Monday, June 13, 2011

"Hey Ya" - OutKast

Fabulous weekend. . . . has spilled over into Monday.

I'll. freaking. take. it!

Let's crunch the numbers:

1 - awesome hats I managed to inherit.

3 - times I got to punch MK in the abs just to make sure they really were that flabby.
444 - times I thought to myselfMan I freaking love this kid.  What?  We can't have him getting a head/ego the size of that hat!!

2 - Times I got to see my 20+ family members.

1 - visit to Chino Bandito.  holy.  yum.
3 - homes we looked at.  Man, there are deals out here in AZ.  How how do we get rid of ours?! hmmmmmmm.
2 - bike stores visited.  My fav was the argyle one.  Sweet. I'm sure it's probably the "worst" one but loving the argyle.  No purchases just yet.

6 - number of dog barfs [Chuy - the little useless dog] I got to clean up on Friday night.
24 - number of times I cursed him in my thoughts.  Does that count as cussing?
78 - approximate number of gummy bears, I'm guessing, the little Chu-ster ate to cause 6 barfs.
5 - number of people surrounding me saying "gross" as I cleaned them up [over a 2 hour time span].
0 - number of people who actually helped me clean it up.
5 - number of hamburgers purchased at 12:30am from Jack-in-the-box.
0 - number of people who wanted breakfast at 7am.
5 - number of people who were "starving" by 8am.
1 - number of volleyball games attended.
5 - number of service "aces" Peanut had in her volleyball game.
1 - number of bets won.
104 - number of times I told the Pita . . . I. freaking. love. the. Mavs.
7 - number of unanswered texts from Mrs. RD [Miami lover].  You've got to read her post from today.

1 - number of times I told her . . . . "friends don't let friends be Heat fans" .
4 - times I have thought about "cupcakes" today.  Weird.  [Dawn, I kid. I kid.]

13 - miles I ran today.
5 - miles on my schedule for today.
214 - times Pita has told me in the last week. I have no idea how to follow a schedule.
12 - days until Seattle RNR Marathon
0 - percent chance I'll PR.
100 - percent chance I'll have the best trip ever with the Pita.

I. Love. Seattle.

Your turn ------ give me two things [in number form] you did this weekend!

Happy. Freaking. Monday!


Matty O said...

3 - Minutes off my previous Sprint tri PR yesterday :)

1 - Very proud spouse when his wife got 3 minutes off her PR as well :) BOOYAH!

1 - How many Aunt's yards I mulched for free after the race.

1 - Bacon cheeseburger inhaled after previously mentioned race ;)

Emz said...

MO - and . . . . .

1 - bag of treats [doggie style] headed your way! YAY!

awesome. awesome. awesome. on the PR'S!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LB said...

2-number of times i swam off course during my race....must learn to swim in a straight line!

2-number of naps i took post race, man triathlon is hard!

so whats up with the bike shopping, did i miss something????

Emz said...

LB. You. Freaking. Crack. Me. Up.

Yay tri!! You're awesome

No you didn't miss anything. I just want to start biking!!!

Allison said...

7 - number of triathlons completed as of Sunday 6/12

9 - days until my birthday

30 - number i will be ON my birthday

4,444,444 - tims it felt like I told my precious niece how much I love her and how proud of her I am. best.part.of.the.weekend.

racing dawn said...

14 - how many times I avoided texting cause l & d count pull it together.

endless - the amount of laps if felt like I 'ran' at the pool.

0 - the amount of tears I shed last night over the game. 

1 - super awesome cupcake coming ur way.

Nice weekend for you!!!

Alicia said...

I had fun just reading about your weekend! Well, all of it but the doggie hurls. I can only imagine how fun it must have been. Great pics! I always love your numbers posts.

Do not worry about the virtual race. Totally my fault for not telling you earlier. I'll do better next time around. :)

Alicia said...
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SbMac said...

10 - hours I slept this weekend. Too much remodeling going on!

8- miles I finally got in a run last night

20- girls that showed up to Girls on the Run this morning!

2.5- hours I slept when I got home from Girls on the Run!!

One Crazy Penguin said...

15 - Number of peaches that I picked at the orchard yesterday.

2 - Number of new nicknames I have from the weekend

3 - Number of days I have left between me and the exam that tells me if I get in to med school or not....eeek!!

Love your list :)

H Love said...

2 days of playing in the sun with the fam.

1 BBQ with friends.

Getting excited to hopefully see you in Seattle. Not sure what my stinking foot is doing. tried to run yesterday and still had small amount of pain. Soooo, cat scan tomorrow.

Be sure to check out my hood to coast video app....don't worry I can teach you the dance moves. Brace yourself.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

Great weekend! I esp love Peanut's ace's!!! Holy colorful Chuy vomit i'm guessing. You and RD crack me up!! I want to cash in on those AZ deals!!

12.44 miles run
4.44 baseball games watched
4 walks with Cooper

Emz said...

you. freaking "4" win!

Neon Blonde Runner said...

You do like the argyle!! With your matching compression socks :)

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

2 - number of races I SHOULD have been running but didn't

0 - number of times running in the rain with my kiddos wasn't better than those races!

Hollyk said...

1 - First time I have ever commented on your blog

1 - First day of learning to be a "runner"...inspired by you!

2 - Number of miles I ran today. I know sad but did I mention i am not a "runner". :)

Emz said...

Holly. That. Makes me soooooooo. Happy. Happy. Happy.

HD said...

40 - minutes into my run on the TM before I accidently hit restart when I meant to speed up.

0 - drinks I had, despite my crazy alcoholic tendencies.

ShutUpandRun said...

2 - # of inlaws in town
1 - # of farts I denied
54 - # of laps swam this morning
8.5 - # of hours of sleep I got last night.

CautiouslyAudacious said...

Nice Hat! Hey at least you over shoot when you don't stick to a schedule I do the opposite!

Lindsay said...

8.2 - Number of miles I ran for my trail race on Saturday.

2 - Number of Days I enjoyed the Seattle sunshine, Number of tests I studied for, number of sunburned shoulders, and number of times I had a rootbeer float.

Rachelle Wardle said...

Love this!

19- minutes I took off of my marathon PR.

6 - People I met during the race (and remembered their names)

9,999 - calories I consumed after the race. :)

TRI714 said...



4- X2 PIECES OF PIZZA i HAD THIS WEEKEND. That will do it for pizza for awhile.

5- more days until I head to Puerta Vallarta for a much needed break !

Michelle said...

54 - min alone on a Sunday only hearing the pounding of my feet

1 - antelope sighting and boy are those suckers fast

12 - more weeks until my next half

RunningLaur said...

Chino Bandito!!!

155 - dollars spent on a brand new craigs list treadmill
1 - treadmill moved into my house by myself
3 - doorways I *tried* to go through
1 - treadmill turned into a treadmill desk
383 - minutes on said treadmill desk during first 24 hours

1255 - lines of schmoopy conversation :)

Jill said...

1) I rode my bike for 100 miles. :)
2) I took a nap after!! :)

I wanna go to Chino Bandito!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

3 - # of pairs of jeans I bought from the Levi store in Waikiki

50 - # of $ those 3 jeans cost - in total!

>100 - the amount of times I said Mahalo in the last 12 days

10 - hours in a plane to get home from Hawaii

37 - the amount of times I thought I might pass out this morning during my first run back after being sick/holidays

Patrick Mahoney said...

1 - Number of pictures on your blog that show decent bikes, despite the argyle.

3 - Number of times I went to Trader Joe's this weekend to properly purchase everything included on a single list.

3 - Number of recent, in-a-row blog posts on my blog you have blown off commenting on.

0 - the number of additional posts on your blog I am going to comment on until the above is sorted.

Carrie said...

17 - the number of miles I ran on Sunday (the farthest I have ever ran. training for my first marathon)

2 - the number of blisters on my right foot (not from the run, from the cute shoes I wore on Friday night. NOT THE RUN!)

Go figure! But if you ask me... both were so worth it!

Christi said...

53 - miles on the bike on Sunday.
1 - blotchy sunburn from said ride!

KovasP said...

1. Can't go wrong with a Felt bike.

2. End of spring soccer this weekend - Laima and I chauffered up a storm!

Suzy said...

5.75 - miles run in the pouring rain
45 - minutes spent coaching soccer in the rain

Caratunk Girl said...

2-almond Hershey Bars I ate
8-hours I drove
Thats all I got, I really wanted to say something funny too. Dang.

ajh said...

9 = people I came in before in my first duathlon when I was sure I would be last.
20.9 = total miles in the Du.

Will Cooper said...

100 - miles run
21:46 - hours:minutes to do it.

Stacie said...

6 - Seconds shy of a 2 minute PR in the 1/2 Marathon I ran on Saturday.

2 - Number of Half Marathons I've ran in 7 days & the number I have left to go.

Michelle said...

3 - # of rain-soaked lacrosse games I watched my son play during his tournament

1 - very l-o-n-g t-ball game! (seriously it's like watching grass grow!)

5.3 - # rain-soaked miles run yesterday

2 - # of half marathons I'm debating about registering for

Melissa Cunningham said...

Love this post! and the pics!for my weekend:
1-5k race
2.8-hours of sleep prior
14-times the baby woke up bc her binky fell out
1-first place in AG
1-complete stranger who PR'd because i yelled at her to catch me at the end (she did,got me by 1 second!)
2-big hugs from a stranger thanking me for a PR
4-friends from the gym who also ran the same race
2-kids who are 2 seconds from being ducktaped to a wall
1-itty baby who is learning to walk
4,444,444-objects i have removed from a baby's mouth
1-tired mommy!


Char said...

Three day long weekend for me (Thank you so much Queen Elizabeth for having a birthday) so I'll give you three things
#1 Went to the movies twice - each with a different friend
#2 Ran
#3 Made cupcakes - tangello and poppyseed. Yum!

Emz said...

Melissa. You. Rock.

Char. Need. Recipe.

Bev said...

51 - number of miles ridden for a Special Olympics charity bike ride.

25 - number of times I said "ow" during my massage.

2 - number of times I said, "f***!!!!" during same massage (damn ball of muscle on my quad!).

8 - number of miles hiked with friends in training for climbing Mt Kilimanjaro.

2 - number of times I led them up the wrong trail. (oops!)

Can't wait until next weekend!!!

Emz said...

Bev. You. Are. Killing. Me. Loved. That. ;)

Amy said...

400 - number of mosquitos I annhilated while hiking

8 - number of sneaky mosquitos who managed to squeak by my defenses and bite me before being annhilated

2 - weekends in a row without a long run

0 - times in the future the BF will be allowed to pick the movie after this weekend's lame-o choice.

Happy Monday!

Anonymous said...

20 - Miles I ran for the first time ever!!

3 - Glass of wine I consumed after running said miles!

chloƫ. said...

5 - number of approximate feet I ran just to see how it would feel.

5,628 - times I nursed my newborn.

1 - times I nursed my newborn in church.

1 - number of green poops I had to change in church.

2 - number of Brooks shoes I currently own.

3 - number of times said shoes have actually been worn...collectively.

(mmkay, this list making is FUN! I might have to steal this format one day for a post of my own. Maybe when I BQ 50 years from now...)

BabyWeightMyFatAss said...

11.85- The miles I ran on Saturday.

1- the number of Yoga classes I took for the first time.

Erika said...

3- number of miles I ran today
7- number of times i yelled at my daughter to sit in her car seat
3- number of times i threatened to drive to the police station to get my point across
4- number of patients who cancelled on me today
12- number of hours i worked today
4- number of times i had to put the baby back into bed tonight
5- minutes until lights out! Good night! I'm pooped!

Richelle said...

Ooh... love that hat!

200+ = wedding invitations assembled

2 = place I took in my age group for a 10K race on Saturday

Caroline said...

6: number of miles I ran Saturday
41414444: number of times I said "STOP" to my kids.
14 444: number of times I said "lower the volume of the TV"
too many: number of times I said "I wish we were still in Quebec"

Caroline said...

oh and 574: real number of pics I went through from my trip to order and make books and all that good stuff!!!

MCM Mama said...

.6 - number of miles I sprinted to get the car when the heavens opened

5.4 - number of mile I ran today to make the .6 part of an even number. ;o)

~K~ said...

0 - number of times i'd ever run a 5 MILE race before this past weekend

2 - number of females who finished in front of me

1 - my place in my age group!

I'm happy!

SupermomE13 said...

12? 15? The number of times I cried sitting at the finish line and cheering for people (My husband did his first marathon this weekend)

12 - The number of kids I missed like crazy (and yet enjoyed a short getaway from) on our kid free weekend. :)

And yeah... dog barf sucks. FREAKING sucks. :)

XLMIC said...

88 - years my mother in law has been alive as of Saturday!

3 - hours spent chasing 2-yr old around the retirement community.

2 - number of times I ran down the hall stairs in a nun's habit.

Neil Zee said...

0 - miles ran this weekend
0 - hours worked this weekend

1 - whole movie watch with DW
1 - oil change completed with help of 4yo son

1 - best weekend in recent memory

Jason said...

1389704983750 - # of times I either kissed or hugged or told my wife I love her.

75 - minutes I ran without water to test my body's use of fat as energy

85 - temperature when I did that 75 minute run

Unknown said...

5 - number of consecutive days we were over 100 degrees!

12.4 - number of miles I have ran in the last three weeks (stupid achilles)

11 - ranking on a scale of 1-10 on how excited I am to sign up for my next ironman tomorrow!

Quinton J said...

ummm....did you just say "bag of treats (doggie style)" for Matty-O?

it's all about pace said...

1 - number of DNFs

0 - number of training sessions since said DNF

I'm on a roll!


ihaverun said...

Dog puke is soooo not fun. But I'll betJess is right about it being colorful.

My numbers:

0- # of miles I will run today because my stomach is angry at me
444 - % frustrated I can't run today