Saturday, April 21, 2012

"Peer Pressure" - Pretty Ricky

Me:  So when do you little ladies want to go to SFM? [Scottsdale Fashion Mall]
Peanut: We don't care.  Just whenever you're done with your run.

Me:  Well, I remember I ran kinda far yesterday?  I was thinking of just taking a "rest" day.
Peanut:  Mom, your "rest" day is on Sunday.  So if you don't run today that'll actually be TWO rest days!

So happy I did.

Thanks Peanut for the motivational kick in the ass. . .  aspaeris shorts!

[oh, by the way, these compression shorts, freaking rock . . . . need a pair? Use this link and type in CODE:  APS4me and get 50% off!!

So while the Pita has gone fishin'.
Us girls ---- we are goin' shopping and one of us will be wearing compression everything.

Happy Saturday!

**Big plans today / tonight?**

s h a r e !


bobbi said...

I am HAPPILY taking 2 rest days in a row :) And heading to a birthday party!

(my daily mile "total miles for the year" was 444 this morning. thought of you!)

Emz said...

Bobbi!!! I love it!!
Thank you!! Enjoy the party!!

Caroline said...

I need some Peanut motivation/guilt trip...

the plan...
ran 3 miles in 90 degrees...blah
2 soccer games in 94 degrees more blah

now need to get rid of this nasty cold in less than 24hrs.

heading to race packet pick up now!
before I will go check those comp shorts...:)

Christi said...

Don't ya love it when your family keeps ya in line?! Have fun shopping!

Jill said...

Peanut needs to come to my house and kick my sorry butt back to the gym!! :)

Hope you guys had a blast shopping...I love to shop with my daughter (well, now that she's older :)).


Anonymous said...

Took wheelchair-bound students out to eat and then to prom! :-)

coach dion said...

So I take it the new treadmill works if you can run a marathon and still have the legs to run 11miles the next day... I need to get fit like you!