Thursday, June 16, 2011

"Bless The Broken Road" - Rascal Flatts

Is our life plotted out ahead of time, or do we get to call some of the shots along the way?

Forgive the brief religious discussion, I'm familiar with the philosophy of free will - the idea that God gives us the road map but we have the choice to veer away [positive or negative] from the plan and make our own way from time to time.

This internal discussion on life comes to mind after a conversation we had at the dining room table last night.

Peanut: Mom, how do you think life would be if you hadn't miscarried and I had a 2 year old brother or sister?
whoa. didn't see that coming.
Me: [silent - tears filled my eyes instantly]
Peanut: sorry mom
Me: no, no. Don't be. I'm just thinking for a second.
Peanut: [looking down at her spaghetti]
Me: Peanut. I love you.
P: [smile]
Me: well . . . . I'd hope it be a lot like it is here today. I like today. Do you?
P: ya Mom, I really do.
Me: There would be a lot less marathons, I'd imagine. Probably would not have been a 24 TM run. I'd still be working from home . . .we may have moved?! I don't truly know kid.
P: [grin]
Me: [I could see her brain was working over time]
P: Do parents really love their kids the same?
Me: yes, for the most part but we all know I'm Nana & Papa's favorite. [I kid. I kid.] Yes, Peanut.
P: but I want to be YOUR favorite. I don't ever want to "share" you.

We continued for another 5 minutes.
It. was. awesome.
Loved discussing how some things we get to decide/choose . . . . other things we freaking "get" to go through.

The choices we make, the places we go and the people we meet - they all truly make a significant impact on the life we live.

It's fun to dream about the future, and how it's being impacted by the people and activities we/I am focusing on today.

I have no idea what [EXACTLY] tomorrow holds, but I know I'm going to freaking love it.

Happy Thursday, My Friends.