Tuesday, April 17, 2012

"Life" - Sly and the Family Stone


I woke up today [at 4:42] wondering where it went.

I know I spent a long time doing this:

Then made Peanut breakfast.

Then worked.

Did laundry.

Then Costco'd.

Then worked a little more.

Prepped dinner.

Then carpooled.

Answered all work emails.

Post office.

gym - weights.


Worked on church activity for Wednesday . . .

blah, blah, blah.

I hit the sack feeling ----- empty.  Yes, I had run my rear end off doing the above [and believe it or not a lot of other things].  But as I laid down I got all EMZMOTIONAL.

Me: all this running around.  it doesn't really matter.
Pita: oh man.  Can you explain in 10 words or less?
Me:  I wasn't there for Peanut tonight.
Pita:  what did she need?
Me: well....nothing.  But I should have just chilled with her before bed.
Pita: [silence]
Me: What I do each day "matters" right?  Like all the superfluous crap?
Pita:  No, don't do laundry until Saturday.
Me: [silence]
Pita:  Game of Life Em, Game of Life.

I know we all have crap we MUST get done.  I just want to make sure I'm living a life that REALLY matters too.

Did I take time to let someone turn [in traffic]?
Did I make anyone smile?
Did I help without consulting my calendar?
Did I help someone feel even 1% better than before they saw me?
Was I there for the ones I love? [like REALLY there...not on my phone, not watching tv at the same time].


While watching [and smelling] the Pita catch [his] farts in his hand and throwing them in his daughter's direction [as she ran away] seemed super gross last night . . . . . I'm kinda wishing I'd have enjoyed [from AFAR] that disgusting moment for what is was.......Super-unique father daughter bonding.

Here's to enjoying more of the "moments".


Cynthia said...

Love this post and it couldn't have come at a better time. Tomorrow is my son's 11th birthday and I wonder the same thing. Am I there for him, not just sitting watching tv together but THERE for him. It made me think of his contagious smile. My favorite time he smiles is when he's practicing baseball or is playing a game, he looks over to me sitting in the stands after he's done something awesome just to make sure I saw and he flashes me the biggest smile ever that makes my heart melt, I live for those moments.

Jason said...

It happens all the time but we can only do what we can do. You noticed and are taking notes which is a tremendous trait as opposed to just letting it go and saying.....who cares.....that is the difference.

There is always a next time and don't forget that. There is always a next time.

Unknown said...

Wow, I was thinking the same this morning as I dropped my little one off at school, early. As I waited for him to come out the bathroom so I could give him a hug and leave...I reminded myself to slow down and enjoy it because one day he won't want to turn around and give his Mom a hug and wave goodbye.....

ShutUpandRun said...

What a great post and reminder. We get going so fast, we forget the important stuff. You are insightful enought know it, most people don't.

And I would pay a lot of money to be in on that fart throwing game. Tell PITA I will be his match.

Unknown said...

Great post! Those are all such good questions. Am I there for the ones I love? Does what I do really matter?

Tonight, you go and throw some farts at the Pita and enjoy every second of it. :)

Caroline said...

love this. I wonder the same thing a lot lately..am I there, here. It brings guilt...not easy to deal with. I often wonder what is enough...and then I think if I asked myself that question means I am not at the enough point yet...it can get overwhelming right?
I mean I say no to playing UNO because I got to make dinner. They are sad but is it better to be hungry and sad or sad and with a full belly...!:)

racing dawn said...

YTB lady. Ever.

It's good to take inventory every so often, but without a doubt you do more good for people than I think you are even aware of.

Love ya friend. :)

Michelle said...

The fact that you stop to notice is more than a lot of people do. It is so very easy to get caught up in racing around and getting things done -- good reminder to stop and come up for air and take in the moment!

XLMIC said...

Agreeing with Michelle...you're a few steps ahead of the pack simply by noticing. We could all do well to slow things down and be in the moment a lot more than we do.

The Green Girl said...


Ciara Slider said...

emz i totally know how you feel! for the last year and a half i have missed multiple family dinners, friends birthdays, holiday parties, and it is so heart breaking! i'm so excited to be done with school and start being part of the social world again!

Char said...

I get it. Being so busy with STUFF that you just don't have the time or the energy to be present. And I'm guilty of it. What mother isn't? Thanks for the reminder about what's really important.

ConcreteNCoffee said...

Too true. I, for one, have taken to letting all laundry go until the weekend. Although I personally don't take my husband's farts over folding his shirts... ;)

Johann said...

Great post for sure. I ask the same question often when I reflect on my day to day life. All in all I must admit I have so much in my life that I can only say thank you.

Laura said...

Excellent reminder...I have truly been trying to make an effort to not take advantage of any of the great relationships I have in my life. Not easy but so necessary.

Christi said...

You are a great person and I know you are touching someones life everyday whether you know it ir not. That's just who you are!