Friday, April 23, 2010

9 random things + $15 gift card

1.  loving that the car in front of me at McD's this morning paid my bill.  loved it.  Hoping, next time it'll be the time I'm buying 20 sausage biscuits for the pita's co-workers not just Peanut's $1.08 breakfast. ;) [Bad joke].  I am so grateful no matter the amount.  what an excellent random act of kindness.  Thank you man in the HUGE silver Ford truck!  I will be paying it forward today.

2.  the Pita informed me this morning he's hoping to go shooting in our "spare time" [ha] after the marathon, [hopefully] after fishing and before the "celebration of life" funeral I/we get to attend 4 hours post marathon.
3.  that we get to go to our favorite hamburger place in Cave Creek tonight after Peanut's volleyball games.  She's hoping for more of these photos.
[and once she turns 14 she'll be hoping for a cut-out like that one too.  sorry peanut those hoo-hoos, they do not run in the family gene pool.

4.  why is my sister still holding out on me regarding her decision about: running the half marathon portion, next Saturday?

5.  peanut made this sweet cape for Chuy to wear during my 5/1 marathon.  Ummm, he's not invited.

6.  That our friends we met on our cruise last year will be coming to visit this summer.  Yes, the ones who are 1-2 feet shorter than us. [no, they are not a step below us in this photo].

7.  That while I am so looking forward to celebrating my mom this mom's day.  I'm not looking forward to the other reminder of this day.

8.  That I cracked up when I read Big Daddy Diesel's comment about the Garmin watch.  So reminded me of this post.

9.  A huge "GOOD LUCK & ROCK IT" to Angie on Sunday!! 

................and now for the winner of the $15 iTunes card.  By the way, loved soooooooo many of the songs.  Loved how different they all were.  I thought for sure Pam had nailed it then I [finally] found the song Kelly Leigh was referring to.  Ummmmm, ya I was searching for "Anything Sneaky Sound System" and [funny thing] it's just "Sneaky Sound System"....... yes, I know I am such a dork.  Good thing, I enjoy/am completely okay laughing at myself ---- often.

Check it out for yourself [just be sure to leave the word "anything" out].

Sneaky Sound System - "pictures".

awesome.  Thanks Kelly!  Email me with your address!!


Big Daddy Diesel said...

- I love random acts of kindness, still proves their are nice people out there still.

- HAHA, its true, but until the 305 dies on me, I cant justify a 310.... yet

Sarah said...

That's so awesome! I love random acts of kindness too. :-D

I have to go look up that song.

Marlene said...

AW, so nice. Nobody has ever paid my bill... Hmm, maybe I should pay someone else's. :)

Just how tall are you and your hubs? You are BEAUTIFUL, by the way.

Happy Weekend!!!

Anonymous said...
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Karine said...

Lucky me.....hubs and I were the recipient of Emz's random act of kindness. She "paid it forward" in a delightful way. Thanks for lunch.

Emz said...

BDD - you are so right. was awesome. love nice people. And maybe you should HAVE my watch. I feel like such a puller having it and not [yet] being a triathlete.

Sarah - loving kindness & that song!!

Marlene - go put your contacts in [but you certainly made my day again {free $1 sandwich & a compliment all in one day - I'm a made woman}!!] I am 5'10" but wearing 4.5" heels! Hey my hubby is 6'8" - I wear whatever I dang well please!! ;)

porn address leaving commenter - GO AWAY. . . . PLEASE.

Karine - you are welcome but you and I both know I still OWE you.

Mara - an ill manicured maltese...his hair dresser???... ME & a pair of really bad scissors.

Hope Chella said...

Your blog is so cute :)

Happy Weekend,
Hope xx

Lucho said...

Cute girls with handguns! Best blog EVER!!! What (handgun) are you shooting?

Petraruns said...

Love the list - random acts of kindness are just wonderful! - and will get over the fact that HSM did not earn me the prize..

You ARE beautiful. And tall. And fast. Good thing I like you!

Unknown said...

Fun post! I especially like the short friends since my hubby and I are also challenged in this area but we only seem to have other short friends...
nice story on the RA of K, I want to meet these people who do these things, they rock!

abby said...

wait, wait, wait. you know the sliders?!?! i can't tell you how funny that was to be scrolling down your post and suddenly seeing their picture! they're our friends from orem. we lived in the same complex and jamie home taught them. so funny! and cool!

Pam @ said...

Doh! So close!!!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Wow fun post! And 4.5 inch heels? I wish I were so brave! I am 5'10 too and never can bring myself to wear any heels at all.

And yes, mother's day...bitter sweet for me as well.

Oh and hand guns rock! My hub got me a sweet new 9 mm that I need to take out soon! Always love a good day at the range....although on the farm is better but that doesn't get to happen often.