Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Milky Minutes

I've long been a fan of AT&T commercials - l o n g  before my carrier became AT&T.  The Mom in the commercials ---- love her.  Her little finger wiggling side to side [no, no, no] when the "minutes" were somehow put outside for a [gasp] a yard sale.  awesome.

But my favorite commercial by far is this one:
Don, the husband, spills milk on rollover minutes, represented as little orange clocks. The wife yells at him for throwing them away.

"You know my sister doesn't have AT&T. Guess what happens to her old minutes?"

"She loses them," the husband says.

"She loses them. So I'm sure she'd be happy with those milky minutes."

"Isn't your sister lactose intolerant?"

Only now that I have AT&T do I really understand this whole "milky minutes" thing. 

Six months ago I purchased my beloved iPhone.  The only thing NOT so loved about it was the price for the minutes [packages].  I had 1500 minutes with verizon and consistently used about 1350.  That same package at AT&T $149Not going to happen.  So I held my breath and signed up for the "lesser" 950 minute package with the UNLIMITED TEXTING. [Can you hear the trumpets playing?!] 

And the rest is history.  A texting "queen" was born.  However, I never expected to have this problem . . . . . . TOO MANY MINUTES!

So you say, now Emz, can you really have too many minutes?  Well you tell me.  Is 2,000 rollover minutes in 6 months too many?  3,000?  4,000? [please keep in mind I've had this phone for only 6 months, calls to the Pita & My sweet Mom who are both on AT&T too - therefore no minutes used].

As of today I have . . . 4,474 minutes.  ROLLOVER MINUTES.  Did I mention I get another 950 minutes on the 20th?

SO WHY DON'T I call people?  I have a few theories but mostly because I'm a spewer [I know spew is a word so I'm making spewer a word].  People call about ..... let's say . . . having Peanut walk home with their daughter [we'll say "Chloe"].  Then before you know it I'm talking office visits, what shoes I'm wearing, how I've lost three toe nails this week, how she is wearing a weighted vest [while driving to burn more calories], I forget to breath when talking, she's laughing ---- so I keep talking, she misfires with some SUPER horrible turtleneck comment and now I have a bad mental picture, I'm crying with laughter about her odd nurse events AND I DON'T EVEN REMEMBER WHY SHE CALLED?  Ummmm, either does she as I've just done and "A to Z" "A to WHAT THE HECK" in about ohhhh only 3 minutes. 

I don't stand a chance at using these flipping minutes.  milky or not.


Sarah said...

Hahaha!!! And then you remember what you or they were calling about and repeat the process, huh?

Kevin and Kim Partridge said...

As the other party in this exchange, this was PRECISELY how it went down. And the turtleneck comment has to do with a part of the male anatomy that I, as a nurse, have unfortunately seen wa-a-a-y too many of. Nuff said. Lovin' the milky minutes!