [uhhhh, heck ya, I won] rescheduled a trip [and therefore his friend's trip to be with me......nothing snarky here Michael, only love].  They brought balloons.  Loved that.  Y-von.....she even barefoot walked with me.  Loved that.

shoes came off. . . . . have I mentioned these Woodway's Rock!?
My sister "A" [the one I ran a marathon with in January] came with her four fab kids.  Did I mention they are moving to Indiana in July?  [crying sad face - where are my emotiocons when I need them?]

By 11am the crew was building for sure.

My Uncle, Aunt & Cousin came..... as well as a few friends from Stetson Chiropractic.  Pam - you are the sweetest ever.

What?  I think they look happy and super entertained.

 Dr. Ken, loved the pain patches, love the way you pushed for donations.  So appreciated.


The only true "tough time" I had was when I was in this cave-ish thing.  I could only see ahead of me.  And that's great because that's where my family was but my bum was to the street, couldn't see donors, passer-by's . . . .had to turn every time . . . . which eventually made my knee cry. 

Enter Potty Break.
Enter Vitals Check. [lost 5pounds ----- started pounding a lot more fluids]

Enter more pickle juice. . . . . .

I would like to note the bathrooms ----- well they weren't super close.  We were located right next to the studio so we couldn't trollop through there.  We had to go to the main entrance from 8am-5pm then the "employee entrance" from 5pm-6am.

No biggie, but you add all those up and I'm pretty sure it's an EASY 1.5miles.  Don't go throwing me under the bus, I know it doesn't "count" just lettin' you know the potty details.

At this point I was already looking forward to 5pm - when the TM's would be moved again [closer to the street].

But wait . . .there was some pure awesome in the cave.

Watched "Day's of our Lives" without sound or captioning.  I don't know Dawn but I think our story line was way better than whatever they were hoobaskanking-up. [yep, it's a word].

Enter - another muscle milk shake, another PowerAdeZero

It hit 1pm and it was like a wave of excellent happened.

My Brother came.  My Brother came.  My Brother came.  Didn't think he was going to be able to make it.  awesome. [x 444]

Was funny when he realized I was the only one doing the 24 hour run . . . . I usually talk too fast. and.sometimes. not. in. complete. sentences. 

He said, "so no one relieves you?"
Emz:  well I can pee on my own. jk
Emz:  ummmm nope.
Him:  [look I'll never forget]

I remember him just standing there just looking like "WTH"?  Maybe that wasn't what he was thinking but that's what it looked like he was thinking.

and. I. loved. it.

Dawn, Happy & Pita took a much deserved "break" [can't really call it that] and went to get pizza for the troops.

they. were. gone. too. long.

I know, I'm high maintenance.  I missed them.  Like a-freaking lot.

At 2pm, I had the most awesome visit ever.

These kids from "Kids For Peace".

They came with a huge product donation [supplies] for Sojourner and money they made from the lemonade stand.

bring. on. the. tears.

The walked in chanting.

"Go Emily ,Go!"
"Go Emily ,Go!"

"Go Emily ,Go!"

"Go Emily ,Go!"

"Go Emily ,Go!"

Even with signs.  you freaking bet there was a "you've. freaking. got. this." sign.

It all starts with the kids.  Love them.  Peanut jumped back on for a few.

Had quite a few people stop by in the next little while which was awesome-----but all the talking, emotions, happy tears . . . I think got me a litttle worn out.  I know, cry me a river [I freaking loved it but...] I needed a little "tune out" .

Enter iPod.

20-25. minutes.  good. as. new.

Amazing what Eminem, Wiz K, Dr. Dre, 50 cent, Jay-Z & Mary J [yes, Dawn she helped this white girl find her swagger] can do to get one out of a funk.

Oh and Dawn, Happy & Pita were back ----- thank goodness.

Knee was still kind of funky put a pain patch on - which stayed on the remainder of the time.

5pm brought:

a TM move [15-20 minutes]
body glide shower
a Potty break
a vitals check
a clothing change
a 1/2 bagel with PB [thanks Dawn]
a powerade with ice [thanks Pita]

5:15 awesome.

Emz:  but my bum is still to the pathway?!
Pita et all: has to be this way for the news interview.
Emz:  feeling pretty bad for the people who are getting out of work, walking by.

Enter my awesome girls from my church group.  Can you believe they let me teach young children?!

they. are. awesome.

Thanks to Kim, they came.  And they came bearing signs of love and support. 

Full. heart.
Time for 6pm news.

And get this . . . . the guy who  did my first TV interview [clip] sad he was going to come and . . . . totally did.
Freaking. Happy. Emz.  
He's was a sprinter [back in the "college days" or "previous life" as he put it].
was so great of him to come. . . . loved every minute.
And I keep on . . .
runnin'. runnin'
[Emz thinking . . . I hope I remember all of this.  I want to remember everything.  Every ache.  Every honk.  Every "you go girl".  Every person who shared their story with me. Every smile.  Every donation.  Every woman.  Every safe woman.  I don't want this feeling to ever end. . . . ]


Karine said...

In spite of the fact that your "family group" looks a little tired, we were just trying to hide out so we weren't a distraction during the only (bump) we saw you have this entire 24 hours. (Dr. orders for us to get out of your face and not talk to you for a while.)

bobbi said...

Love Karine's comment :)

Happy tears - trying not to cry in front of my hubs - but the kids chanting GO EMILY GO totally got me here...


Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Unreal the amount of lives you touching in this 24 hours Em! I feel like such a puss complaining about my 26.2 when you battled knee pain, AZ heat, interviews, for 24 hours!!

Whomever is capturing all these photos, is doing a heck of a job! They are really telling the story--can't believe how many details you remembered!!

YOU INSPIRE and WILL CONTINUE TOOO!!! AMAZING! I love your family even more!!

Carrie said...


Caroline said...

hmmm I am a FAN of Mrs Karine.
she is always right remember that.
(I was paid the big $$ to post that comment)

Caroline said...

I love all the pictures
and these recaps are A+!
By reading this and seeing the pics I get why so many tears.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Every safe woman ... that says it all! Great job and thank you for your caring and committment. It made a difference.

Anonymous said...

This post turned me into an emotional mess. I can only imagine what it did for you.

BTW I had an awesome 22 miles today and all I could think was "you've freakin got this marathon" (in 3 weeks). You need to have that phrase made into a temporary tattoo. I'd wear it on my arm during the marathon as a reminder.

racing dawn said...

I'm pretty sure we got the drama right for days of ou lives...;)

And I made that bagel & pb with a straw...super macguver skills.

And I hate that we left u for a bit...I swear they were crushing the tomatoes by hand to make pizza sauce...

But at least u had Mary to pull u out of your funk.

I think this was the hardest block of time. Hottest part of day. Excitement of start had faded and u weren't halfway yet. You pulled your focus in and never slowed. So amazing. So amazing.

And I know pita was itching to run with u but I'm afraid I scared him off with my hidden camera skills...

And does this mean next installment will be up tomorrow???

Erika said...

<3 this!!
and I love happy least you didn't have the "ugly cry face" to go with it:)

ajh said...

Love reading this. Don't forget it ever!

Laurie said...

Love your girls with their signs. What a great example you are to them!

Melissa Cunningham said...

EMZ!,it is YOU that is the amazing one!
love love love these recaps!!
you are truely an inspiration!!!!
rock on sister,rock on!

Will Cooper said...

Awesome! Go EMZ Go!

AM! said...

had to catch up w/part 1 and 2, and I think i get the gist.


24 hours on a freakin' treadmill, being interviewed, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, etc, and etc.

i love how much your touching ps lives;-)

Happy Feeet!!

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

LOVE all the supporters you had come by! I SO wish I lived closer so I could've come run with you for a bit!
There's no doubt in my mind why the church lets you work with young girls! You are such an amazing role model Em!! Those girls are blessed beyond words to have you teach them, guide them, and pray for them!!
pure and simple!

Melissa said...

You are amazing!!

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

I love all the support you got, and I love your attitude.

Michael said...

Every time you post something I get teary eyed! What an amazing show of love and support. I'm just in awe of the experience you have had!

Anne said...

I'm loving the feeling of being there...thanks for taking the time to share all this. You are AMAZING!!!

Julie said...

Your family is fabulous! I hope you realize how special you are. These people who are doing all this are doing this becuase of you, because you have touched them. You are special, you are amazing.

Char said...

Please, please stop mentioning the tears. Every time you do I well up again. Just like Pavlov's dogs. But I'm an empathetic crier.

But really - This is such a great report!

LB said...

i dont think i will ever stop being simply amazed by you!

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

What a day you had! Love all the support you got. You are a Wonder Woman!

Kevin and Kim Partridge said...

I LOVE the picture with you and your AD girls + Olivia. You all have huge smiles. They were so proud of you. Tears.

Emz said...

Kim. That was all you. I. Thank YOU.

Amy said...

Yay! Yay! Yay!

I have a HUGE smile reading about your AMAZING run.

And I will try pickle juice. I just have to work up to it. The jar is still in the fridge...

Jill@Run for the Hills said...

I am loving every chapter of your story.

Cari Mugz said...

I so wish I could have been there in person...
But I would have been to emotional. Just reading about it makes me a freaking mess! :) Keep em coming..

Nelly said...

I love how you can remember all these details! Sounds like your family and extended family are both super awesome supportive people.

jymmebe said...

It is so funny that you keep calling me Y-von . . . I don't think I've been called that since I played soccer in the 5th grade . . . :)

Anyways, I think that it is important to note that YOU DID NOT STOP to eat or drink--you were only doing this when you were running/walking. We couldn't have kept you still if we tried . . . hope theres a pic of you putting down that Chipotle burrito! Classic!

(Y-von) :)

Lauren said...

This post gave me chills! I hope one day I can do something this awesome.

Molly said...

what an amazing support group you had!!!!

Was the abs smackdown at the same time you made the potato donuts????

I can't help it, everything I remember always invloves food.

: )

Karine said...

Evie's comment....the burrito eating (please have a picture of that) and I hope.hope.hope you also have one of you eating the pizza, too. Maybe because it was getting late, but seeing you down burrios and pizza while running was fun (?) to watch. It could have also been because I was getting excited I forgot to eat myself!

Emz said...

Mom. That's hilarious. Photos for sure. We need to do a post w/ before & after photos of I'd like to rake some credit for your 25 pound weight loss. All the stress I caused you. Yea, your welcome.
I kid. I kid.
I love you.

Karine said...

Stress may have put it on, but it was hard work that took it off. Thank you DeRosa Medical. If you can accomplish the amazing feat you did, I thought maybe I could do something I have wanted to do for a while. So, I guess YOU can take some credit. [smile, smile]

Matty O said...

So I love these recaps Em.

Honestly I can't comment. It is just so awesome and so huge of all of those people coming out and supporting you!

Your sister will be my (state) neighbor ;) when you visit her we should run a race together!

Can't wait for the rest of this series, simply pure awesome!

(I bet your brother wanted to punch PITA for allowing you to do this when he found out on the spot LOL)

Patrick Mahoney said...

I mean this is kind of obvious, but clearly this really was a once in a lifetime fully amazing day.

You should try to duplicate it some day, but this time with your butt planted in a cabana on Fiji.

That said, that's only a one, maybe two post report.

Emz said... it. Can you do all the planning though? Talk to your agent peeps? I'm pretty sure I can make it a "4" post.

Samantha said...

You are such a great example for all those kids who visited you!

Jason said...

still in awe over this and you proved to people everywhere that if you put your mind to it that it can be done.

Chris K said...

I am totally loving this "series". It's like the movie Apolo 13, you know how it ends, but it's still awesome to see how the story played out in real life.

Love all the pics. I seriously choked up when I saw the one of the kids coming with their signs to cheer you on. Just too freaking cool.

The HUGE amount of support you got from family, friends, and the community only goes to show that you have given them. Reminds me of these two song writers you may have heard of called Lennon & McCartney;

"And in the end, the love you get is equal to the love you give"

Emz said...

Chris k. Seriously. Zero snarkitity / snarkitidy.


That was way too nice. I'm loving. It. Probably too much.

Thank you my toga friend.

Michelle said...

I am so loving reading these! Great job!

Michelle said...

Too funny about your mantra - this is what was going through my head while I was running my first marathon.

Darcy said...

This story continues to be an incredible testament to your kind heart and what one can do with their abilities/talents they have to serve others. What a total inspiration you are, EMZ! Love all the family and support you had through this run. Awesome!

DRog said...

fist off: you know and have something called a pain patch that can go on a knee ?????? ?????
------ -------
------ -------

& also another great report:)

I just now realized and thought of the were talking and interacting with people pretty much the whole freaking time?!?! OMfreakingGosh

DRog said...

love the photos

Sarah said...

That is so awesome. :-D I love that you had a whole team of supporters.

adena said...

Really should stop reading these at the office. The kids made me cry happy tears and so do you and I want more more more! I want to read EVERY ache, EVERY honk, EVERY "you go girl", EVERY person who shared a story, EVERY smile, EVERY donation, EVERY woman, EVERY safe woman.

Quinton J said...

you really do have the best support crew. i can't believe just how many people came out to looks like a justin bieber concert (cept...the P.I.T.A. would look really out of place at a jb show) - but other than that...

Johann said...

I can't believe how much you actually do remember! Shows your passion for the whole thing. Great, great and great!

Holley @ Lunges and Lashes said...

all the support is overwhelming! so much love! your crew looks like they did an amazing job! and peanut is the cutest little spi-belt i have EVER seen. ;)

Anonymous said...

AMAZING! You are such an inspiration! It is so fabulous that you had so many people come and support you in this. What a great recap of what I can only imagine being one of the greatest accomplisments. Ever.