Thursday, November 19, 2009

only 7 more days

..... Until my favorite day of the year [other than my birthday, of course].

Turkey Day.

However, I don't even care for turkey. What I do love is most everything else about this day, minus the dishes.

Ours is a simple enough event with all the familiar details - the door left open so we can have the fireplace going, platters of carved meat, Dave's famous "green" jell-o [I think] salad and of course orange rolls - lots of orange rolls. As each family member rolls in, they are all greeted as if they are the only person who will be attending. From Papa, we can Always look forward to a, "how are you honey" to each of us girls & a kiss on the cheek. Nana - lovingly says "hello" from the kitchen as she is elbow high in roll dough. Each person can smell the fresh apple pie - already.

Their house feels bigger than normal on this special day. Every room silently serves it's own unique purpose. Kitchen - expect to jostle a little for "first bites" and a lot of "I had better try that first". Shar wondering if 20 pounds of potatoes is "enough" - she's not joking. She's really concerned. Family room - noise. Good noise. Like the Cowboy's loosing kind of noise. Living room - plans. Shopping plans. Shopping strategies. Coupons. Evie declaring she'll be there for a 4am store opening. The rest of us pretending - we are already "done" with our shopping. Mom's sewing room - Ethan. Nothing is as sweet as seeing Ethan singing and dancing to movie clips. Kids room - jumping. Lots of jumping. Puzzle pieces everywhere but no one puts them together. Enough monopoly money on the floor to solve the health care crisis. Smiles. Lots & lots of smiles. Cousins reunited. Friendships rekindled. Den - a room full of three to six 14-20 year olds texting. Each other. Me. The best feeling ever.

All around - backs are being slapped. Absences - noted. Hands shaken. Hugs given. Love felt. How can this not be the best day ever?


Karine said...

Oh, how I love this post! Your perspective of your favorite day, reminds me that "Perfection" on this day, isn't on the menu....just thankfulness, gratitude, love and food. I guess it is my favorite day too! The year we all went to Mexico and the beach was a favorite Thanksgiving, too. Since we were missing one whole family, it felt incomplete, but still full of great memories. Thanks for reminding me.

Anonymous said...

I love the way you write--with such a great sense of humor and yet serious at times. Have you ever thought about writing a book on all of your experiences. I bet you're a great cook as well since Thanksgiving is one if not your most favorite days of the year.


jymmebe said...

You know it! I agree with all that you said, except the part of where Evie wants to go shopping at 4:00 am. No more! I am too old for this . . . . sleep means way more to me now than saving a few bucks!

Oh ya, also, don't worry . . . . this year I think there will be PLENTY of orange rolls! Yum!

Btw, who is Cook? Is this dads secret name? Ya know, short for "Cookie" like his brothers called him?!? :-) Just wondering!

Emz said...

I'm crying I am laughing so hard [me = writer]?! I must send a big fat $$ check to "cook" right away. He/she is my new VERY best friend.

beckus1234 said...

You caught the mood perfectly! The best of times...