Tuesday, April 3, 2012

"Ruby Tuesday" - The Rolling Stones

Ten. Photo. Tuesday.

1.  Poor. Mase.  He's broken out in this nasty funktastic rash.  So he's on meds and sporting the cone of shame

Yes, he still sits outside my window [daily] watching me run.

2.  His sad little face motivated me to "git er dun" early and a little faster than I had planned.

YAY!  He knew I had promised him a walk [sans cone] after.

3.  We walked Ms. Peanut to school.  Mostly, just so I can talk her ear off and get 44 looks like this from her:

4.  In outdoorsy news . . . .

We have three of these all a-bloom in out back yard . . . loving them.

5.  I bought myself a gift yesterday.  YES, at Costco.

Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.  Heavenly air blowing right at my backside while I run X 2.  Best $44 investment EVER!

6.  A quick "sorry" to anyone who may follow me on Pinterest.  Ya, all those random "pins" last night . . . . kid totally hijacked my account.  [she did put all of them on to the "PEANUT" board, so proud.]  While some were funny:

others, well..........were funny if you are 11.

7-10.  And thanks to Nana & Papa for paying out big time.  You see. . . . . . my Dad once made us a promise, "You touch a Seagull, you get $100".




And as of yesterday . . . . that offer . . . . it no longer stands.

Now, if you touch a Seagull......

c o n g r a t s

You just freaking touched a Seagull.  Please wash your hands.

Happy Tuesday!

** your parents ever make any deals like this with you growing up?**

**Have you even had to make your pet wear a cone of shame?**


Mandi Runs said...

I love it! I would have stayed around all day trying to touch a seagull too!

She rocks!

Rachel said...

My parents never made any deals like that my but father in law used to be a smoker and his brother bet him $100 that he couldn't quit. From that day on he has never had a cigaratte.

My cat is so sneaky sneaky that he can get out of the cone of shame no matter how tight the vet puts it. He was not a favorite of the clinic last time he had to stay overnight. Little bugger.

Patrick Mahoney said...

Feel bad for Mase. I just got my cone off, it was rough.

Prickett Puppies said...

Even if my parents would have made a deal like that, I doubt they would have paid out....

I think I hate the cone of shame more than my dogs. They make an Elizabethan type one that works much better in my house. No running that dang cone into everything. It's more like a stiff neck brace with a harness so they can't get to whatever area to lick/chew/etc...

Michelle said...

Poor Mase - that is not a happy pup! Hope he's freed from the cone soon :)

Unknown said...

"Cone of shame" --- hehehe, poor boy.

Like the fan setup, might need to get something like this for my trainer room.

Amanda said...

OMGeehee this post. Poor doggy, nice fans, and touching a seagull for $100 is straight up rediuculous. I love the picture progression.

Char said...

Poor Mase. His face says it all - he DOES NOT LIKE THE CONE.

Love the bet and love that your parents payed out.

CautiouslyAudacious said...

awww poor doggie, it was instant sad dog when I had to use the cone on mine!

racing dawn said...

Poor Mase!!! Hope he doesn't have to wear it for long!!!

And two fans.....you should definitely have 4.

Love the cactus blooms!

Happy Spring.

Sarah said...

I never touched a seagull, but one pooped on my jean jacket at Seattle Center years ago. I was traumatized.