Monday, June 20, 2011

"Round Here" - Counting Crows

What's been going on "Round Here" [in numbers] .

41 - minutes had to wait for Peanut's v-ball game to start Saturday.
30 - minutes I spent figuring out my 2011 mileage while I waited.
7 - times the Pita shook his head like, "seriously cannot believe you are doing that"
2 - times he actually said the above mentioned "thought".
1,523.5 - miles I have run in 2011.  I rounded down to make sure I was legit.
[I actually coame up with 1,524 - prior to my 15.5 today but. . . .I'd rather error on the side of caution]

4 - times I smiled thinking ----- I like that number.
1 - girls who's mom uses good laundry detergent.  Seriously. Cheer Color Guard people!

2 - times I went to Costco over the weekend.
4 - times I went to Costco during the week [last week]
6 - pounds of blueberries we I went through in 5 days.
2 - people in my family that had birthday's over the weekend!!
1 - number of marathons I signed up for since Friday. SAN FRAN here I come!
14 - number of marathons I will have run [after I finish SF]
3 - # of songs I downloaded over the weekend, "Edge of Glory", "Through The Fire" & "stupid" .
5 - times I iced my knee while driving around doing errands.  Awwww. yaaaaa. multi-tasking. rocks.

1 - number of iPad's purchased
1 - date night.
68 - dollar amount spent on sushi.
7 - times I thought ---- seriously, can I get this man a "starter bowl" of noodles?!
5 - number of accessories needed for above mentioned purchase [when the Pita shops with you].
112 - number of texts I sent to Dawn on Friday. wesodonothaveaproblem.
50 - minutes it took me to make Father's Day Breakfast yesterday!!  Holy crap.  My Dad used to get cereal & toast! [Sorry Dad]
51 - minutes I spent with MY Dad yesterday.  [I'm coming back for more today though!!]
5 - Days until Seattle Rock N' Roll!

**Numbers Please!!**

Tell me at least two things that happened to YOU over the weekend [in numbers].

H a p p y   M o n d a y !


Lindsay said...

1 - Number of Mud Runs I completed
25 - Approximate number of mud puddles on said course
14 - Number of "obstacles" actually in place
1 - Number of times I ended up completely submerged in a mud puddle (Yep, ran straight in ignoring volunteers warning me that it was a "drop off" and ended up in over my head)
2 - Number of times I had to put my running clothes through the washer after that
30 - Number of cu-tips it took to get my ears clean
35 - Number of minutes my post mud-run shower took (Not including a bathing session in a creek before driving home)
2 - Number of scraped up knees

Completely happy! (And now clean!)

adena said...

1 - the number of bunnies I killed on accident Friday night :-(

4 - the number of beers needed to recover from that

27 - the number of times I smiled about that very sweet email you sent me

2 - the number of people that actually offered to come help me clean up bunny bits (now that's friendship)

12 - the number of times the dogs licked my face to cheer me up

13 - the number of hilly kms I rode with my newbie cycling friend on Saturday morning

0 - the number of times my legs felt tired during the hilly ride (LOVE THAT)

too many - the number of items i have gone overboard listing here, you only asked for two!!

FashionablyFit said...

1 - good run
1 - bad run
84 - dollars spent on sushi (double date tho...)
8 - tbsp's worth of wasabi that my hubs ate on 1 piece of sushi
3 - biscuits that i ate yesterday :)

Matty O said...

Alright, I can't top Adena's.


1 - uncreative comment left on your blog by blogger friend.

San Fran? Nike Women's or the other one?


Alanna said...

28 - Estimated times I checked Nuun's fb page (probably low-ball). This Hood To Coast thing is killing me.
0 - times I ran. :(
8 - hours I worked.
1 - Vancouver Canucks player I missed seeing in my store.
2 - Scape products I bought Colin for Father's Day.
24 - number of chocolate cupcakes I baked on Sunday while Colin was out running.
3 - how many times I made my 2 month old nephew cry. Man, he didn't like me.

Emz said...

L- loved the 2 washings.
SSINAG - 194-times I wished I lived closer
FF- loving the 8 of wasabi
MO - the other one 7/31. :)
Alanna - loved the nuun checks. Awesome.

Allison said...

35 - number of amazing friends and family showed up for my EPIC SURPRISE 30th BDAY party that my totally.freaking.awesome better half threw for me

4,444,444 + 4,444,444 = # of times I told Bill thank you and I love him for throwing me an amazing party

infinite - # of smiles and laughs I had on Saturday


Jason said...

1 - # of times I went to Redbox in red sneakers, black compression pants and a pink shirt.

5 - # of bananas I consumed on Saturday and Sunday.....low estimate.

ltlindian said...

$100--amount spent on sushi on our date night!

1--number of glasses broken during above date night

1--number of heads smashed on windowsill while picking up glass from above glass breakage

fmi--my blog says it all. :)

ltlindian said...

apparantly sushi is much more expensive here in maine......

bobbi said...

26.2 - miles run at Grandma's marathon Saturday.

5 - hours it took me to finish.

1 - HOUR knocked off my old PR.

Best. Race. Ever.

Emz said...

Bobbi. Freaking. Awesome.

LB said...

33 ~ number of years i turned yesterday

4 ~ pieces of cake i ate this weekend

4538 ~ number of calories i burnt last week so that i could eat 4 pieces of cake!

Lucas R. Tucker said...

3- the number of time I started out the door for a long run or ride and a thunderstorm started.
3- the number of jobs I worked over the weekend.
100,000,000 the number of seconds i spent on looking at a a new bedroom set.
2- the number of items i am trying to decide between for Cb's birthday present next week.

Marisa @ The Pace of my Life said...

12- miles run on Saturday solo

3- desserts made from scratch
2- Father's Day meal prepared
1- treadmill purchased!!

Laurie said...

4 - number of hours I drove roundtrip to take my husband to watch a soccer match for Father's Day with his buddy

4 - number of kids in the car

44 - number of kids it seemed like were in the car by the end of the trip... how can they multiply like that?!

Patrick Mahoney said...

Wait, you spent 50 mins prepping breakfast for pops and then only gave him a minute to eat? How's that work?

racing dawn said...

24 - minutes I spent scrolling thru texts to find a recipe...totally worth it tho...112 texts??? Good grief...

48 - cookies I made...halved recipe

3 - how many I ate...oops...

10 - how many Johnny has eaten so far, 2 for breakfast...

7/31 - the date I'm just a little bit jealous of...

5 - goal for tonight's run...

Your fingers better still be crossed and no eyeball rolling...

Over 1500 miles...holy crap lady.


I love that you got the iPad. J is literally glued to his.

Yay for SF! I'm running the half! Can't wait!

Emz said...

TMB!!! You'll be there!!?!

Emz said...

P funk - pita's breakfast [while he ate----] went to church with dad.
I would like to know what my mom made him though.

Dawn. We. Can. Do. Better. 

Midwest Miler said...

0- number of times I ran (oops).
4- fun places we went to on saturday.
1- corndog I ate from the festival by my house

1- winning Cardinal game attended
30- minutes of fireworks watched from the front lawn.
4- rounds of Loaded Questions played.

SbMac said...

272- miles I traveled this weekend
4.75- hours I spent in my car
2- kids that ran around the yard naked and played in a sprinkler
4- place in my age group at a race
2- articles of clothing I bought over the weekend!

Nelly said...

Those numbers are impressive! 1500 miles is insane!

You signed up for SF marathon nice! I won't be able to do the half due to my injury, but I'll be going to the expo at least I think on Saturday. I don't think you've done the race before, you will love running across the Golden Gate Bridge. That is my favorite running experience of anything I've done.

Numbers for me:
2000 - meters swam on Saturday

1000 - meters swam on Sunday

5 - sets of my rehab exercises done, I was exhausted after doing both swimming and the rehab exercises

1 billion - number of times I wish I was healthy. I know I will feel better eventually (my physical therapist even said I will feel better eventually), though I just wonder when that will happen

Emz said...

Nelly. You rock. Hang in there!!!!
Yes SF is a first for me!! Cannot wait. Expo Saturday for me too!! Must meet up then!!!

HD said...

60 - the number of degrees the temperature was Sunday :(
.5 - jars of cream cheese frosting I ate yesterday in anticipation of going sugar free again today.
0 - number of miles I ran over the weekend.
10 - locations I'm scouting for an extended summer rock climbing trip.

XLMIC said...

1 - number of loogies hawked that ended up in my face during my long run.

8 - number of same that detached correctly and landed in the street.

0.25 - amount of whole cheesecake consumed by moi.

2 - 'icky sticky mud' incidents w/ 2-year old that did not involve going outside :(

Anonymous said...

1 - total number of barefoot miles ran on Sunday
3 - total number of beers consumed (obviously I was not feeling well)

Emz said...

J-moo. Sad face. Hope you are feeling better. Running. More.
Drinking. Less. ;)

Teamarcia said...

2: birthday cakes this weekend.
endless: amount of sushi eaten by the Caveman.
endless: number of times I've been in the fridge revisiting leftover bday cake today.

Allison said...

3: first place ribbons one of my "sonshines" got in his swim meet. Move over Michael Phelps!

1: piece of hubby's Cold Stone Father's Day cake I had yesterday. I wanted about 4 though. For real.

Sarah said...

I love Cheer laundry detergent! I can't ever find large boxes of it anymore and that makes me grumpy.

Woo hoo for Seattle! :-D Where is your race exactly?

DRog said...

Icing your knee while driving! Love it totally going to incorporate that

1 - LONG five day vacation with full family and only one workout to show for it. Poor me!! haha have a gr8 week


KovasP said...

1 Little Red Schoolhouse Nature Center we visited.
2 reflective lightning bolt stickers I'm considering placing on my bike.

Caratunk Girl said...

112 miles biked
16 miles ran
4 miles swam (that one is for you)

I love that song BTW.

Char said...

115 texts to one person and you DON'T have a problem?!! I'm hoping you're on a really good phone plan that allows you unlimited or you will have a problem when you get the bill.

Melissa Cunningham said...

1-year older i turned *sigh*
2-batches of cookies made for hubs
1.5-cookies that accidently fell in my mouth
4-hours of uninteruppted sleep (yay for lil M!)
18-hours of WII played while the kids slept
4-hours in the gym
2-new teeth the baby got!
1-awesome husband/father of my children

OH and btw...over 1500miles in 2011--the year is only 1/2way over,so are you going for 3,000 by xmas???

Ironman By Thirty said...

Good Lord that is a lot of miles. And the year isn't even half over.

1 - number of races I completed this weekend
6 - Number of total people (3 couples) at Founder's for a Blogger meetup
4 - Number of beers consumed at said Blogger meetup by myself
3 - Miles run with my wife and pup on Sunday
7.5 - Number of miles run solo on Sunday

Gracie said...

2 - number of runs I got in: FIRST RUNS POST INJURY! Yay!
9,450 - times I thought, "Sure is lonely around here without that sucker." (My hubby was out of town, poor me)

Caroline said...

ok I'll play
1- number of post I wrote
2 number of dads it was about
7 miles I ran Saturday
8 pots of new flowers I bought at Lowes
0 amount of yard work Bill did over the weekend.
5 hours of yard word Caro did yesterday
1 bday party I went to
274 number of pics I took at
Will's girlfriend bday party
1 movie I watched
1 enveloppe I got in the mail from my generous Arizona friend.

RunningLaur said...

3 - miles run outside.
10.1 - miles run on downhill treadmill.
7.5 - hours worked at Runner's Den.
30 - anti-inflammatory pills taken.

Richelle said...

10 - Number of miles I ran on Saturday morning
2 - Number of condos my fiance and I looked at later Saturday morning. We're going to make an offer on the second one we viewed.
50 - Number of years Fr. Nick, a priest in my hometown, has been an ordained minister
3 - Packages received in the mail today, one of which was from you (THANK YOU!) :)

Ciara Slider said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Ciara Slider said...

4.5-miles i ran today
100- number of crunches after
3- number of how many people i flipped off on the way to school :)
1- extra yummy icecream sandwich
1000- number of times i thought "i wonder if emz will do the top of utah if i promise to do it with her"
you know you want to relive that disaster again! xoxo

Emz said...

Ciara. Seriously?! You'd do it!!??!

Ciara Slider said...

i would think about it for sure! any excuse to see you again!!!

Karen said...

2 trees fell due to wind and thunderstorms
5 miles done in 1 mile increments I could fit in around chores

Emz said...

Ciara. Right bk at you girl!! Lmk what you decide!!
We missed kevin's birthday!! :(

Ciara Slider said...

no you didn't! you ran your little (but really big and awesome) heart out! i thought about you the entire day! you are soo amazing! i will really think about it and let you know! xoxo

ihaverun said...

1 - Little girl potty trained.
2 - Fish purchased and then dead within 24 hours.

Allie said...

15- number of times I thought, I should probably go for a run.
1- trips to Disneyland Paris that I booked instead of running.

Silly Girl Running said...

First: 1523,5: That's impressive! ;)

Okay, here we go:

8.8: number of painfree miles on Sunday
5: calls to the Sports Doc's office to find out why I'm in no pain!

Unknown said...

1(out of 8) graduation parties out of the way

10 lbs of produce I lugged home on my bike in panniers.

1 impressed person at your running mileage for the year = 1/2 of my biking mileage but biking is so much easier (and so much more fun!)

Jill said...

San Fran is my most favorite marathon - you are going to have a blast!

8.53 miles I ran on Saturday (and felt like a rock star!! Come on, look where I've been for 18 months - in hell!! This was heaven!)

24 times I rolled my eyes at my daughter.


Michelle said...

3 - number of times I actually thought of the song in this blog post this weekend (this song is from my high school daze). Love it!

2 - weeks into half training.

45 - number of kisses I received for Dad Wonder's Father Day gift - cowboy boots.

WTG on your mileage!!

Abby said...

5 - hours canoeing

1 - time the rapids nearly pulled the boat out to sea

Rachelle Wardle said...

Sounds like a fune weekend!

2- hours of sleep I got while running ragnar.

17- miles I ran in Ragnar.

11- twizlers I ate.

14- hours I slept after the race. :)

Unknown said...

1 - number of forest fires that made us evacuate from our family reunion on Santa Fe.

10,000 - the elevation I ran at on Friday!

funderson said...

Dig your numbers..
1-pair of sweet new running shoes
#-too shy to say how many dollars I spent on plants for the yard
0-times I fell down running...winning!

Anonymous said...

1 - Number of runs I blew off because I was lazy and blamed it on the heat.

17.18 - Number of miles more I should have ran on Sunday.

3.75 - Number of hours I sat around on Sunday (when I should have been running) feeling sorry for myself because I ate too much junk food Saturday night.

2 - Number of sizes my ankles grew from said junk food.

6 - Number of feet I jumped out of a window practicing for Rugged Maniac (and then got yelled at cuz I have a marathon coming up...oops).

19 - Days til my FIRST MARATHON! (And my fave # - how convenient!)

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Did you miss your calling as an actuary?! Love your numbers...and I was thinking about your 2011 mileage the other day! AMAZING Em!!

You and RD are totally good. Unlimited texts--woodway, gotein and At&t are your sponosors for sure!

Weekend in Numbers:
54-the high in Montana on our recruiting trip.
4-college world series baseball games watched
48-number of pieces of bubble gum chewed (I know this grosses you out, but love the stuff!)

Annie said...

Too many to count-Number of family members I met that I had never met before at our family reunion

25+ Number of times we said "Yeah, but it is a dry heat" while in NM.

TX Runner Mom said...

Just found your blog and can't wait to read more!

Weekend #'s:
2 - number of bottles of Honey Milk I drank
3 - Number of margarita's a I drank on Sunday night
20 - number of miles I rode on my bike on Sunday morning, which was not enough to counteract the calories from the margarita's later!

Fruit Fly said...

Oh boy. Since I am two days behind, that means 3 days until Seattle! CRAZY!! I haven't run pain free since the Eugene Half Marathon on May 1st! This might be the slowest race ever .... but it is going to be a BLAST!!

3? Number of margaritas consumed on the golf course last Sunday

The Green Girl said...

1,523.5 rocks. Seriously.

30 - miles I rode on my bike
2 - number of times I ran

Ann ~ Sporty Girl Jewelry said...

26.2 - I ran my first marathon!
186 - the amount of money I spent at lululemon at Mall of America on the way home from the marathon. - and it could have been so.much.more.