Wednesday, March 24, 2010

To "Baby E" / A.E.B

I'm so happy it's your day.  No, not even because it makes you one year older than me.  It's because I get to sit here this morning and reflect on you, on your day

Being that you are "X" years older than me [never mind that you look younger - whatever].   I'm amazed at how much I do remember about growing up with you.  Sure, some things were told to me . . . but a lot of the memories are right from this little brain of mine.

Nope, I don't remember this:

Or this:

What I do know is at a very difficult time in my were the only one who could comfort me in the way I needed it.  I will never fully be able to express [in words] how much this meant to me.

You have always been there for me.

I have been told you would wake up with me at night so mom could sleep.  seriously?!  How many pre-teens would do that?  And as I'm told --- you'd sing to me when you'd get up with me.  [ahhhh, here come the tears]

I'm amazed.  often.  with you.  by you.  because of you.

Have you ever realized all you have done? All you do?  All you've accomplished?  All the trials you've come out "on top" of?  Things you do each and every day that are amazing?

Here's a few I can think of:
  • Having 5 children
  • The female college grad of the family
  • Did I mention a Master's degree too?
  • Eric
  • Running
  • Church callings
  • listening
  • forgiving [think tithing story]
  • flying home to be with your crazy little 10 year old sister
  • waiting [sorry don't remember exactly how many 7?] years to have a biological child
  • your children in all their sports
  • inviting me over to dinner when it was just you, R & Freddy
  • kissing R after dinner prayer - I use your example every day now too ;)
  • you had four kids - and you look like you've had none
  • you working from home [on top of all the mom/wife work]
  • dealing with that crazy dog of yours on Friday's ;)
  • attending EXTRA family events
  • you are a peacemaker
  • you see the good in others
  • you don't gossip
  • texting me back
  • texting me back fast
  • always saying yes to me when I'm in a pinch
  • always saying yes to most people
  • you are kind
  • you are emotional
  • you are sensitive to other's needs/feelings
  • letting me help [ha - is food helping?!] when I know something's going on [that's a big "KNOW" - as I usually would never know] ...which brings me to....
  • you don't complain
  • running a 1/2 marathon with less than 10 days notice
  • patient.  you are the most patient person I know

Happy Birthday To MY Sister.

I love you.


Sarah said...

Aw! That was awesome. Happy Birthday, Emz' sister! :-D

Karine said...

AHH, Sisterly love! Nothing makes a mother happier. Thanks for putting together lunch and creating the opportunity to celebrate her great life.

Ann said...

I am the luckiest sister in the world to have a sister who sees only the good in me! It took me two days to finally figure out (again) how to log on to your blog to read what my AMAZING sister wrote about me. (I think that cancels out my "texting back fast" quality!) I may have the college degree in English--but you are the natural writer in the family!!! ...Pure talent! I remember so much about you (the one advantage of being the older sister) and it's all good!!! I LOVE YOU!!

beckus1234 said...

If ever I think of an example of pure "goodness" I think of my Annie-Blue (she had a great admiration of the color blue in her formative years). She keeps saying she's not perfect (are you sure??), but you sure could fool me. Emily, what a beautiful tribute. I have to agree that you are a gifted writer! XXOO Aunt B.