Friday, August 26, 2011

"Come On Eileen" - Dexy's Midnight Runners

okay.  am. i. wrong. or. is. that. one. of. the. best. songs.

e v e r ?

I. Freaking. Heart. Dexy's Midnight Runners.

I remember being 14 - - - dancing around like an idiot to this song at church dances.

Ya, I still dance around like a 14 year old idiot when I hear this song.  The ONLY difference . . . . I now do the same stupid dance in 4-5" heels.

After my non-skills I showed off all last weekend in Vegas. . . . . . . Tonight's anniversary [1 of 2] date night AKA . . CarnivoreFeast2011.  Has been declared "dance free Friday"  WhatFreakingEver.

I bought these yesterday.

Not dance?!?!

Ohhhhh, there will be dancing.

Pita - I'll spare you the gushy, "I have the best husband" post. 
but . . . . I find it awesome that each day


& think I cannot possibly love you more than I do today . . . then  . . . . I wake up the next day . . . . and . . . yep, it's [somehow] possible.


What 80's song gets you moving?

Happy Freaking Friday!


ShutUpandRun said...

I know PITA loves you too, but I bet he especially loves you those shoes!!

Michelle said...

Too funny - I remember boppin' around to that song too!

And those shoes are killer!

Caroline said...

it is your anniversary? today? happy anniversary! many...Footloose!!! Into the Groove!!! Billie Jean! Mickey!

Caroline said...

I feel bad for your feet...really you dont love them

Melissa Cunningham said...

happy anniversary!!!
i litarally laughed out loud as i pictured you dancing like a 14yr old a church dance.....and even now,in 5" heels....(which i love those new shoes btw!!)
totally made me smile!!!!
too many fav 80's to name!

Danielle C. said...

OMG lady those shoes are HOT!

LOVE LOVE LOVE Come on Eileen.

So many great 80's songs, can't even name them all. LOVE me some early 80's hair band power ballad (think Foreigner/Journey).

Emz said...

Suar. Freaking. Hilarious.
Caro-my feet love me! True story- my Achilles actually feels better in heels!!
Melissa-it was quite a scene. [still is] :/ ;]

Claudia said...

Depeche Mode - Just can't get enough
New Order - Blue Monday
Clan of Xymox - Back Door
The Cure - Boys don't cry
... too many to list - I was a teen agaer in the 80's - what can I say.

Those shoes are fantastic! They make me want to go to Nordstrom's asap.

Happy anniversary!

Fifty K said...

Happy anniversary! I'm a dancing queen too! Too many good 80's songs to pick just one. Anything by Wham is always good!

Jill said...

Oh, you must have some killer calf muscles when you were those puppies, Pita must be drools all over ya! That's the point though, right? ;)

Have an absolute blasty tonight!! Super jealous...I just have a date with Excel and well, we know how well that's going!

VERY happy about January - yay!


RunToTheFinish said...

ddddaaammmnnnn those are some shoes! i couldn't possibly walk in those let alone dance

Nelly said...

I love 80s tunes, some of my favorites:
Bon Jovi - living on a prayer
AC/DC - Shook me All Night Long
Rick Springfield - Jessie's Girl
Survivor - Eye of the Tiger

Gracie said...

Nice shoes! Congrats to the two of you.

Michael said...

Man, you and your shoes!! I just can't imagine putting those things on. They are beautiful though! I love that song too. I also love.....I would walk 500 miles, and I would walk 500 more.......etc....sounds to me like a perfect song for you!

Char said...

My eldest was born in the late 80s and he has that song on his playlist. It's a classic!

Julie said...

80's hairbands LOVE THEM! I haven't been dancing in so long and reallllyyy need to go! :)

Love those shoes although I would kill myself!

MCM Mama said...

a. I WANT those shoes.
b. That song has been stuck in my head all day - except I've been inserting Irene LOL
c. Happy Anniversary! Happy marriages are awesome.

Kat said...

Do those shoes come with a pole?

Just askin'...

Ironman By Thirty said...

My 80's song? Wham's Jitterbug. It was the team song for our high school XC team.

Come on Eileen at church dances? What kind of church did you go to!?! haha

Sarah said...

I could go on and on about 80's songs that get me dancing! But never in heels because I would probably hurt myself. :-D

Anne said...

Yikes...those heels :)
Was this an anniversary weekend...if so, Happy Anniversary! You guys are pretty wild, I haven't done 4am in ages - unless I had to get to the airport.

Lot's of 80's songs I love dancing to...can never think of anything when I'm on the spot :) ...but the one's Caro mentioned are all included!

A Prelude To... said...

I <3 those shoes. What husband wouldn't love his lady in those?!?

Way too many good 80s songs!

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking he's gonna like those shoes as much as you do. :) Happy Anniversary !

I love too many 80s songs to count. My nickname, "Rio", was from the song of the same name by DD.

Tortuga_Runner said...

MCM Mama stole my comment right out of my head. (b) is hilarious and totally been stuck in my head all week.

coach dion said...

Had to read the comments to see all the 80's songs...

Love the 80's

Chris K said...

I love that song. I wear those denim overalls all the time.

p.s. Hi EMZ



Big Clyde said...

I like the original, but LOVE the cover version by the ska band "Save Ferris"

Jason said...

I was only 7 when 1980 started so I was probably kicking it to Sesame Street back then.....LOL!