Friday, June 10, 2011

"Folding Chair" - Regina Spektor

Partying [celebrating with Peanut] yesterday.

was. a. blast.

Here are a few photos from the day of awesomeness.

For some reason this made her sooooooooooooooooo happy.  "Mom, MOM, M O M! The Wii knows it's my birthday!!!"

Loved it.

Then she decorated her cake. 

Holy. crap.

Then she decorated it some more while I was in the shower.


[Thank you Cari!] ;)

Then we went to Costco.  What?  it's only the second time this week.  We needed to check the price on Peanut's "dream birthday dinner"crab legs.


Could she be any more high maintenance?  I kid.  I kid.  She rarely asks for anything [no joke].

But seriously, I was not about to buy $60 worth of crab legs!

Peanut:  [sad face].
Me: Let's check the sushi.  You love sushi.
Peanut:  ok. mom.

Sushi was a go.  [If you ask me . . . .I thought it looked terrible but she was excited].


Lunch with Nana & Papa.  This girl . . . . she loves her N&P like crazy.  makes. my. heart. Happy.

Yum.  How did I not get a photo of this?  uggg.

Then . . . . you guessed it . . .

On to MORE food.  YAY!

Zoyo yogurt.

I will never understand gumballs on frozen things . . . .

That discard pile . . . [dry heaves]

Then volleyball practice, library &  . . . . [the guilt sets in] . . . .

It's her Birthday Emily.

Suck. it. up. and. get. her. the. freaking. crab. legs.

Folded . . . .

I wish I could have taken a photo of the running hug I received.  Literally, fell onto the glass of the seafood counter.

Emz:  [to seafood guy] Yes, I swear, I do feed her.

Great night.  GREAT food.  Great girl.

And we'll do it again tonight [minus the crab, add crappy/cheap frozen pizza].  Party x 2 with the family.

I'm sooooooooo staying away from that cake though.

Had my last long run [before Seattle RNR] this morning 20.75 miles.  Burping frozen yogurt sushi from last night.


Happy Freaking Friday!

Happy Weekend!!

Do you let your kids decorate their own cakes?
Would you eat that cake?


bobbi said...

Would NOT eat that cake. Or put gumballs on ice cream.

But I KNEW you'd cave on the crab legs (and I'm glad, hehe).

Happy weekend!!!

bobbi said...

(oh, and I usually just buy the cake. so not domestic...)

Anonymous said...

Sushi burps - so not cool. Sushi is only ejoyable going down...

Christi said...

Great cake!

Marlene said...

Gummy bears on cake, and gumballs in froyo? Hmmm... not something I would choose myself. :p

Sounds like the kiddo had a great day! :)

Patrick Mahoney said...

What is it with kids and gummie bears. They are so gross I don't think I even spelled it right.

Ian will go frozen yogurt, fresh berries, a little bit of graham cracker crumb and then try to pile on the gummie bears when I'm not looking. Luckily I'm always looking.

But seriously, crab legs is a royal birthday feast - so awesome!

How many miles have you run this year?

racing dawn said...

I cave everytime on bdays. So fun.

No I don't let them decorate their own cakes. I should. It would be so fun.

Really. Frozen yogurt sushi burps.? Blaahhhcchh. But it got you 20.75 miles. That is awesome!

And that 'special' red plate is a staple in our house. Classic.

Enjoy ur continuing weekend of pureawesomeness™!!!! Yay!

Runners Fuel said...

I would not eat that cake. I will only eat cake if it's chocoalte/chocoalte. I'm not much cake in general.

Anonymous said...

LOL!! You're freaking awesome! I would have done the same thing.. Love her cake, she should come decorate for me.

Emz said...


I think......1,269 :)

Michelle said...

Now that is some cake! Love it! Sounds like she had a great day!

Michelle said...

Now that is some cake! Love it! Sounds like she had a great day!

CautiouslyAudacious said...

Wow now that is a cake at least a colorful one! Awww I'm picturing the running hug :-)

it's all about pace said...

We used to have a "You are special today" plate. it evolved to the you are doing the dishes plate... now it is broken... looks like y'all had a great party


Um, Peanut is a girl after my own heart. Or stomach. Gummy bears on cake. Crab legs for dinner. Sushi as a back up. Life doesn't get better.

Teamarcia said...

Best cake ever! Oh but I have some to show you from that same are THE BEST decorators on the planet.
Glad you folded and got her the CLs!

Anonymous said...

Sushi, gummy bear cake, and crab legs... that's the life! Spoiled!!! Hilarious... at least she didn't put the GIANT gummy bear on top!

Matty O said...

i so need that cake!

Caroline said...

crab legs: my favorite AND I can still eat that.
my bday is 01-11 just in case you need to know
they do ship crab legs to California right?!!!

the cake would have been a major HIT at my house!!!

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Happy Birthday Peanut

funderson said...

Yeah, I'd stay away from that cake too...blech. Kids are weird...

Anonymous said...

ok. that's the cutest cake i've ever seen! tell ms. peanut i said hellooo!


Michelle said...

Sorry, I wouldn't eat that cake, either! And, WTG, on the crab legs - sweet mama!

Emz said...

MO- seriously?! Love that!!

Carrie said...

That's my kind of cake! My birthday is in August... I now know how I'm decorating my cake. ;)

Kerrie said...

Totally down with the cake. Gumballs in frozen stuff. Sick. My sister used always get the gumball ice cream on vacation in Lake Tahoe. Discard pile. Gross.

Peggy said...

Aww... too cute! Glad Peanut had a great birthday - and you're such an awesome mom for cavin' on the crab legs =)

Anne said...

What a wonderful day for one special girl (I was going to say little girl, but she's not so little anymore - 11 years old!) It goes so fast!

Continue to enjoy every moment with your sweet peanut :)

Cari Mugz said...

Absolutely LOVE the cake!!! I would have caved too.. Crab legs are the best!!! Happy Happy Peanut!!!

Jason said...

What a great day. Happy for P-Nut and for you for being happy because you made her happy.


MCM Mama said...

So, Beer Geek just happened to be watching "how it's made" about gummibears when I opened your post LOL!

I'd totally eat that cake. :o)

Happy Birthday to Miss Peanut!

Erika said...

happy birthday peanut!!! I luck out in the cake department because my mom decorates them:) WIN!

Anonymous said...

That cake is loaded with gummy bears, of course I'd eat it!

Kevin and Kim Partridge said...

OK, so I know we are talking about the Peanut here, but Volleyball practice? On her birthday? Even I let my kids (and siblings) skip on B-days. I would have got her the crab legs too. She is a treasure. It's genetic.

Unknown said...

Awesome! Happy belated b-day to Peanut!

We have that "You are awesome today" plate! :) never too old for that one!

Sarah said...

You are an awesome mom! Happy birthday, Peanut.

Aimee said...

Yay! Happy Birthday to Peanut!!
That cake was just hilarious!! I haven't let my boys decorate their cakes....yet....someday though I think they would love it!!

Before I became a vegetarian, my husband and I looked forward to crab legs all year. They are sooo good..especially dipped in delicious buttery goodness! Yum!

Richelle said...

That cake looks awesome, but I bet it would wreak havoc on my stomach.

Mmmm.... sushi! My favorite night-before-race fuel! :)

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Happy b'day peanut!! I love the way you decorated your cake of course!!!

Great run Em!! See you soon!!!

Char said...

That cake! How else would a girl who illicitly ordered a giant gummi bear decorate her birthday cake? It's gorgeous! And none of this 'less is more' crap - more is more!

adena said...

I'm SO sorry I missed reading this!! HAPPY BELATED BIRTHDAY TO YOUR PEANUT!!!

I cried when you bought her the crab legs anyway. You are the best mom. trew.story.