Tuesday, April 27, 2010

My garden of weaknesses


I have many.

Here are just a few:

*  If I feel mom-guilt, I'll pretty much buy Peanut [most] anything she asks for while grocery shopping [very dumb].

*  homemade bread with butter [a lot of butter].

*  running/training hills [I'd rather stick forks in my eyes]

moderation.  hate this one.  If three miles is good 12 has to be better.

*  trust.  Takes me a  l o n g  time to really trust people & their intentions.

*  people who ask me for money outside of stores.  I'm sure they really do use it to catch the bus.  If not, who cares? [well, the Pita cares but . .]

*  speaking without thinking it through first.

*  talking fast.  Like people can't understand what I'm saying fast.

*  quick to react [mostly, a bad thing, not always]

delegating.  If I do it all myself, I don't have to waste time explaining what I want to see happen.

*  still thinking I can run my business without anyone else.  The Pita has begged me to higher a HS girl to help me out with mundane things {photos/measurements}.  [uggg, see above.  don't want to take the time to teach someone else].

laundry.  I love doing laundry.  seriously.  2 loads per day [yes, for only the 3 of us].

*  cereal.  could eat dry cereal for 2 out of 3 meals.

*  heels.  very high heels.  yep, these are still my favorites. [yes, the ones I was chastised for wearing at church . . . judge not ? what ?  I'm here right?!]  yes, I still wear them [to church] whenever I possibly can . . . which brings me to . .
*  confrontational.  I have a problem confronting people.  I should probably need to have more restraint.

*  filet. filet Mignon.  Morton's filet mignon.  what I had last night.  What I am still on a "high" from this very morning.

honestly.  crack on a plate.  I could not eat it  s l o w  enough.

The best meal I have ever eaten.  Maybe it's not in the running guide for great pre-race foods.  But this weakness has a serious grip/choke hold on me.  And I'm running with it.

What's your one food "weakness"?


wishful nals said...

we all have our own vices. mine? chocolate. oh god, it gets me every time.

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Mines pizza, its evil, pure evil.

Sarah said...

Can I count dairy as my food? I love cheese and ice cream (not together).

Marlene said...

It takes a lot of STRENGTH to recognize and admit your weaknesses.

I have to pick one???

*ice cream
*ju jubes
*anything chocolate

The above foods are BANNED (along with wine) until post marathon.

Melissa said...

just one?

ice cream


I agree with you on a lot of these things. What is your business?

my food weaknesses - Chocolate, Cupcakes and Ice Cream

Kelly Leigh said...

umm can i come be the highschool girl that does your dirty work????

My food weakness is chocolate and since moving to England, tea and biscuits. If I think I can eat just one, I end up eating six. It's horrible.

Allison said...

we may be long lost sisters...but instead of loving laundry, I love, love, love to scrub bathrooms. Bathrooms...there, I publicly declared it.

And for food, well chees it is.

Evolving Through Running said...

First - love the name of your blog. An old boss of mine used to say 'if you can't convince them, confuse them', and I honestly have to say I've used that advice on some occasions.
My food weakness would have to be mint chocolate-chip ice cream. Nothing better on a hot summer night. Don't even really like sweets or dessert all that much, but that stuff owns me.

saundra said...

Weaknesses- dark chocolate and cake

I think the shoes are cute and can't see any reason why they would not be appropriate for church...

Angie said...

I make a point of wearing super high heels to church. Who dared chastise?! I bet she was wearing a nasty old mom dress and velveteen mary janes.

Petraruns said...

Food weakness? Crisps - or chips as you call them. I am WEAK!