Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Just another random "thought" post

hopefully, by next week I'll be with it enough to put together a "proper" blog post but until then . . . . . . this is what's occupying/weighing on my little brain today.

*  I long for the return of the day when I could actually get $30.00 of gas.  not $30.01.  not $29.99.  one tiny squeeze of the gas pump = .05 cents.  my credit card statement looks so weird with the odd numbers.

*  I love what I found in Peanut's room this morning.  Her Saturday "chore card".  Loving what she felt compelled to "add-on" - - just in case she forgot.
*  supermodels are NOT role models.  Kate Moss is tiny because her job [sadly] requires her to be. But that shouldn't make her an inspiration. If my daughter wants be to like Victoria Beckham - or anyone else gracing the pages of the women's fashion magazines - when she grows up, I'll not have done my job very well.

*  I miss NCAA basketball.  NBA finals - - - boring.

*  I'm bummed my sister won't be running in the half marathon this Saturday.

*  I wish my cereal would get soggy already [sorry Amy, it's the only way I can eat it with milk]

Thank you to the person who asked me last night, "do you really think you'll finish" [the marathon Saturday].  Maybe that was the encouraging thought I've been needing.  Just for you "Mrs. X" . . . I'll be pushing myself twice as hard.  In your face?  who me? nahhhh ; )

*  What color of nail polish for Saturday?  Hey, it's a ritual & I'm sticking to it.

*  I don't get people who wear sunglasses inside stores.

*  people who hum creep me out [I've seen "fallen" too many times].

why do some friendships require so much work?  Does that mean they are the really "good" ones or the "toxic" ones?

*  Unless your running, working out or doing yard work . . . I greatly dislike men in tank tops.  Yep, even those who have chiseled arms.

*  Loving the woman who actually asked if it was ok if she turned off the fan at the gym last night.  She wasn't really loving my, "um, please don't" reply though.  Hey, I said please.

*  probably was a bad idea to eat that slice of red velvet cake . . . for breakfast.

*  that as much as I hate [HATE] what Tiger Wood's did.  I still think it was wrong for the Master's [president/director/what ever] to blast his personal life on national television prior to the tournament starting. 

*  hoping that tonight's "Modern Family" episode is NOT a re-run.

and finally

*  can someone PLEASE email me / comment to me on what the last week of a "taper" should really look like?   4 marathons behind me and I don't think I've ever done a successful taper.

thank you


Aron said...

ohhh that is some serious fuel for saturday!!! use that to your advantage :)

my ritual the past few races is to paint my nails blue!!

last week before my marathon i ran 6, 6, and 5 all easy paced. i usually throw in 2 goal pace miles in there but didn't this time. i think it depends on how much you were running during your training cycle and all that... i think less is more that week, its mostly to keep the legs warmed up to stretch and to help with not going too crazy :)

i have read 40% of your peak week miles should be ran the week before (so if you peaked at 50, you should run 20 total miles the week before not including the marathon)... i usually do even less than that.

good luck!

Marlene said...

Great comment from Aron... snagging this for myself also. :)

amyraye said...

yeah, what aron said, too.

nasty: the soggy cereal, toxic/draining friendships, and men in tank tops.

Tricia said...

...I'm with you on the tank top thing... :)

Angie said...

Love red velvet cake and just think, you are certain to be faster than I was last weekend. Good luck! I am quite proud to "know" you.

Kelly Leigh said...

cake for breakfast should NOT be a regret! I wish I could help with taper advice but I can't so I will just tell you I am loving my OPI "done out in deco" purple nail polish right now.

ShutUpandRun said...

I'm tapering next week and I'll be doing three runs - 3, 5, 3 plus one big marathon. Not sure if that's the way to go, but I think less is more during that critical last week!

Unknown said...

I love modern family!
I am looking for a good marathon training plan if you have an suggestions!
What color nail polish are you going with?? I think I am going for some Punk Pink. I am not a pink person unless its bright and on my toes!

Sarah said...

So you're saying you don't like Richard Simmons?! His tank tops are sparkley. Does that improve his look?

Hmm. The difficult friendship thing. I guess I would need an example. If someone is sucking you dry, I believe that would be a toxic friendship.

MCM Mama said...

I'm doing 3,4,2 the week of my marathon, but I need to take it easy before a half marathon, so i'm figuring super easy before the marathon. I think I did 3,2,2 for my first one.

I have to agree with you on the tank tops, but cake is never a bad idea for breakfast.

Emz said...

Realizing I should have asked this "taper" question earlier.

Since my week already went like this: Monday = 14 [I know super super stupid] Tuesday: 5, this morning: 3. I guess I'll be doing a lot of sitting on my backside the remainder of the week..... Ugggg.

Kevin and Kim Partridge said...

SO glad I wasn't the one to ask if you really thought you'd finish. Must not be someone that knows you very well.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

- The media has really screwed up the perception of how "one should look", its disgusting

- I hope you PR to rub it in that persons face!!!

- Tapering, very important week, body will not gain any fitness that will shoe noticable results in the race. reduce the volume, 3 runs around, 3-6 miles each. 2 days before the race is an off day, day before the race is a super short run 2-3 miles or bike ride.

budget menu lady said...

Of course you will finish! And at a time you will feel good about too, I'm sure. As a non runner blogger friend, I read "taper" and wondered at first why you needed candle advice to help you with the marathon training. I'm old and not a runner but I like reading about your day.

Bridget said...

i agree with so much of this!

men in tank tops (even with yardwork/exercise i say no!), uneven gas price numbers....