Wednesday, March 3, 2010

I'll get you, my pretty, & your little dog too.

4:47 [am]

Seriously.  this is what time my fun began today. [where can I get one of those sarcmark things?]

Picture this:
[with less make-up and big bags under my eyes].  Figured - why even try so I got up to run.  As most mornings, I am greeted by Chuy.  Decided to let the poor little guy out to relieve himself before I started up the treadmill.
Now, anyone who knows me knows --- I'm not too good [actually really bad] at remembering to let this dog back in.  Which I've heard is pretty important.  But this dog, I couldn't pay him to runaway.  trust me.  I tried.

But this morning was different.  I let him out . . walked in to get things ready and it was like I was being blasted on the head by a 2 X 4 - - "go get Chuy" . . "go get Chuy". . "go get Ch____[ok, you get it] but I think I have a full-on bruise.

I open the door to see Chuy IN as in INSIDE a coyotes mouth. 
And no it didn't look like this:
It looked like this:
with an added $x,xxx dog in it's mouth.

What did I do, you ask?  Grabbed Peanut's rain boots outside the front door. {yet another blessing - my daughter wears rain boots - when it's not raining.  often.} and began to swat [air] with these purple camo rain boots.
So right now.  Chuy thinks I'm pretty great.  I can swing a mean boot.
Now, if I could just get him to pee outside since the little altercation, I could actually leave to run the errands I need to.
Anyone want to give him a bath? [smelling very "nature-y"]


The Eliason's said...

AHHHH...and you say you don't care!! I'm getting you one of those yellow diamond sticky signs that reads"Doggy on board"! Man's best friend...that's what they say...must be true!! :D

Kevin and Kim Partridge said...

Chuy!! Poor little guy. Is he suffering from post traumatic stress? Maybe he will relax a little bit now that he's had a near death experience. And way to go, momma, for saving the little guy's life.

Sarah said...

That's so scary! I would wash your dog. I used to wash dogs for a living. I feel like I'm joking every time I say that, but I'm not. I seriously did.

amyraye said...

wow. i don't even like dogs, and that scared me a little bit.