Monday, April 30, 2012

"Good Feeling" - Flo Rida

By the numbers . . . . .


336 - number of miles run in April.

16 - miles run today. 15 of those at KMFB [use your secret decoder ring] pace.

16 - number of days I've [so far] loved my Woodway purchase.

25 - percent incline this treadmill goes.

4.4 - approx time in minutes I can actually stay at a 25% incline before dying.

0 - number of marathons upcoming on my 2012 calendar.


1 - desert tortoise we'll be "sitting" this week.

100 - percent chance I'm not adopting it [oh ya, Peanut is begging]

23 - number of days until Peanut's summer vacation starts.

1 - days the Pita will be fishing [yes, again] this week.

12 - hours I will spend at Peanut's volleyball tournament this Saturday.


92 - average temperature this week in Phoenix.

34 - amount, in dollars, I found my beloved Saucony progrid ride 3's for on sale today.

9 - pairs of jeans bought today TO SELL!

1,720 - amount in DOLLARS the above mentioned 9 pairs of jeans RETAILED for.

198 - amount in dollars that I PAID for above mentioned jeans.

1 - Happy Emz.

Hope your Monday was awesome!!


TriMOEngr said...

Do you feel a little lost without a race to be training specifically for?

Karine said...

My Monday was awesome, too. Had lunch with a beautiful girl and handsome man.

My numbers:
5 - number of cabinets cleaned out

Michelle said...

I had a great Monday! :) I'm glad you did too! Here's to a TERRIFIC TUESDAY!

Emz said...

Yes & no.
Weird not having a goal date but loving the way I'm pushing myself & enjoying the runs!

Emz said...

Every time I see your photo w/that Boston jacket........all smiles. Love it.

Char said...

$34 for a pair of running shoes??? Seriously, I just live in the wrong country. But I'd rather have my temperatures than yours.

CautiouslyAudacious said...

No wonder you love the treadmill so much right, with those temps! Impressive on the incline!

Christi said...

Great price for your shoes!

Mel -Tall Mom on the Run said...

These posts are my favorite!

Jason said...

You ran 336 miles today? You are a super duper rockstar and I can't wait to bow at your feet in November.

Emz said...

Crap. Type-o.

racing dawn said...

KMFB : killer mother freakin booty [pace]

KMFB: knockin my fricken brazier [pace]

KMFB: kangaroo maori feet beat [pace]

KMFB: kIcking my favorite beats [pace]

KMFB: killin my freakin best [pace]

Am I close?