Wednesday, March 23, 2011

"Cupcake Wednesday" - None More Black

So even though Jason is a Duke fan.  Ugggggg.  Seriously?!  Christel, thank goodness you are not [I'm praying you are not].

These two are pretty completely awesome for organizing this event:


So here's my numbers from last week.

3/14:  13.25 miles 7:45 pace
3/15:  6 miles 7:30 pace
3/16:  10.5 miles 8:00 pace

3/17:  r e s t

3/18:  30 miles 8:30 pace

3/19:  10 miles 8:40 pace

Total Mileage:  69.75 miles.

Cupcake that!


Evolving Through Running said...

Have to check my training log, but I believe during that same timespan I ate 70 cupcakes. I win.

Caroline said...

30 miles!!! holly blue devils!
that is crazy
you are a super heroe, you need your own animated series!
I cannot even imagine that
AND at 8:30....I dont think I can do 3 miles at 8:30.
I am beyond impressed


Emz said...

Caroline. You're awesome. not your school. But you rock.

ETR - I'd like 35 of your cupcakes please.

ltlindian said...

I feel like you should have joined them on their run in Born to Run...... craziness. I hope to manage to finish my 13.1 Cupcake Marathon tonight with a whopping 3.1 mile run! :)

bobbi said...

Amazing - for all those miles you should be able to eat as many cupcakes as you want!

Jenny said...

May I have some of your miles please? I still need 4 more to finish my Cupcake Half and my IT Band is still not happy from the 8K Hill adventure last Saturday. Plus, you have way more than you need.

You can have all my cupcakes!

Run on.

Emz said...

Jenny. Take them! Your name all over them!
Wishing you a happy IT band though.

Jen Feeny said...

You know you're training for a 24 hour treadmill run when... you run 30 miles on it!

Marlene said...

Cupcake that - bahahahaha. I heart you!

ShutUpandRun said...

I wish I could cupcake that. What an awesome week you had. Cupcakes make everything better.

Unknown said...

30 miles 8:30 pace


30 miles, that pace, those abs, a buckle.


you rock

Chris K said...

What freaking planet are you from? Holy crap that is unbelievable.


Wildcats vs Aztecs this weekend. Believe it.

One Crazy Penguin said...

Cupcakes + Running = One Happy Penguin

I think all races should be coupled with a baked good. Just sayin'.

SteveQ said...

You made me look up "ho-bag." Thanks for that. [Now look up "queef." Ha! We're even.]

It's okay to be a Duke fan, but not okay to admit it publicly. Every March Madness game I've caught so far has been a powerhouse against Coastal Boise Pentecostal Barber College and 45-8 by the first commercial.

Unknown said...

Damn, you run 30 miles on a treadmill?? How do you stay sane? I'm feeling rather whimpy with my 13.1 for the Cupcake Marathon, compared to your kick butt 69.75. Awesome.

Emily said...

duke IS terrible.

your treadmill stamina is so crazy awesome. i can't even make it a mile!

Allison said...

Bad ass. now go eat cupcakes :)

Matty O said...

So what you are saying is.... that you are an OVER achiever. I get it. Brown Noser :)

Matty O said...

right now you have "456" followers.

that's kinda cool. #457 will ruin it... wouldn't want to be that person!

Emz said...

MO Let's just bypass 456 & go for 474.

XLMIC said...

Ha! you ran three times as much on ONE day as I did all week! lol And faster, to boot!

I am always in awe when I read your blog... whether it is your mileage, your shoes or your daughter!

Silly Girl Running said...

1. Thanks for sharing, Emz! :)

2. just had to throw that 30 miler in my face, huh? ;) Crazy mileage week, sista!!!

Julie said...

Wow way to make the rest of us look lazy!

You are amazing...

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

wow. really. 30 miles at 8:30

i am a trail snail. you are crazy fast! can i borrow your legs in 2 weeks.
You won't even notice. It's only 50 miles.

Caroline said...

@Chris: wake up it is pass noon! you are dreaming now.

@EMZ: I still cannot believe this..I mean I do, I see the picture but man..I know I will think about YOU on my long run this weekend..."If EMZ can do 30 I can do 9, If EMZ can do 30 I can do 9, repeat, repeat"

Anonymous said...

stop making me look bad, emz!!!


awesome, chica.


Jason said...

I LOVE IT....the 30 miles that is.

And do we need to re-visit just last year who was cutting down the nets and dancing in the aisles.....that's right YOUR DUKE BLUE DEVILS!!!!!!

Anyway, awesome mileage


Sherry @ Life from my persective said...

Damn! I did a 21 mile run as part of this... but that's no where near your 30!!! and let's not even get into pace! Congrats!!!

Nelly said...

awesome week!

with all due respect to Caroline, I hope Arizona beats Duke! Go Pac-10!

DRog said...

love that you posted HELPS me
I pushed it harder last week on a workout visualizing your 30+ run effort from last week.


great job on the rest day :)


Alyssa said...

Overachiever! I stopped at exactly 26.2 for this race! :P