Monday, March 1, 2010

It's just what kids do

I'm reminded [pretty much daily] how awesome children are by the one [and only one] I currently am raising.

What is she teaching me?

"Mom, I bet if you smiled at the lady . . . . she wouldn't look so grumpy."

"Mom, that girl lives close to us but doesn't go to my school.  We are friends now."  [me] "Of course you are - you've known her for 45 seconds."

"Wait for me Mom.  Wait here." she leaves me in the card aisle at Hallmark [literally runs to the door] and opens it for a gentleman holding way too many boxes.

In grocery store:  "I like your shoes." Thanks Pean.... [then realize she's not talking to me but rather to a teenager buying gum].

"Mom, have a quarter?"  [I give it to her.  She says she'll be right back.  I watch.  Gets dropped into the Haiti Relief Fund jar.

the next one is the best [if I can write it] why am I so freaking emotional?!

To woman crying in Basha's [in card aisle] on Saturday.  "Are the cards sad?"  [Me] "Umm, I'm so sorry.  Ellie come over here."
Woman says, "No, please don't.  Yes, the cards can be sad...but I am sad because my 4 month pregnant daughter lost her baby today."  Ellie looks into her eyes, "That happened to my mom last year too.  It sucks*.  I'm sorry."

Lady looks at me.  I thinking [man why do I let her use that word [sucks]?]  Lady says, "Thank you.  That was the most heart felt offering of sympathy I think I have ever felt."  Peanut hugs her waist [?!?] and there are now three people crying in Basha's.


I'm trying. 

To be more like my nine year old.

*After talking with Peanut [about how awesome that was and why she used the words "sucks"].  She reminded me of what I had told others was probably the best thing someone did/said to make me feel better during this time.  It was a "this sucks" gift from two dear friends.  "this sucks" slice of carrot cake and tulips.  a big "this sucks" hug.  and "this sucks" card.  I think "sucks" is/was totally fitting.


The Eliason's said...

Sometimes..."SUCKS"is the only word there is! LY!

Karine said...

Aah, the things we learn from our children. Today I am also trying to be as good as Peanut and as sensitive as her mother. Hugs to you all. xoxox

Sarah said...

Hi Emz! This post is so sweet. I checked out your blog yesterday while doing whatever I wanted on my b-day (I was banned from the kitchen). Never got around to commenting though. :)

Sarah (via Amy's blog)

Emz said...

Ang-agreed. Mom-keeping this forever [to remember the part where you see my overly sensitive nature as "good"].

Sarah - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!! Your photo [photos] is/are always the best!!

Sarah said...

Thanks, Emz! :-D It was a great day.

amyraye said...

oh man- i'm way behind on my blog-reading. i loved this post, though. it definitely didn't suck.

hi sarah. :) nice to see you.