Wednesday, April 14, 2010

biggest [sweaty] loser & "oh no you didn't"

Every Tuesday Peanut has volleyball @ 7pm at the YMCA. Usually "this" is how I enjoy myself for the 57 workout minutes but last night [gasp] MY machine was being used/taken/exploited. [panic] I know . . . Sad. Sad. Sad. Sooooo I ended up on the treadmill [mind you a super sweet one] watching "biggest loser". [love that show, cheering for YOU Sam!] On this completely magical treadmill. Are you freaking kidding me?  A 15" screen!  That actually works! With captioning! What?!

for . . .

[well minus a huge industrial "patton" fan blowing at my backside].  My daughter asked if I had "used the pool tonight".  HA!  I wish I "glistened" but I just sweat. buckets.

52 minutes "in" a lady hopped on the treadmill next to me.  You know when you can tell your being critiqued.  looked at.  picked apart.  It was odd.  okay it was seriously weird.  I finished my last 5 minutes - started cooling down.

then I feel a "tap-tap" on my sweaty arm.  [note: not a big fan of being touched by glaring, odd, strangers]

Her:  you like to "jog"?
Me: [thinking, oh no she didn't just say that/ call me that .... breathe be nice] yes, I do.

She went on with a few more "jogging" questions.  Which immediately reminded me of this explosive add campaign from 2007.  Why did this / does this term bother me?  Why do I even care?  Does it bother you?  Was I just having an "I'm a snot" moment? [totally fine with comments declaring "yes, you are"] I want to know. 

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a huge thanks to my new blog friend for the heads up on Awesome. My run this morning. went. by. in. a. flash. excellent. didn't even notice the white wall today.

y a y !


Marlene said...

"Jogging" ... hate that term! You're not alone. Wouldn't have been too happy about the staring and tapping either. :/

But YAY for a wicked run!

Sarah said...

At least she didn't call it speed walking. Did you ever watch Malcolm in the Middle? There's a hilarious speed walking episode.


It makes my skin boil when someone calls me a jogger. Even if there are days when it might be true. I thought of you last night randomly ... my hubby asked if I wanted to get a TV on our treadmill when we upgrade (I said no). All I could picture was your treadmill with the blank screen ...

Laura said...

I get really riled up by 'jogging'. Have you read Kathrine Switzer's book? She uses jogging a lot and it comes across very the point where I stopped reading.. that's how sensitive I am ...being the slow RUNNER I am. :)

Kelly Leigh said...

I dont know if I would get wound up by the term jogging, but then again I'm just a jogger I think ;) But I would be very upset if someone tapped me. I HATE being tapped.

Melissa said...

Maybe she found you inspirational? or maybe she's just weird...who knows

Happy Feet 26.2 said...

Most of my running friends HATE the word jogging. I personally don't have a problem with it. People not knowing what a "marathon" is irritates me so much more. "no a 5k is not a marathon you moron... it's freakin 26.2 miles! lol :)

Unknown said...

So glad you liked!! I watched Glee this morning on there!
It does make the time go by in a very enjoyable way, even if the run sucks!

I am a runner and hate the word jogger. Even if I am trotting along at a super slow pace, I am still running! I feel anal though to hate it!

Angie said...

Ugh! I am soooooo NOT a jogger. Jogging denote something sort of esy and short that anyone can pick up. I ran 20 miles last week (albeit WAY slower than you do it). I ain't no slacker jogger. Also, adore hulu, used it as an excuse to cancel cable and I don't miss it a smidge.

H Love said...

jogging is shuffling.....RUNNING is RUNNING! Come on! Glad you got your run in!

The Eliason's said...

Now come on...don't be a Jogging hater! That's not nice! See...that's why I prefer to do neither one...that way I can stay neutral! :D

amyraye said...

when did this turn into a running blog?
are sarah and angela and i the only ones who aren't running- and don't feel bad about it?

Unknown said...

Last summer we were running and training for an ultra and some mountain bikers rode by and said, "Heads up, hikers ahead!" OMG, I was livid. Hikers??? Running at an 8:30 pace up hill? HIKERS?? That just reminds me of jogger!

KC (my 140 point 6 mile journey) said...

joggers? We are not! That's so
70's anyway.