Monday, April 5, 2010

Spring Break Week .... The Good/Not as good

It all started with the "Bake Sale" [thanks neighbors & family!]
Good: She [they] had a blast & donated the raised funds for ..... charity [what have I created?!] ;)

Not as good:  Me and a lot of dishes.

Good: Things sold great [eBay] while gone

Not as good: Nasty emails from buyers who thought I should be able to ship over-night without any warning from them.

Good:  Hiking at Picacho

Not as good:  Having to carry the 30 pound pack up [it was quite the picnic, I'll tell ya]and the 15 pound pack down

Good: Mine & Peanut's cardio endurance

Not so good:  The Pita's

Good: not tripping up on the hike

Not so good:  When we [Peanut & I] laughed so hard we cried when The Pita landed bum first.

Good: Leaving for Tombstone

Not as good: Getting to Tombstone

Good: Not playing "I spy" the whole road trip

Not so good: playing VW Slug the entire road trip [left. arm. not doing so good.]

Good: showers in Tombstone hotel

Not so good: Cold water in Tombstone hotel

Good: awesome new family memory of "what do you mean I can't bring in my bucket?"

Not so good:  Guy on meth [apparently neighborhood fellow] dragging around a huge garbage bucket behind us shouting not nice things.

Good:  Peanut got to drink her ROOTBeer in a saloon

Not so good:  the burps that followed

Good: free roll-a-way

Not so good:  roll-a-ways one inch from our bed

Good: Weather in Bisbee

Not so good:  finding a hotel under $140 in Bisbee

Good:  Mine tour in Bisbee

Not so good: a 6'8" man in a mine

Good: buying Peanut off in the mine gift shop [so we didn't have to go]

Not so good:  she's an expensive buy-out

Good: Leaving for Tucson one day early

Not so good:  Letting the Pita try the "back route" into Tucson

Good:  Sushi in Tucson

Not so good:  sharing sushi with a 9 year old

Good:  Swimming at resort in Tucson

Not so good:  having one child, bored, in pool, in Tucson

Good: new arrival of Easter kids staying at Hilton

Not so good:  not wanting to leave the pool for the next 9 hours

Good:  Hilton provided Easter hunt

Not so good:  200 eggs X 75 kids = not too excited about her basket filling abilities

Good:  kids activities all weekend

Not so good:  games like "run & scream" - nope not joking

Good: ate too much the night before to want the Easter Brunch for $49/pp

Not so good:  planning my over-eating fest for next Easter

Good:  staying an extra night

Not so good:  not being able to stay and extra-EXTRA night

Good:  Nana & papa watching Chuy

Not so good:  They didn't want to keep him-permanently

Good:  to be home

Not so good:  waking up to "reality" [even though it's an awesome one].

* * Side note . . . . GO BUTLER - BEAT OBLITERATE DUKE! * *


The Eliason's said...

Sounds like fun over all...sorry we missed seeing you on Easter.xoxo

Gina said...

oh my gosh - i LOVE BISBEE! :) my hubby's grandma is from Douglas, so we go to Bisbee everytime we go down there! his grandpa actually worked in the mine there.

Lucy said...

fun pictures, em. makes me laugh to see how different our lives are {my crazy three young kids versus your bored older only child}. vacations are definitely fun. feeling the back to reality pain today, too.

Kelly Leigh said...

Aww looks like your trip was mostly good! You have such a cute little family. I always get the impression that "peanut" is a spunky kid. I think I would want to be her friend.

Anonymous said...
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Emz said...

Brooke - agreed - maybe I can borrow/rent one of your kids for our next trip? ;)

Gina - I'm with you. I do love Bisbee. A great place to spend the day. The little cafe was amazing as well as the Chocolate shop & all the antique stores.

Kelly - loved your comment. She is JUST that . . . "spunky". No doubt you guys would be best friends. :) She just needs your sweet boots. ;)

Sarah said...

Sounds like an adventure! A vacation isn't complete without an encounter with a guy on Meth.

Sunny Duron said...

Hey Emily!! Found your blog - I have to say kinda sounds like "the back way" was by our house!! You should've called!!! Looks like fun!

I don't know if you've seen mine - it's really behind!! You are so good!!