Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Tuesday; the day of the week between Monday & Wednesday

And for me . . . the day I get to learn more about you!

1.  If I was stranded on a desert island I'd take: ___________________, ____________________ & _______________________________.

2.  If I could medal in any Olympic event I'd choose_______________.
3.  __________________ are/is the thing I fear the most.
4.  I'd rather ________________ everyday, than _______________ everyday.
5.  I am excited about_____________________________________.
6.  I really should be _____________________________________.
7.  One of my favorite things in the world is ____________________.


The Eliason's said...

1. Mike
2. Curling
3. My teeth falling out
4. eat chocolate/exercise
5. seeing my boys receive the ordinances that are theirs to have this Saturday and Sunday!!!
6. doing my homework
7. be on vacation with my 5 boys!!

Angie said...

1. books, moisturizer (W/sunscreen, of course)
2. Duh-marathon. Ooo-or snowboarding.
3. Losing my children
4. run, sleep (sigh)
5. Spring!!!
6. wow, that list is too long to even begin
7. roses

Sarah said...

1. A motor boat, extra gas for the motor boat, and a flare gun. (Or my piano, my bag of music, and my family)

2. Gymnastics

3. Fire and my children being harmed in any way

4. I'd rather cook every day than clean every day.

5. Time Out for Women

6. Decluttering/cleaning

7. Laughing and making other people laugh/singing

Emz said...

Ang - you do know you were given three options for ? #1, right?! ;)

Angie - come on entertain me with #6. ;) AND You'd rather run than sleep. woman you. are. good.

Sarah - on 5 - I am jealous. Was really hoping to make it to Seattle with you guys. I pretty much just wanted to meet all of Amy's awesome friends.

amyraye said...

1. my burt's bees chapstick, my calvin necklace, and a pen.
2. figure skating
3. deep water
4. sleep, wake up
5. going to hawaii
6. closing my computer
7. laughing