Friday, June 3, 2011

"Even A Fool Can See" - Peter Cetera

 . . . . . That 4:27am is a little early to get up on a Friday . . .

I love running early but not usually on Friday's.  And not AFTER super fun [late] basketball games the night before. 

But it was a blast at the game last night.

I mean seriously. . . . . the man wears my number in honor of me.  [insert "awwwwww"]

It was the first game of the new "old man" season.

boy . . . .

you. could. tell.

Air ball count = eight
cuss words = too many to count
beer bellies = ditto from above
ref beer bellies = one

ref who fell because of their bellies = one

It's soooooooo funny sitting in the stands hearing people talk about the Pita:

"He's tall"    [you are a genius]
"He's probably 6'4""     [haaaaaaaaa, until you stand next to him then he's 6'8"]

"That tall guy has a nice shot"      [duhhh, part of the reason I married him]
"I bet he played in college"      [naaaaaa, wrestling]
"He should have blocked that . . "     Me:  Hey you freak!  That wasn't even remotely by him.  How'd you want him to block it with his go-go-gadget arms? 

reason #4,487 why I should not be allowed to go to a sporting event.  Especially one in which a family member is playing in.

But hey, game one, done [& won].  And the Pita [or his um err family] didn't even get kicked out for bad behavior.  s c o r e !

Thanks to Dawn who let me bug her with these awesome factoids during the game.

We came home to find the Pita's pets out doing their night-time "roam about" .

Let me introduce you:

Here's "largy" - yep, he's large.

Here's "medium" - yes, we are original.

Here's "spot" - well, duh because he has spots. ;)

Side note "extra large" died.

They. are. awesome. right?!


Creepy.  right?!

so on to tonight.

date. night. YAY!

I found out about it in this super awesome card I got in the mail from the Pita on Wednesday.

Freaking. Loved. it.

I've censored it for Peanut's viewing pleasure.


AND . . . . . .

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Happy Friday to ALL!!


racing dawn said...

Yes u do  glamour.

Happy weekend lady... It's gonna be warm here... 80 out AZ.

And congrats to the pita...way to start off the season.

XLMIC said...

"go-go-gadget arms"! Bahahhahahahahhaha!

Good thing I wasn't there with you... we would have gotten ourselves tossed from the venue...

Rachelle Wardle said...

Oh I love basketball and especially the 'fan fare'. My Dad coaches HS basketball and I love listenning to what a the fans have to say about him. :)

Have fun on your date night! And 4:27!! Yes I agree way to early for a Friday.

Jan[et] Cicelia said...

I LOVE date night! Love that he sent you a card, too. We do friends night out every Friday, which sometimes makes date night suffer. Date night usually turns into watching a movie while snuggling, which is ok with me. 8-)

Marlene said...

Ew ew ew!

I was up at 4:30 this morning too - definitely groaned when the alarm went off, but it was worth it when I was done!

We saw that number 4 movie!

The Green Girl said...

What is 4 your lucky number, Emz?

Emz said...

GG. Yes!!!!!!!!! 4


Everything. In. 4's.

Ok. Not. Everything. But. Most things!!

Laurie said...

Love it, every bit... well except maybe the "pets", they are a bit creepy but I love their names. :) Enjoy date night!

Jessica said...

This post was AMAZING! I loved every word of it LOL Kept me laughing.

Visiting from

ihaverun said...

Go PITA go, even though your pets are gross.

Enjoy your glamorous date night <3

Anonymous said...

4:27 AM - that late? Must be nice...

Anonymous said...

Great post!! I love reading all your stories.. :)

Cari Mugz said...

YAY for Date night!! Those are my FAV-O-RITE.... The pets... not so much. I do not love them, but I do love the names.. can tell it took hours to come up with them.

KovasP said...

I love date night - we drop 3 of 4 kids at great aunt and uncle and then bask in the silence. Laima and I plan something romantic and then it's just the 3 of us (with baby). Congrats to Pita on thw win. Was it a big belly contest? I could win easily.

Anne said...

Loved this slice of life guys are perfect together. Love how you defend him :) ...and love the date night card! Love love love love ;)

Ironman By Thirty said...

And I thought 5:15AM was early. Earlier than that isn't possible.

No scorpions for me thank you very much.

Richelle said...

Ugh... I do NOT like getting up early. I'm a night owl.

Refs w/beer bellies... classic!

My fiance who is 6'4" has a brother who is 6'8". I wonder sometimes if my fiance and I would have tall kids.

Char said...

Please don't tell me I'm the only one who thought the last scorpion would be called Small. And they are truly gross but weirdly fascinating.

Char said...

Please don't tell me I'm the only one who thought the last scorpion would be called Small. And they are truly gross but weirdly fascinating.

Michelle said...

Love your stats from the game - I do the same with my hubs old man lax games :) Have a great weekend!

Caroline said...

ohhhh I like the Pita even more now and I want to go to a game with you...well then we would be probably quicked out....I cannot be taken to games if I know players...that ref cracks me up!!!!

Unknown said...

so happy for a scorpion update - I might be obsessed with them???

Chris K said...

Funny post EMZ. I am currently soliciting relationship advice on my Blog....was hoping for a little more snark, but the peeps got all serious on me.

I think I would pay money to watch you watch your family play sports. To make it really entertaining I would "plant" someone who made extra comments about The Pita. How funny would that be?!

Caratunk Girl said...

Those scorpions are so..interesting. I think I would watch them all the time. Do you ever shut off all the lights at night and shine a black light on them? They GLOW!

I would do this all the time because it is the simple things that entertain me.

2 Slow 4 Boston said...

Funny game recap. I would have liked to have been in the stands next to you. You crack me up.

Emz said...

Chris k. Not advised man.

I [no joke] had it out [all words no worries...i so would have had her though] with a lady in the stands last season.

No. Planting.

jymmebe said...

Sorry to be a hater, but I killed/vacuumed up/dumpstered one of "Largy"'s and "Medium"'s cousins this evening. Not too fond of them hanging around on my kitchen floor . . . next time I'll give you a call and you can claim him/her as your own! :)

Unknown said...

I'm seriously laughing out loud reading the number of things you counted at the basketball game! :)

I love that card... where did he get it?

Emz said...

Colleen. In London. :)

Matty O said...

You are hilarious, I can see you in the stands now hahaha.

Great job PITA!

Cynthia said...

the go go gaget comment made me laugh out loud!