Monday, March 8, 2010

regrets for today

That I let my daughter wear her hair like this today.
Well, this isn't so bad.

The back kinda freaks me out.

The side view though --- the worst by far.

But seriously, what is a mom to do when her child walks out thinking, "I'm so totally rocking this look".  "Mom, doesn't this look awesome?"
[Now, I believe in being nice but I also believe in being honest.]
Me: Well, it's not my favorite look but we don't have to agree on everything.  If you love it.  Go for it.
Peanut:  How can you not love it Mom?  I look awesome.

Love this kid-o.

I swear she is just getting back at me for seeing this amazing "do" in my photo album.

Well - there's so much more wrong with this photo than JUST my aqua net hair.  Yes, the octagon-ish [yes, I know there are only 5 sides] earrings - they still should have screamed, "S T O P".  Yes, Chrystler did pay me to wear them.  Two dollar San Diego necklace from staying with the Pierson's - love it.  Braces?  Hey, I have straight teeth now. 

But yes, the hair . . . .  regretable.


Sarah said...

I am laughing so hard at the Crystler comment. I still have some of my 80's earrings in case we have have an 80's themed party. Whenever I see big bangs, I just can't believe how much time we spent making sure they were "perfect". How many hours of my life did I spend making my bangs look dorky on purpose, I wonder?

Your daughter's hair: That's what mine looks like in the morning when I slept with it in a pony tail. So yeah, pretty awesome. ;-D

jymmebe said...

Hey, those were my earrings!!!!!

Love you!

Kelly Leigh said...

haha the side view is looking pretty rough, but I think there are far worse things she could be rocking. And be thankful for your braces! The dentist told my parents that I "didn't need them" and now my teeth are crooked as hell. But having braces now would soooo embarrassing.

Gina said...

haha her hair-do is pretty bad, but i think it's awesome you're letting her sport it if she wants to! :) and it's great she's so confident!

Lucy said...

aahhh, the memories of the san diego necklaces from the piersons. seriously - they were true treasures. lucy has worn her hair like that and felt similar sentiments about how awesome she looks. and by the way, it's called a pentagon =).

Emz said...

Sarah - I'm ready for the 80's party when you are!
Evie - ummmmm, sorry. I'm sure I asked?! ;)
Kelly-sooooo agree the back. not. pretty.
Brooke - seriously? "it" has a name?!? you still have your necklace, right?

Kera said...

i don't know what to say. really. oh dear.