Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Singing in the rain

Things I've loved since Sunday night . . .

Rain.  been raining on and off since Sunday. which = happy me.

This is the view from my back patio.  heaven to me. 

Talking [wait for it ... wait for it....] on the phone to my friend this morning.  even though she won't tell me what her [maybe] sadness/problem/dilemma is [I shouldn't take that personally right?!].


Seeing another friend's face light up.  to see little ole me. when I walked into her office this morning.  for her birthday.  a Tucson girl transplant.  first birthday in the BIG city. ;)


Peanut telling me this morning that she "prays for me" to be happy each day when she first sits down at her school desk.  random . .yes.  love it . . yes.


understanding sisters.  understanding mom.  and friends who try.


the human body.  incredible to think of all it does without us doing a thing.  incredible to think of all it does when we push it to do hard things.


Maybe I should move to Seattle when Brooke does?  This rain stuff is incredible.

rain is all that saved me from an even huge-r [my word - I like it] panic attack on Sunday night from the "ones" I try to avoid, like the plague. {see second bullet}

Oscar night.  with Peanut.  being dress judges.  my favorite:

Least favorite: [by far....]

Did you watch?


Sarah said...

If you love rain, you should definitely move here. My sister and I used to play in it on purpose and beg my mom to make us hot chocolate and build a fire. We loved that. Peanut is so sweet!

Gina said...

awe that's so sweet she prays for you to be happy. yes, abhored j-lo's ensemble!! lovely view from your back porch!

Kevin and Kim Partridge said...

To sum up: if this selling designer clothes thing doesn't worn out, or your career as a professional marathoner, you should write. AND as one of the recipients of your happiness, you made my day brighter, even if it did have a "cloudy" spot in the middle.