Friday, April 20, 2012

"Paradise" - Cold Play

So what does a normal person do when they can't go run the marathon they want to tomorrow?

Yes, it was the Emz [at home] Treadmill Marathon!
[my version of "paradise"]

I came in first in my age group!
First female!
and get this . . .
first place overall. ;)

Best Marathon Ever.

The crowds were a bit small.

Pita stopped by to say hi at 6:25am & Peanut at 7:20.

Got er dun in 3:23:[something] ehhhh, I'll take it.

Tonight . . . .

I've got big "girls ONLY" weekend planned with Peanut & a friend[s?].
I can already hear the giggling begin.

Happy. Freaking. Friday!


Laura said...

Lord woman...I don't know how you do it. :)
Happy happy Friday! I am so happy the weekend is here.

Runners Fuel said...

Happy Friday!! I often come in 1st place when I run, too! lol

Melissa Cunningham said...

you amaze me,sister!!!!!!!!
happy friday!
and i hope you have an awesome Girls night!!!!!!!!


Evolving Through Running said...

Both and out-and-back and a point-to-point Marathon at the same time ... one of the mysteries of the universe. Looks like you and the new Woodway are getting along just fine. Great work!

B. Jarosz said...


I'd have made a sign to hold up while cheering if you'd have announced this sooner! Post-marathon congrats will have to do. ;)

Michelle said...

Now that's a heck of away to start your day! Happy Friday!

Caroline said...

how was the goodie bag at that race?

now that the heat is here I am dreading heading back inside for training...I admire your mental strenght so much..I am serious...I wish I had a TM here maybe it would make things a little easier than at the gym...!

what race are you missing?

happy girlie weekend!!!!

ihaverun said...

Better on your woodway anyway. Happy Friday to YOU!!

Enjoy girls night =)

pensive pumpkin said...

that's freaking amazing

Michelle said...

On Monday, I thought about you. But truth be told, a smile crossed my face when I thought about having your two costco fans following me and blowing cool air!!!! :)

Michelle @ said...

Cheering for you! Awesome lady!

Kathy said...

Holy cow!!! What a Friday! Have a great weekend!

Char said...

Way to go on your firsts trifecta. You need to sort out some impressive medals for such an achievement. I'm thinking something with a diamond feature :)

Boston Bound Brunette said...

Wow!! You're awesome!!

Madison M. said...

AMAZING!! Wish you were my running partner so I could bust out a Marathon just cause! Happy Running!