Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Running on "ed"

According to Kera's [and other's] comments, I may have some explaining to do.

 . . . . "why the freak would you EVER run 20 miles on a treadmill? Don't you live on planet earth where you can just go outside?"

It all started with a doctor's visit in February 2009.  [Cliff Notes version].  "You either run on a "forgiving surface" or you won't be running at all in 5 years time."

So, off I went four to five times a week to LA FITNESS to run.  By September, I had received enough disapproving looks and comments from fellow gym go-ers, that I bought this little beauty.

[side note:  have yet to figure out how to make the TV work - we have satellite - from what I can gather, we'd have to buy a new satellite box JUST for my little "ed" - not going to happen.]

I did move my treadmill 180 degrees.  Yippee!  So now instead of looking at this.  I see a plain [all] white wall.  awesome.

While this is the [running] life I've known and HAD to accept for a while now.  I had no idea how "weird" it was to run 99.8% of my total miles on one until I called Runner's Den [store] one day in early January.  I was having a lot of knee pain and wanted to know what types of braces they sold.  We chatted.  He asked a lot of questions.  Then he asked THE question.

Him:  What surface do you run on?
Me: a treadmill
Him:  When you don't run on a treadmill, where do you run?
Me: umm, well.......I only run about 2-3 of my weekly mileage outside but I run in the bike lane [I know, I know, illegal, I get it]
Him: you are joking. [please note it wasn't a question]
Me:  uhhhhh, no.

Anyway, had to end up going to the store to buy a brace.  When I walked in .... .... it was hilarious.  The man had told everyone in the store and the employee's had all sorts of crazy questions for me.  Where is it?  How far do you run each week?  Do you watch TV?  Do you really think that's good training?  No group running?  Don't you miss the "fresh air"?

Here's my pro's and con's list.

  • Can run no matter what the weather outside is [rain, wind, heat, etc]
  • Can run when Peanut is asleep
  • Don't have to run at anyone else's pace
  • Have a fan I bought that is JUST for blowing right at my bum. the whole time.
  • Fan in "ed" which blows right at my face
  • Can text and run without running into tree's
  • Answer work emails while running [I know, not the best for "training"]
  • listen to my music without wearing headphones.  hate headphones.
  • can test peanut on her multiplication tables
  • knees are doing much better
  • home for deliveries
  • no dirt flying in my face when buses pass [this is AZ people - dirt, dust ...bad air]
  • can do laundry [can put clothes from washer into dryer in 35 seconds flat]
  • No chance of getting run over. [huge pro there]
  • toilets are close
  • water is closer
  • AC vent hits RIGHT on me from it's new location.

  • can do laundry
  • no running groups
  • a plain white wall
  • I'm home, even more. [work from home, run at home, play at home]
  • Ed's TV doesn't work
  • My neighbor can see me on it from his backyard . . . creepy
  • my dog comes to the window and looks at me like he hates me
  • my legs take much longer to recover after a marathon due to the huge difference from my "training" surface and my "racing" surface.
  • accuracy? 
  • cost
  • and fine . . . it might be just the slightest bit boring some days

The thing, I possibly, love most? . . . . once race day arrives.  I am all eyes, heart & lungs.  AND 100% in awe of the beauty around me.  It's all worth it.



Your treadmill love makes me happy! Most of the year I do 3 of my 4 weekly runs on mine. Everyone thinks I am crazy, but I often have no other choice. I've only done 12 miles on mine. But I wouldn't rule out going longer!

5 Miles Past Empty said...

Love the pro/con list! I can see both sides of this argument. I prefer to do my 3-8 mile runs on a treadmill and especially my interval runs. I can control my speed increase and decrease way easier on the treadmill! And how fun that you can help your peanut with her multiplication! Family time is the best, and if the treadmill allows for more of that then awesome!! i never do long runs on the weekend because it is my time with my Little Buddy (and not to mention the hubs is deployed so i have no other choice). I often daydream about a treamill in my too-tiny house. That would be nice.

Ok, this comment is way too long....keep up the good treadmill work! I am impressed. Now, can you attribute those abs to the mill? If so then I am SOLD! =]

Kelly Leigh said...

I just wanted to tell you that I went for my first run today in ages thanks to you! I kinda gave up running after I got chased through the local park in our shady london neighborhood, but all your bragging about running tons of marathons had me feeling like a fatty so I finally got off my ass! It felt great! Thank you!!!!

(oh and you could add that to your pro list - no chance of getting chased by creeps!)

Jill said...

I'm not sure I could live without my treadmill, we were bff's over winter! Thanks for the blog stop-by and well-wishes. Good luck with Whiskey Row, look forward to following your journey!

Kelly Leigh said...


Momma Twitch said...

Okay, okay...you've got me convinced. I might just have to get a NICE treadmill to run on. I think mine is WAAAY too old. I love how positive you are about it. You're really motivating! :)

Angie said...

I run all of my long runs on an indoor track for the some of the same reasons. Water,bathrooms, weather, soft surface for my poor hips and ankles, and childcare is included. I never, ever run with anyone else, I thinks it's weird, I wouldn't know how to do that.

Unknown said...

Just found your blog and all I can say is, "WOW!" about the treadmill running. That is some freaking dedication and you should be proud.

Gina said...

I was just thinking that training on a treadmill would make race day funner because your surroundings would be totally different. great post!! I'm training on a treadmill --- MUCH better for preventing shin splints! :)

Unknown said...

I am so thankful for my treadmill. It is old and busted looking but its in front of the computer so I can watch Lost on hulu.com and I feel safe there!
Sharin' the treadmill love!

jymmebe said...

You're amazing . . . how come I didn't get the running gene in the family too? :-)

Marlene said...

You sure make a great sales pitch for the treadmill! Still not for me, but I admire your dedication and your willingness to do what you have to do (even running in place toward a white wall for 20 miles...) to keep at it. You go girl!

Melissa said...

So glad you found my blog!! Wow! I'm amazed, but love hearing it from your perspective. I'm also slightly jealous of the fan on your backside.

Kate said...

great perspective! i am definitely going to train more over the next 6 months on the treadmill. last fall when i trained for my first marathon, i got the worst itb injury from cambered roads and the same hilly route over and over. i am totally going to add more flat and soft treadmill this time. hoping it's one of the keys to helping me train injury free this time!

thanks for stopping by my blog. :) i loved reading some of yours!!

The un-Zen Runner said...

If you can stay distracted the treadmill is a good workout. When you're just staring at the wall like me it kinda sucks. I love those that have their own personal TV. I can get distracted and even run a couple extra miles that weren't intended with one of those!

Anne said...

Thanks for coming by my blog :)
Totally enjoyed reading your post. Although I prefer running outside, I'm not averse to treadmill runs...especially during our crazy winters.

Laura said...

All I can say is Wow! Longest I have done on a treadmill is 12km and I even had a TV to keep me company and I thought I would go insane. I still like using the treadmill if it is really bad weather out and don't have a hate on it like others do.

Sarah Esther said...

i laughed at the TV no working comment. great idea... now only if it would be a great idea that would work! haha

Kera said...

ah. i see.