Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday [pre] night thoughts

how can one wink from the Pita - instantly make me happier?

why have I waited so long to go back to Berta’s Café for lunch?

how can I convince my sister to run with me in Prescott?

I need to work on being less reactive in my communication.

why does spaghetti sauce stain all my plastic containers.

this song is, by far, the most motivating on my “marathon” play list right now.

how did this song GET ON my marathon play list?

I need to find/make/create a way to see my sisters more [we all live within 25 minutes of each other for crap’s sake].

I love my true religion big t jeans but hate that my phone won’t side into the back flap pockets.

Floss and then apply lotion.

I'd pay a pretty penny for some hard, stale twizzlers right now.

I’m loving my flowers the Pita brought me home from work today.

paying $30 for two filet’s today was sooooooo worth it. I think the Pita has [finally] got the grill times sorted.

I’m thankful for a sweet email from my neighbor today.

Is it blonde or blond?

grey or gray?

I greatly dislike being called Mrs. [insert last name] by Peanut’s friends

why is my dogs nose always wet?

when Peanut tells me, “mom, this milk is bad” why do I have to try it to believe her?

am I the only one who knows how to “re-load” the toilet paper?


Mel-2nd Chances said...

I'm the only one here that's mastered the toilet paper too!! And yes, the grey/gray, blond/blonde thing has bugged me too! Have a great weekend!

Kera said...

cause you like his hair, his juicy lips, his amazing smile, and you kinda want to make out with him even though he's only like 10. i don't feel this way at allllll about the beibster.

Kera said...
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Kera said...

as i was typing the above comment, i heard a weird wailing. i knew it was asher. he wasn't in the apartment though! i raced out the door and to the elevators. i could hear him but it was coming from the floors below. i took the emergency exit down down down to the bottom floor where i found him by the door sobbing pantless, and all sooty. i am a WONDERFUL mother.

abby said...

i am laughing at kera's comments. having a crush on the beiber is gross, you guys. almost as gross as TWIZZLERS. someday you'll embrace the vines, emz, someday.

H Love said...

you totally make me laugh. I just downloaded that song for my 100K tomorrow. Catchy beat maybe...even though a 12 year old sings it!

Sarah said...

Mmmmm ..... Twizzlers. Strawberry flavored plastic.

robin said...

i'm with abby, down with twizzlers! red vines are where it's at!

and is it blond or blonde? have you figured it out? because i would like to know.

and is it bad that i don't floss? ever?

Emz said...

Kera. You are awesome.
I'm with Abby.
Robin- I'm going with blonde. I like the "e". I'm keeping it.

Still want/need the plastic twizzlers Sarah. Cracked me up.

Bridget said...

both you and me are the only two people who know how to reload the toilet paper.

Marlene said...

I love the random ramblings. These are the kinds of things going through my head while running!