Friday, April 27, 2012

"Yep Dats Me" - Jamie Foxx Feat. Ludacris & Soulja Boy

So there's this neighbor.

I almost run him over 3-5 times a week [when I leave to take Peanut to school].

He's always walking a "no idea what breed" freaking huge dog.  Like it probably weighs more than me [and I'm not small].  The sucker is gigantic.

I never really talked to him.  100% of the times I've seen him I've been in nasty sweaty clothes, looking like a wet rat. 

Whenever I have talked to him it ALWAYS:
"Holy crap, I'm soooooooooo sorry."
"You'd think with that size dog I'd have seen ya."
"OMGosh, sorry, sorry, sorry."

To which he'd reply:

[silence + a smile]

So yesterday, I saw him at the grocery store.  I was actually NOT in running clothes, weird.  We went to pass eachother . . . I considered ramming him with my cart but figured he wouldn't recognize me.  I smiled.

Him:  Hi!  Are you Emz?
Me: [thinking... Holy crap, he knows my name?] Yes. [made odd face]
Him: Well, I know because I see your license plate pretty up close most days.
Me:  OMGosh, I am so sorry . . . I'm always in a hurry taking my daughter to school and I've usually just finished running and I........
Him:  [cuts me off, ya, I talk fast & a lot . . . cutting me off is advised] is you?
Me:  ummmmm, yes. [wondering where he's going with this.]

He went on to tell me how he had told his wife about his daily adventure to stay alive when near my home and joked about my license plate.  She had seen me on TV during my 24 hour treadmill run.

He went on to tell me a quick story which = me in tears.  I'm a freaking walking tear drop.

It kinda made my day.

Well, until he said, "Why the hell do you have a 10' guitar on your porch?"

Ya, it's still there.  Trying to tick off the neighborhood "community watch" . . . .

YAY us!

So this weekend . . . .

I got my long run done today:

Because we are doing this tomorrow:

[Houston, there's a new "sig" in the house]

And thanks to Nana & Papa the Pita & I will be doing this afterwords:

holy. yum.


Weekend plans?
Ever ticked of the Community Watch People?
Ever run over a neighbor? ;)

Happy Weekend!


pensive pumpkin said...

I have to know what that hill did to piss you off. Can't you shoot at targets like a normal person? *scurries to hide the pile of shot up targets sitting beside the bed. cause we're so orderly around here*

I'd go shooting if there was a new Sig around here too. AT THE RANGE.

*evil cackle*

adena said...

I wish I lived closer so you could almost run me over everyday!! When I come to AZ you are totally teaching me how to shoot a gun.. deal?!?!! But you'll want to yell instructions from very very far away.

Mandi Runs said...

Shooting and sushi... we are soul mates! xoxo

Speaking of bothering the community... we bought lady bugs (yes, you can buy 2000 for only $8) set them out on our patio cause we had a bad aphid problem on all of our plants... our neighbor goes out to her patio & starts talking about all the lady bugs... "There are 1000's!!"

I run outside and start laughing... she was probably thinking lady luck was coming her way! LOL

Runners Fuel said...

I am too busy this weekend: husbands family for dinner tonight (with a broken oven), bridal show 1 hour away in am, dinner party with friends tomorrow (hopefully not with a broken oven) and working around the house sunday.

pensive pumpkin said...

I just figured out why I'm getting double posts from you- I'm following both your blogs.


I am soooooo dumb.

Emz said...

Just the way I like it!!
So awesome.

Emz said...

Holy. Crap.

Emz said...

I wish you'd just visit!! Then I'll work on the moving you here thing. ;)

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

snort. I'm the gal who looked up our noise ordinance so I can anonymously mail the asshole neighbor who has "prison release parties" on a tuesday night. I will be highlighting the towns quiet hours. yay. I am now the neighborhood watch!

RunningLaur said...

I'm glad that you haven't ACTUALLY hit him. Next time, you'll have to suggest a treadmill for his dog, you know, for safety reasons.

Weeked plans: driving north and east.
Neighbor story: my neighbors this week asked if I was moving, after living ext door for 2 years.... yeah, we're close.

CautiouslyAudacious said...

Funny story :-) I'm usually the one almost getting ran over! Are you sure you haven't moved to NM?

Unknown said...

Did he get the 1911 Sig or one of the P series? I am jealous either way!

Slow down leaving your driveway (-:

Char said...

Way to make new friends Emz-style - almost run them down on a regular basis. Freakin genius. It works!

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