Thursday, June 30, 2011

"Words" - Train

[BTW, if you have not heard the above mentioned song . . . ya.... you'll want to]
[also - this post is non-running related {yes, I had one heck of a workout x 2 today but that's not what's on my mind today} so you've been warned].

Last night the Pita and I had a LONG. LONG. LONG.


the. best. talk. in. years.  The one where you start it at 9pm and you feel like it's been 14 minutes but it's really been 94 minutes.

We. got. talking. about. words.

Simple. little. words.

The words we choose say a lot about the kind of person we are.

When talking to friends, family, even strangers, our conversation and disposition reflect our insides like a crystal clear, well lit mirror.

I'm 100% guilty of not always speaking kindly.  I'm highly emotional.  And unfortunately, [can be] highly [HIGHLY] reactive.  I remember in my [pre-home business days] asking some folks to do their job [on a project we were working on]. I'm sure I didn't always demonstrate that nicer way.

Flash forward a few years. Semi-maturity sets in with life/marriage/family experience. Unexpected opportunities and heartbreaks put the big picture in perspective.

Believe it or not . . . . . I've [actually] mellowed, I've accepted, I've gained a better sense of reality.

Swear words rarely cross my lips, and these days I make a point of profusely thanking people for their kind deeds or the work they do to compliment my own projects/plans.

Sure, I still occasionally fall into the trap that is called snarky, but by in large I try to live with an open heart and mind and kindness in my words [or at least make sure I AM NOT intentionally hurtful].


It feels good when we say something that makes everyone chuckle or roll their eyes or respond.

Doesn't it feel great when people think you're funny?  And blonde + funny does NOT = stupid funny. ;)

Humor has a way of making us each an easy mark. Go ahead. Make fun of my toenails or lack thereof. Some of the clothes I wear? They've probably got a target on 'em.  The sucktastic race I just had.  Some of the stuff I do? Heck yes, I bet you can find the humor in that, too.

However, humor with an intent to hurt makes me question the source's motives. It makes me question the source's insecurities.

I'm grateful for all of the challenges I've fought through [as well as my family] in the past 4-5 years. They've  f r e a k i n g  made me stronger, and they've given me the right to only care about the stuff and people who really matter.

Adversity is a gift.

And I'm choosing my words carefully.

Thanks P.D.M.