Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"I'd Rather" - Luther Vandross

Today's post idea COMPLETELY hijacked from Jess.

yep, JBP

The Ninja, Yoga, Nuun runner!  YAY!

So here we go . . . .


1.  Put away 24 bags of groceries [seriously, there are 24]


    Clean the bathroom toilet?

2.  Sleep in your car? [dude, this is a grocery store parking lot --- go home]

     Sleep on an airplane?

3.  Run 20 miles on a treadmill?


    Run 2.5 miles outside [after you already ran 10.25 on TM or outside] with your dog? [because you know he'll get zero exercise while you are away]  Ya, um.....I was pointing to my pit sweat.

4.  Be engaged for a year and have your "dream" wedding?


   Be engaged for 3 months?

**My nephew Troy and his soon-to-be-bride Julia**

Engaged. LAST. night!! 

We love you T & J!!

5.  Text your hubby for needed info?


    Call him knowing .......  he  ........   can't .......    complete .....

My Answers:

1.  toilet
2.  airplane
3.  TM x 444
4.  3 months
5.  t e x t  - then I have it in writing too! ;)

Happy Wednesday!

Guest post[s] by Peanut - while I'm in Seattle!
Ya. have. fun. with. that!


Tom said...

1. Toilet
2. Airplane
3. The extra 2.5 after 10
4. 3 months
5. Call (wife)

FashionablyFit said...

i can honestly say "ditto" to all your answers!
i HATE putting away groceries...laundry too.
no matter where i sleep sitting, i always wake myself up with the "head bob".

Cari Mugz said...

24 Bags of groceries - do it every day in my sleep.

Can I say I would choose both over a tent with 20 girls @ girls camp - OH! that wasn't an option

Outside anytime... I just do better outside.

Totally 3 Months

Text for sure - then you can save it and re read it over and over :)

You are going to do great this weekend!! You. Freaking. Rock.

CautiouslyAudacious said...

Couldn't someone die trying to sleep in their car in PHX? So no thank you.

Engagement quick or long isn't my concern I just know I don't want the headache of a wedding so option 3) courthouse and an awesome vacation instead!

Aww poor doggy! You know I'm not very fond of treadmills :-) I don't know how you do it!

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Love it!!!! I say happily spread the WYR postage! WELL DONE!!

* groceries
* I'll snooze in the car if some is driving,
* outside with COOPER :) but I love your TM pic
* I was engaged for a +year (just making sure--ha!)
* Text. I like it. DOCUMENTATION PITA!

Anonymous said...

1) Toilet. Unless someone will put the groceries away after I carry them in.
2) Car. At least I can control the temp and music.
3) OUTSIDE. I loathe the dreadmill.
4) I was engaged, well technically two days. But we decided to get married about 2 months before. Stupid deployment. Plus we didn't want a big wedding anyway.
5) Text. That was I can go back and reference it if I forget something.

runnerwannabe said...

1.toilet (with doors locked or someone else driving)
3. just to be able to run that long would be awesome!
4.3 months
5. text and call later!

Suzy said...

1. Put the groceries away. I have a little boy who doesn't always watch where he's peeing. I have to ask: why are you using plastic bags?
2. Car
3. With the dog, great training partner!
4. Short engagements are the best!
5. txt, but hubby isn't good about txting so if I want the info I have to call

racing dawn said...

1.groceries...really compared to toilet?!?
3.outside maybe just to try it once and see if I puke...
4.dated a year, engaged 9 mos....holy forever...
5.ummm if u don't know this answer then text me...

LB said...

~groceries! least i know the filth is my own!
~treadmill, heat is the only thing i hate worse than the TM!
~knowing what i know now! 3 months!!
~text, for future reference!

Anonymous said...

1. Definitely the groceries - I loathe toilet cleaning.

2. Hmm - I've done both. I sleep better in the car.

3. Definitely outside. I only use the TM when I have to (like tonight to do my intervals cuz it's raining - and I might melt).

4. Doesn't matter - been married once. That wedding was nice and fun, but I don't have your typical girly dream wedding in mind.

5. Definitely TEXT! I spend my days on the phone - last thing I wanna do when I'm not working is BE ON THE PHONE!

Can't wait to read Peanut's guest posts :-)

Jen @ Run for Anna said...

1. Groceries. Can't stand cleaning anything in the bathroom.
2. Car...cannot sleep on an airplane.
3. Outside! I'm bored in seconds on a treadmill.
4. 3 months.
5. With my husband, calling is best. Not sure if he's even notice a text. :)

Good luck in Seattle, and have a great time!

Nelly said...

Yay for Jess getting on the Nuun Hood to Coast team!

Jess's Would You Rather series is my favorite post series on the blogger land, haha

1. for sure groceries, not a fan of cleaning toilets! Though 24 bags is a lot of groceries!

2. Airplane sleep for sure, I usually am pretty good at getting to sleep on planes. Isn't that dangerous to stay in your car even with the window down in AZ? Isn't it like 130 in AZ right now?

3. I now see why you run on the treadmill all the time in AZ, the temps are out of control there. For sure 20 on the treadmill.

4. Congrats to Troy and Julia! I'm assuming Troy was at your 24 hour treadmill run?

5. Texting for sure, haha

Looking forward to Pita's post! Good luck at Seattle, I know you will destroy it!

Emz said...

Nelly. You are good. Yes Troy was a part of my rockin' medical team!

Yes it was 100* by 10am-when I took that photo of the guy in car. C r a z y.

Unknown said...

1. 24 bags
2. car
3. outside with the dog
4. 3 months
5. TEXT!!!

Have fun this weekend!

Molly said...

Ha! I love it when Jess does this...

toilet, since I'm the only one who does it anyway.

car, but only when hubs drives : )


3 months! I should have done that, Hubs and I knew each other for 9 years at that point.

text, so I can re-read it!

Good luck in Seattle!!!!

Michelle said...

1. Groceries...seriously how does this compare to cleaning toilets!

2. Airplane

3. Outside

4. 3-months. In hindsight we should have gone this route...less time for my mother to drive me crazy ;)

5. Text

Char said...

I can't text my husband ever because he is a techno-retard and never has his phone on him. And most of the time his battery is flat anyway. And if I did get him he probably wouldn't have any credit to text back.

SbMac said...

1. Ha my groceries sat on the floor all day toilet!
2. car....i am too anxious on a plane to sleep
3. outside unless i know i will break my leg trying to run on ice
4. No clue still waiting for that to happen some day! But if it does it will probably be quick and simple
5. text

Caroline said...

1. toilet
2. airplane
3. outside if it is NOT summertime
4. 3 months...had a short engagement
5. text

Julia said...

LOVE would you rather!
1. groceries
2. plane
3. outside. me and the TM are not peeps so much. hopefully that will change some day!
4. 3 months!!
5. text. quick. simple. bam.

good luck in seattle!!! wooo hooo!!!

Emz said...

Char. Techno-retard.


Patrick Mahoney said...

I'll take the opposite to the majority. You know, just to keep it interesting.

Does the Seattle Marathon go through Capital Hill? I've always liked it up there.

fancy nancy said...

groceries....I hate the toilet!
outside...the treadmill hates me lately but we will get back together!
3 months...less time to stress over planning

Emz said...

Pfunk. No idea. I don't look at course maps!

XLMIC said...

ha! the only one i would really have a preference on is the running one.. otherwise... it's all good, babe :)

If could run/walk/crawl the 20 then that one would be up for grabs, too.

Anonymous said...

1. bags
2. airplane
3. 2.5 outside after 10.25 on tm
4. text ... always get it in writing :-)

Anonymous said...

oops ... would be nice if I could count.

1. bags
2. airplane
3. 2.5 outside after 10.25 on TM
4. year ... what's the rush. if it's meant to be, it'll be there in a year.
5. text ... always get it in writing.

there, 1, 2, 3. 4, 5. got it :-)

Richelle said...

1. 24 bags for sure
2. Airplane
3. Running outside with a dog... especially if it's a beagle. :)
4. I've already been engaged for over a year.
5. Text

Mark said...

I would have to go with...
1. Groceries (at least I know what is in them)
2. Car. I'm 6'4'' and sleeping on a plane is not happening in the seats I can afford.
3. outside with pooch (especially if it is with the pooch and the misses)
4.been engaged over a year, just need the dream wedding (already got the girl of my dreams..aww, thats right I already awwed for you)
5. Text (it is in writing and can then be reviewed at a later time)

adena said...

1. Put away the groceries, hell I'll even go buy them for you. I love all things grocery related.
2. Sleep in my car.
3. Outside run everytime, but must be along the lake.
4. neither, I'd like to find love and see where it takes me
5. Text!!

Rachelle Wardle said...

So excited for the guest posts from peanut.

Have so much fun in Seattle! I mostly agree with your answers except I would rather put away the groceries. I hate cleaning bathrooms.

SupermomE13 said...

I would rather put away 24 bags of groceries because for us (family of 14!) that is a mini shopping trip. :)

I would rather sleep in the car. I am too excited to sleep when I am on an airplane.

I would rather run outside IF I was home... if I was in your crazy heat... give me 20 on the treadmill.

And I would rather just be engaged for 3 months. Josh and I were married just two months after we were engaged. Now it has been almost 15 years. :)

And yeah, I would rather text Josh while he is at work.

Fun post!!

I would really appreciate it if you could help me spread the word... I have a huge fundraising giveaway going on with over $650 worth of prizes.
Thanks so much!!

Sarah said...

1. Toilet
2. Car (I don't like sleeping next to strangers)
3. Can I choose napping instead?
4. Three months. I never really had a dream wedding. I would rather have a dream marriage. :-D
5. I don't text, so I have to call.

Looking forward to the guest posts!

Anonymous said...

i've been a very bad blog reader these past few weeks. :( but i'm back! wOOt!

hi peanut!!!! xoxo


2 months
text of course!

Aimee said...

1. groceries
2. car
3. run with dog (my dog's a lab so he's a good runner!) :)
4. dream weddings are overrated
5. text


Alisa said...

1. Toilet (I love cleaning bathrooms!)
2. Car. I can lock the doors there. Plus I snore. And don't want to anger the people.
3. Outside. Treadmills make me nauseous.
4. 1 year. I have a lot of people that I would be sad if they didn't attend. That's the dream part to me, my friends and family.
5. I don't have a hubby, so if I got either, it would be creepy...

Kenley said...

1. Groceries
2. Car
3. 20 miles on the treadmill
4. 3 months
5. just call

Jim ... 50after40 said...

None to all. 23 of those bags had to be for Pita. Is it bad that I feel better about my scrawny appearance by imagining someone like Pita rockin' Air Supply on his iPod?

Chris K said...

1) Clean. Since I'm an Old Fart, that would be alot of groceries to carry.
2) Sleep in my car. Since I'm an Old Fart it would be quieter and easier to fall asleep.
3) Run 2.5 miles. Because I'm an Old Fart.
4) 3 months. I'm an Old Fart and might not be around in a year.
5) Call. Since I'm an Old Fart, I might die before the text is returned.