Friday, April 6, 2012

"Everybody Talks" - Neon Trees

..............I'm finding the above to title be true.

Especially, teenage [and pre-teen] girls in movies.

Here it is . . . . "by the numbers"

1 - guitar delivered today.

100 - percentage sure I am it grew since I last saw it.

4 - number of sleeps until THE delivery.

38 - time in minutes that we arrived before the movie started.

1 - minutes we should have arrived early.

13 - total amount of people in movie theater

10 - number of the above 13 who were over 13.

2 - girls I brought with me who watched the movie from in between their fingers

1 - person in theater wearing CEP compression socks & smelling like biofreeze.

30 - cost for 6 people to enter [score $5 before noon]

50 - cost to "feed" six people while watching a movie.

1 - people who snuck in a whole dill pickle. what? Long run recovery.

1 - number of 11 year olds who weren't too impressed with my "sneak in" food of choice.

12 - number of double chocolate chip cupcakes made after movie.

0 - number I decorated.

1 - mom who laughed till she cried when she was given this at her computer

kids. rock.

Happy Weekend!


XLMIC said...

Ha! That sounds like my trips to the movies!

I haven't seen it yet...but I really want to!

Evolving Through Running said...

Best cupcake I've seen all day. Admittedly the only cupcake I've seen all day, but still the best by far.

At the risk of public stoning ... I didn't really care for the movie. Liked the book a lot, but something about the movie just didn't work for me. Perhaps the problem is I'm WELL over 13.

pensive pumpkin said...

never read or seen it, but i LOVE that cupcake. your kid is FUNNY!! (you never make me laugh at all, though. no. sense. of. humor.)

; )

Courtney said...

I'm cackling over here at the bunny hunger games!! Beats any of those $5-a-pop fancy cupcakes any day of the week!

Char said...

Ha ha ha. Love the cupcake!!

It was your Peanut that wasn't impressed with the pickle wasn't it?! I'm so proud of you for embarrassing her - it's our duty as parents to do that to build resilience.

Jason said...

Like you I work from home so Friday lunch usually means movie time for me. Alone, less than $50 and not talking kids........

Although I do like going to the movies with Chico and the other 6 year olds to hear them laugh.

Christi said...

I am doing my workout today and then I am off to the Hunger Games myself. I can't wait to see it. Does that make me a 13 year old girl?

I love the cupcake. That is awesome creativity right there! Great job Peanut!

So what does one do with an over-sized guitar?

Melissa Cunningham said...

hahaha! love it!
love the pickle smuggler mom and peanuts cupcake.
and yes,what DOES one do with a humongo guitar???