Thursday, April 19, 2012

"Safe & Sound" - Taylor Swift

This picture says 944 incredible things to me.

Looking at it . . . . . . . brings the kind of smile to my face that NOTHING, and I mean, nothing else could.

I was in charge of a Daddy / Daughter [costume/dinner] event for eight [8-11 year olds] last night.

I saw them walk in and --- I didn't have words.

Love these two more than life.

She begged.

He delivered.

She was happy.

He was happy.

I was whatever is one up from happy.

* * * * *

Can you tell who they are?
Let me help:


Happy Thursday
- Emz


Cynthia said...

BEST cosutmes ever!!! Such a special dad/daughter moment.

That's not sharpie on his face is it? :)

Emz said...

No. ;) thank goodness. That would not have gone over well for him in his meetings today. ;)
Just cheep face paint from Walgreen's!! :)

Patrick Mahoney said...

I'm actually dressed up as Tinkerbell as I type this. Goji Berries.

Emz said...

P-funk : shock value = 0

bobbi said...

FABULOUS! I so didn't need your hint :) Peanut is a lucky girl!

Kathy said...

Hot dog! Great Seneca beard - I am truly impressed!! She must have been over the moon!

pensive pumpkin said...

your number is 944? even your magic number is better than mine! mine is always 837. lol

Silly Girl Running said...

Kick ass costumes! :) And your little girl: adorable (then again, she might prefer 'cool'). :)

Caroline said...

nice look for PITA...really...

I did need the hints...
I am not pop culture current enough!!!

Ciara Slider said...

pita, you officially rock!!!

Char said...

The beard is great! Who did it?

Emz said...

The pita did it!!