Wednesday, June 15, 2011

"I'm On One" - DJ Khaled

A team. That is.

Let me explain . . . . .

So years [and years & years ago . . . not like Chris K years but. . . ] I was on a "team".

A. freaking. awesome. team. [a couple of different ones, actually]
[yep, see that "4"]



on a team for 6 years.

then [long story short]

no volleyball
add running, marriage & my Peanut.

And waaaaaa laaaaaaa  . . . . the "SOLO" athlete was born.

in a BIG way . . . . I freaking loved it.

if I won = because of me.

if I lost/sucked = because of me.

I. controlled. the. outcome.

And being that I'm maybekindasorta a control freak.  I.  loved. this.

L O V E D . it.

But as I sent out this message yesterday"To go OR not to go to spin class, THAT IS the question!"

I mean come on . . I had run 13 miles the day before and 12 miles on this day.  I was a little tired.

But then the replies came in:

From Mandi with an "I""Don't make excuses that's what normal people do."

From Jason at "Cook Train Eat Race" : "No question at all.  Just go."

So I sent this back to Jason.

The bike that was about to be my female dog for the next 59 minutes.
It doesn't come in argyle, [sad face] uggg.

This is when I realized.  I am a part of a team.

call it what you want:


And. I. smiled.

Completely. zoned out for the next 57 minutes.  At which time the freaking awesome trainer [who came to see me at my 24 hour treadmill run] came up right beside me telling me . . . .

in a not quiet voice . . . and with her hands clapping [what felt/sounded like a mere 4" from my face"

"Run up THAT hill"
"is this all you have?"
"are you giving me YOUR best?"
"you've got this!" [You KNOW, I loved that]
"this is YOUR finish"

awwww.  freaking.  ya.

I. have. a. team.

The freaking best team ever.

You guys rock.  I thank YOU.


bobbi said...

Love this post - I agree 100%.

My team's right here :)

Nelly said...

Great post! That pic of you from junior olympic volleyball is awesome, I'm assuming that you are back row on the right?

And great that you went to spin class!


Jill said...

YAY!!! You ARE part of an awesome spin team, very cool!! :)

Anonymous said...

LOVE this! Thanks for the inspiration today!

Unknown said...

I love ass kicker who are loud and really get you going.

racing dawn said...

Pretty sure I told you NOT to go to spin class and to rest. So does that mean I'm kicked off the team?!?!

And back story to what happened to the volleyball/team sports career, please.

Love being a team player...I'll try harder next time coach. :)

Patrick Mahoney said...

I miss so much by not staying on twitter. I would have said the same as Jason....

OK, off to an open water swim now....

Karine said...

I am definitely on your "team". And somehow I always thought I was on the early volleyball team as well. Not sure why I wasn't included in that picture!!!! Can you name all those great girls? Coach Piano loved that team.

Abby said...

This may be one of my favorite posts ever.

Christi said...

That freakin' rocks!

Caratunk Girl said...

This is awesome. SO TRUE - great freaking post (see, really, you took the f-bomb out of my vocabulary. People are shocked, and now I am let out in public a little more. ha ha)

I like Team Youve Freaking Got This

Actually, I like all the teams.

Great freaking post.

Ironman By Thirty said...

Love it!

Biggest team ever.

Unknown said...

I agree... blog team = the best team!!!

Mandi Runs said...

EMZ!!! Wow. This is amazing. You are so awesome.

Is it weird that I feel so close to you. Running a slow mile with you might have changed my life. Werid. I like it, I like it a lot.

Thanks for letting me be a part of your team! :) *tear*

Emz said...

Mandi. I. Freaking. Love. You. [don't be scared]. You are beyond awesome. I've been wanting to meet up w/you. In non sweaty clothes. Lunch? You. Rock woman.

ihaverun said...

I never really thought about it that way. I love my team too!

Caroline said...

I feel the exact same way. I feel part of a team or a family depends on the day...see I feel like I do know you..even though we have never met. I refer to you as my friend in Arizona when I speak of you and all your accomplishments, you are known in Quebec now. Yep I took the shirt there and yep I forgot to take a hoo hoo me....
This "team" is the best...all kinds of people, ages, background, a pool of knowledge and experience. it is fantastic.

Caroline said...

and I thank you too!

The Green Girl said...

Oh, girl, I know exactly what you mean.

When I got back from Chicago and saw how many bloggers were concerned about me running in that heat I realized how not alone I am.

Julie D. said...

You definitely have one incredible 'team'!! So thankful for mine. It's funny how the 'virtual world' is really not so 'virtual'. I feel like I have my own little cheering section that will help me get through the ups and downs of this journey. Not just my running journey...but life. Good, good stuff. Cheers!

Cari Mugz said...

I know huh... I love how everyone cheers each other on. The blogger/running world is so so amazing... very, very cool

Lauren said...

love this!

the blogging world is about 1,098,423,342 times more supportive and inspiring than I ever expected... I love it!! :D

coach dion said...

Hell I wish I had your energy... I look at the bike and keep thinking I should put in 30 mins in the evening... Like that is going to happen. So when I hear about people you like, baby go for it. I always say run more and exercise more. (maybe I'm running enough)

Jason said...

Even if you don't like Duke I've got your back.

Training alone gets us to do the things we do, but the team is what keeps us in line when we don't want to do those things.

Keep up the great work and I can't wait to see


Emz said...


All. Smiles. You. Are. Pureawesomeness™

KovasP said...

Teamblogger and Teamwordpress? Aren't they competitors or something?

Matty O said...

Ummmm some things I noticed in this post... number one, you are like 2 feet taller than your coach! Well and the entire first row in that picture. I guess you had some fancy heels on that day huh?

Number two, does Mandi know she spells her name wrong?


This team got me through losing over 50 lbs of fatness over a few month period. I am always learning from everyone and they are ALL super supportive.

Its good stuff. I don't need a living tangible team, I have my phone and blogger and twitter :)

Glad you are enjoying spinning so much :) It's a GREAT cross training!

Emz said...

MO. LOve it. Mr P was like 60" tall. He freaking rocked.
Yay for teambloweet!
Ummmm. Maybe we should think of something better. ;)

Mandi Runs said...

Matty O -- I spell my name correct, those other girls spell their name wrong! But I always say, Mandi with an "i" just in case!

Emz -- LUNCH?! Yes, please.

Emz said...

Mandi. "I"
Email me!!!! And you tell him girl!!

funderson said...

Very cool...well done!

Aimee said...

Love this post!

Richelle said...