Thursday, March 18, 2010

full disclosure

I'm not as grown-up as you think I am.  I'm not as grown-up as I pretend to be.

I don't lay awake at night fretting over my IRA.  I don't even wonder how my bank account looks.  If it's [$$] there great!  If not, I better get working harder.  My dreams at night are nothing like the "real" world.  They aren't even like "me"

I don't always wonder what's going on in the Middle East [as I most likely should].  And did I mention I don't even know my blood type? Truly.  Never can remember.  But I am guilty of signing up for an extra life insurance policy just because I felt like at my ripe old age - I should be "worth" more.

What makes me laugh?  Modern Family.  The Office.  The Flight Of The Conchords.  Funniest Home Videos.  The Soup.  What will I never get?  Mr. Bean & CNBC.  I dislike war/history movies.  My nine year old daughter knows more about WWII than me.  I'm fine with it.

Lately, I've been wearing a lot of this:

+ Orange nail polish.  [Even though the Pita's Mum said I should "stay away" from Oranges and yellows - as they "don't suit me"].  I embrace the opportunity to hang on to my early 20's.  It makes me look younger & "with it" right?  Well, it makes me feel younger.  I could pay for cosmetic surgery, botox, youth serums or I can wear freaky, funky nail polish.  I choose $5 nails.

Don't get me wrong.  I actually do know when I need to be a big girl and play "big girl" dress up.  I can do it.......just give me a good reason why it's needed.  I see my [huff] 30's as my decade to make my mark to be true to me.  So far, 30's to me, seem to be a double edge sword.  Balancing the amusement of yesterday with the tenacious impression of tomorrow.  Which leaves me with today.  OPI Lincoln Park After Dark [purple/black polish].  Today, I want nothing to do with tenacious.


Anonymous said...

i love this em. i can relate on many [many!] levels:)...down to the black polish. it was my color of choice 2 weeks ago for my b-day pedicure. (no purple though, just straight up black).

i wonder if/when we'll ever feel 'grown up'...or is it an illusion like perfection? there's always so much growing [up] to do, isn't there.

Sarah said...

I got to see Flight of The Conchords twice! They are so hilarious! There was a sign language interpreter the 2nd time and they were messing with her the whole time, asking, "How do you say ******* in sign language?" So she would sign, "How do you say ******* in sign language?" She was laughing so hard. Oh, I could go on and on about them.

100% agree on Mr. Bean.

You are young. :-D

Karine said...

If you were suggesting that age has anything to do with being "grown up", I am the expert.[It does not]. However, I may try wearing orange/yellow to see if it might help me appear NOT quite so "grown up". In my eyes my baby girl will always be young! [sorry]

The Eliason's said...

So...On this one, I will agree to disagree. My WHOLE life I have always wanted to be "OLDER"...why? Not sure...ok, maybe I know, but not enough room here to 'blah, blah, blah' about it...I will say...I do LOVE orange and...YOU!! :D

Angie said...

I can't ever remember my blood type either (it's either a or b positive, or maybe both together?) and I just bought my very first orange dress. I REALLYhope we both get into St. george. Cross your fingers.