Tuesday, March 1, 2011

"The Sign" - Ace Of Base

I've been seeing things lately.

And.  I.  Love.  What.  I. See.

When I pulled into my garage.

door [leading inside]

I. freaking. love. my. Peanut.

t h e n

When I lifted up my towel off the mill this morning. 

I saw this:

Which rocked.  Because it was a mile further than I thought I had gone.  [progression run.  kicked.  my.  butt.  ----- but I kicked right back] ;)

Then as I was stretching [for all 52 seconds] it came to me . . . .


This. is. the. place. for. my. stickerspiration.


This one from J-Moo:

This one from Candice:

And Molly & Aimee . . . .

ummmm, Peanut stole yours for her school notebook. [WITHOUT asking - see Papa she's NOT perfect after all.]  URRRGGG. 

You will need to see it though.  It's. pretty. freaking. cool.

I think I need to get on making one of these signs.  soon.

Happy Tuesday!

Where's the coolest place you've put one of your [and or received] signs?!


Matty O said...

Don't ask.

misszippy said...

Matty--ha, ha! I have mine all over my wall in my workout dungeon (where I've spent WAY too much time lately). Make one!

A Prelude To... said...

I'm not big into "bumper" stickers on my car, so I'm still trying to figure out where to put all the awesome stickers I've received, but I'm totally loving my CLINGS from Marcia and Aimee and I proudly sport them on the rear window of my car where everyone can see I love to run and tri!!

Unknown said...

On my ass :) SUAR on the behind serves as inspiration to those behind you.

Matty O said...

ok, right back at ya.

I used to be in a Ska band in high school. We had stickers of our band's logo on them.

I was given over 250 stickers to "pass out". I thought by "pass out" they meant stick wherever I saw fit.

In 1 week I put the stickers everywhere I went. Our next band practice all the guys were shocked at how many stickers they saw and where all the stickers were! They were so happy that we gave them out to soooo many people, only to find out that I was the one that went sticker crazy and put them every where!

Every sports arena had them on their doors, door frames, seats, columns, bathrooms, college stadiums, college classrooms, you name it, I was there and I had stickers LOL!

The world was introduced to DVC that week... The Dandy Viking Crew.

We got some angry phone calls from business owners too trying to blame us for defaming property. All in all I posted well over 500 stickers across a 60 mile radius (with sports I traveled a lot in high school).

Marlene said...

Awesome! And what a sweet little message from Peanut. What a kid!

MCM Mama said...


All my stickers are going on the beer fridge. ;o)

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

I still haven't figured out where to put mine. I'm thinking water bottle.

Unknown said...

I have a wall up in my home gym-it's called the Wall of Inspiration and that's where most of the stickers went.
One VERY SPECIAL one went on my car though :)
The Swim Bike Run one is smack dab in the middle of my rear window

Unknown said...

can your sticker be abs. then Ill put in my tummy. all the time.

One Crazy Penguin said...

Mine are all in my running notebook.

I just got some a couple of weeks ago. Let me know if you want to add another sticker to your collection :)

Heather said...

that's awesome that peanut put that sign up in the garage!! you must've had the biggest grin on your face when you first saw it!!

Kerrie said...

OMG. That's totally what I was thinking of doing with all the stickers! Awesome.

LOVE the sign in the garage!

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

Don't worry, kermit gets plenty of attention during special occasions. He gets costumes on Halloween, and was dressed as Santa for the holidays.

Caratunk Girl said...

Matty O!! ha ha I almost want to know, but really, I don't.

I peed on a bathroom ceiling once (long story that involves beer, me winning a chainsaw competition, and losing a bet), and someone put a sign there (much later) that said Mandy Peed Here.

Does that count?


Jen said...

I've got my runnerd sticker on the window of my car! I love it! Your little peanut is a keeper!

Molly said...

Peanut swiped my sticker?! Smart kid : )

Unknown said...

i stuck Aimee's sticker on my car window .. looks cool.

Caroline said...

I think you need a nice Blue Devils sticker to go with the rest! I would be happy to get one for you as a gift!!! :)

Jim ... 50after40 said...

Great job on the mileage! I don't know how you do it, I'm always VERY aware of how many more miles, heck, feet there are in my runs!

Aimee said...

Awesome job with your run!! It's always nice when you find out you've run longer than you thought!
I love where you put your stickers! I might have to do that too! Right now, they're all on my training binder, which I like, but it would be nice to have the stickers for motivation while on the TM!

That is too funny that peanut took the cling for her notebook! :)

Jason said...

Who is having a better day than you? Seriously.

I love these bloggie buddy stickers. I have them on the Team Baha vechicle displayed proudly. Get you one and it'll go right up there with SUAR and MissZippy and Chasing the Kenyans.

Char said...

You didn't just kick the butt of that tempo run - you booted it right out the door and onto the kerb. Awesome!

XLMIC said...

Freakin' awesome run, Emz! Wow!

You have such a cool kid :)

Jill said...

You need to make one...just a thought but maybe one which says, "Run Emz" ??

You got the best kiddo!

Sammie Girl said...

Ok, what does Peanut want??? KIDDING! She sounds like an amazing kid!

Melissa Cunningham said...

peanut is so awesome!!!!
have to say that there are only 3 places i have put my stickers
1)motivation wall
2) training journal
3) and i only have 1 sticker on my car window...
hopefully this summer i can put 26.2!

SupermomE13 said...

ENJOY the sweetness... teenage years aren't too far away. :)

And Darn you! Now I have the dang Ace of Base song stuck in my head!!! :)

I only have one cool bloggy sticker so far... need some more!

Amanda@runninghood said...

Great place to put your stickers! Progression runs for me start in a couple weeks. I'm excited for them! They will "freakin' Rock" NOthing like ending a 15-20 mile run with a 7 min mile! Well, maybe I'm not that excited. :) I put all my stickers in my running journal. Do you have a sticker or is your t-shirt your sticker/sign? Loved this post.

H Love said...

Love your relationship with Peanut! So special. Email me your mailing address so I can send you my sticker! Your mill is looking good!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Totally awesome!!!! And when you make a sticker I NEEEEED one!!! I somehow need to channel YOU like BLONDE PONYTAIL did!!

Annie said...

I think you should make a sticker out of Peanut's awesome sign!

Jenn said...

Yeah-I love this! What a superfan peanut is!!

Also love when the TM surprises me!!! Nice work on the progression run!

I have 4 stickers I have yet to find a home for. Nothing is worthy enough as of yet....

Unknown said...

Peanut is one heck of a cool girl! :)

ConcreteNCoffee said...

Your Peanut is awesome!

My sticker spot was my electric piano when I played in a band. I actually collected more outdoors and climbing stickers than music ones, which made for cool conversation pieces.

I want a sticker that says "Stop Sucking," because that's what the hubs always says to me (jokingly, of course). It always makes me laugh and, sure enough, not suck.

Anonymous said...

I have stickers on my treadmill too!

Julie D. said...

Peanut is the coolest! If that isn't inspiration, i don't know what is!

Anne said...

Peanut's right, she has a rockin' mom! :)

Chris K said...


My one and only sticker (SUAR) went on the back of my shirt for my last race. Worked.

DRog said...


that is so great
she totally rules:)

Zoë said...

Your Peanut rocks! That's so awesome!

Love the idea for the stickers!!!