Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"You Can't Always Get What You Want" - TRStones

Random crap day . . . .

So how do you officially know your 24 hours of semi-fame [ha] is over?

You find your RUN EMZ bracelets here:

Thanks. Peanut.

The Pita returned from his travels to London.  Our longest time apart ever.

four. freaking. nights. [the only time I have ever NOT liked the number four].

I did score a few freaking awesome "KidRobot" T-shirts though.  Love them.

Peanut and I enjoyed a night out at a near by death trap amusement park.

Seriously.  Don't drink a protein shake an hour before riding the free fall ride.  HOLY ILL.

Ya, I'm sitting next to a 7 year old who asked me,

"Are you going to scream the whole time?"
Me:  ummmm ya, probably do you see how high we are?
7 year old: Please don't.  It hurts my ears.

What the . . . ?!

Oh ya guess what Dawn and Candice did last night [not technically together but...]while I was sweating my right thigh off in spin class?

as in U2 concert.
Yep, Bobo I mean Bono.  L I V E .

Holy. freaking. jealous.

Oh guess what only 7 months until Christmas.

One month until Rock N Roll Seattle!  YAY!

Never layer smelly lotions.  Never.  I've already had two showers today.  I'm all for cleanliness but come on.  How do people work in Bath & Body Works?

Running has been going great.  YAY!  Have gotten 33 miles in this week, so far..... all coming in at or under my goal pace = happy. Emz.

My Mom is coming over for lunch in 45 minutes and to "shop" at my home office [clothing racks].  Love it.  Have I mentioned she's lost 25 pounds!!  Yes, she's a rock star!

Dorothy. . . .Yes, from "Mile Posts"

Now this amazing mom & woman was one of the first 10 running blogs I ever found.  And.  I.  Loved. It.  Not only is she an amazing mom, [has a photo with Meb], wife, runner.  This girl doesn't have treadmill hate.  I LOVED THAT!

She needs your help for an upcoming Nuun contest.  Yes, I LOVE nunn too!  And trust me.  This girl has "winner" all over her.  So head over and show her some love & support.

Lastly, Peanut found a  little something special Saturday night. Nice

No we don't have mice in our home but we do have scorpions . . . nicer.
So we have these super tasteful [completely amping up our decor score] mice sticky pad things to trap them.

Instead we found this. 

Wanna stay at my place?! ;)

Happy Wednesday!


Marlene said...

SNAKES AND SCORPIONS?! Omg, I would die!

Wow, congrats to your Mom! That's amazing!!!

Awesome on the miles. Are they sending you one of those sweet treadmills yet? :)

ltlindian said...

Holy crap! I am not impressed by your caliber of house guests. lol! My daughters would absolutely freak out and never come home. That's all they talked about when we were planning our visit to AZ--are we going to get bit by a snake? will we get stung by a scorpion? Will we die from it? I don't want to go mom.

Good luck to you. Guess I won't complain too loudly about the stupid black flies..... :)

giraffy said...


I would have to move.

Emz said...

So funny. Apparently the little guy[snake] eats scorpions so we were sad he took one for the team. :(

Emz said...

Oh & we live freaking freaking close to a huge mountain = snakes, coyotes, tons of fun. So just stay away from uhhhh nature & you'll be fine in AZ.

See why I run inside?!

Marlene. Not. Freaking. Yet. Sooooo bummed. Have I mentioned I NEED one?! ;)

kimert said...

I would die. If there is anything I totally hate it is most definitely snakes. I hate spiders too but at least I can take a foot to em(Yah, no shame in kilin those bad boys here!). Shudder.

That slithery thing there is why I can totally become one with the treadmill.

Samantha said...

I just jumped outta my chair when I saw that snake! Ahh!

I've been reading Dorothy's blog for a while now...she is absolutely amazing.

Congrats on all those miles so far this week!

Matty O said...

nope, not moving to AZ anytime soon. Thanks for that reaffirmation.

ShutUpandRun said...

That is totally freaking me out. Give me scorpions, mice, toads, ants, but no snakes.

Anonymous said...

I rode a roller coaster with my oldest once.. only once and he asked me.."Are you ok??" LOL!!!

LOVE U2!! I saw them in New York many years ago!!
I actually had a room mate once who had 3 snakes.. I even held them!!

Gina said...

lol @ the bracelet on the toilet paper holder.

have a great week!

XLMIC said...

And I was all freaking this morning because I found a silverfish hiding in the toilet paper. You win.

And that whole layering of smelly lotions…just hate it when that happens!

SupermomE13 said...

I was at the U2 concert too (drove six hours round trip to see it!) It was AWESOME. :)

Emz said...

Supermom.....holy. Jealous. Worth every hour!!

Nelly said...

wow, seeing that snake in my house would really freak me out! I don't like snakes at all, haha And scorpions almost sounds scarier than snakes! Not sure I could live in AZ just due to that! haha

Michelle said...

Yikes! I can handle a lot of things but snakes completely freak me out...and in the house no less! OMG!

MCM Mama said...

So, when I come for a visit, I should plan on a hotel? ;o)

WTG, Mom! Can I shop in your office too?

Patrick Mahoney said...

Man I hate snakes but I love the thing that drops you down the pole...

Angie said...

Yeah so I was all convinced to move to Az until I saw the snake. But my baby sis is moving there next week so perhaps I'll visit.

Jason said...

And I was going to ask if I could stay at your place during IMAZ this year but now you have snakes.....can you recommend a friend or a rock that doesn't have snakes?

Emz said... should be a firefighter.

MCM. Come on. Live a little!! ;) hotels ae for whimps. ;)

Emz said...

Jason. Ditto the live a little thing. It's all good!! What's a little sting?!

Kevin and Kim Partridge said...

So I did the Sky Diver thing at C&C and screamed the whole way UP, not to mention what it did to me on the way down. I LOVE those kinds of things, but that one I cannot. And I am jealous of Dawn and Caroline and YOU for that matter (no one lets me go to 4:30 spin).

Amanda said...

My boys would have had to have a funeral for the snake, but not before Kid#1 would have proclaimed his Dr skills and tried to bring it back to life. Ahh living in a house of boys, what it does to us women :)

Kayla said...

Amusement parks=fun! :) I've dealt with mice..but I don't know if I could've handled that snake! Oh my word! Amusement parks are so fun!

Char said...

I've been wondering how your running was going post most-amazing-run-ever and it sounds like they're going well and you've had no nasty ramifications from the big day.

Good on your Mum! Losing that much weight is a huge achievement.

Allison said...


First, my hairdresser tells me about a snake that her husband just killed in their front yard over the weekend...

(I live in AZ too, BTW.)

And now this...


Maybe I really should start to love the treadmill too. Although, if they are invading your home... you're not safe anywhere! YIKES!

ihaverun said...

Heck yes I want to stay at your place. But my mom might feel kind of bad.

And I know I speak for Dawn (ok, I don't KNOW, but I can guess) when I say we both wish you had been there last night. How fun would a blogger meet-up at a U2 concert be? Or maybe we should just call it a friend meet-up. Blogger sounds so impersonal.

Love the bracelet. Kids...

Caroline said...

this Canadian and snakes do not go together....I would have died.
I mean you would hear me scream all the way to Arizona.

that ride, I would also die, did the one on top of Stratosphere in Vegas. that is HIGH/ and never again. this was when Bill and I were dating and we went with 2 of his guy friends, what was I supposed to do? say I am scared? no way! so I did it. ONCE.

Caroline said...

Congrats to Mama Emz on 25 lbs weight loss. Did I ever mention I am a fan of your mom?

Anonymous said...

Suh-weet snake! Just the word scorpion, however, sends me in to spasms of fear. Seriously, I never got past the beginning of the movie Hook because of the blasted scorpion.

TRI714 said...

crazy, it's like you live in Arizona or something jeez ! oN ANOTHER NOTE i JUST WENT ON THAT CRAZY FREAKING RIDE WITH MY SON (11) JSUT 3 WEEKS AGO, AND I SCREEMED THE WHOLE

Zaneta @ Runner's Luck said...

YOU have 1 month til rock in roll seattle
I have 1 month til my wedding! :D

25 pounds?! your mom rocks!!

I went to a picnic today for class and a girl brought her pet snake with her, wrapped around her neck... ewwy! so gross!

Karine said...

Love shopping at Emz's store! It seemed only appropriate that I should get a little more fit. You are a great motivation!

My Run Emz bracelet is in the jewelry box (more appropriate than the toilet paper roll). I wear it proudly still!

Mile Posts by Dorothy Beal said...

i seriously love you! thank you Queen OTT

Richelle said...

Congrats to your mom!

I scream a lot during amusement park rides. One of these days, I need to have a screaming contest with a friend.

U2... so jealous!

Feel free to check out my blog at

Cari Mugz said...

Holy FREAK OUT!! Scary rides and Snakes in the same post..... Dude, you ROCK! Your house sounds like ours this week!

Unknown said...

Only thing worse than scorpions are snakes....
Did I ever tell the story when the scorpion stung me under my finger nail. It was under my pillow ... Worst night ever!

Anonymous said...

Ugh. Snakes. We had one hanging outside the clinic I work at last week. Told folks to stay away and that attracted more of them to the area. Fun times.

Scorpion stings HURT. They give me nightmares.

The Green Girl said...

I love that a kid thought you were too loud.

Unknown said...


Looks like you handled it well.

Oh, and big kudos to your mom!

Winks & Smiles,

Christi said...

Scorpions and snakes freak me out.

Yay for mom!

KovasP said...

I would have been happier with 44 miles, but...

Quinton J said...

how can you even wipe with that red thing?

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

@Q haha! Glad pita is back! Time apart blows!

And the legs are baaaaaacckkk!! Seattle RnR has nothing on you!

Kurt @ Becoming An Ironman said...

Peanut is too cute with already being embarrassed by your screaming! haha