Wednesday, August 31, 2011

"Punk Rock Girl" - The Dead Milkmen

I was 16.

His name was John* [*name changed to protect the mostly innocent].  He drove a lowered truck and had the Bieber haircut way before Bieber was even born.  And my parents prayed I wouldn't keep him around for longer than a weekend month.

[Thankfully, I didn't.]

Teenage romance fling aside, I did learn some valuable lessons during this forbidden love like affair.  I learned I never want to eat at Arby's ever again.  I learned there really is life after Depeche Mode.  And I learned that I was not born to sing.

Not then.

And certainly not now.

My singing can only be matched in crappiness to my dancing.

Which is sad for the free world.

because.  I. love. to. do. both.

I remember being asked to sing in church with my two best friends.  After hearing me sing........ the super sweet choirister said, "Emily, lets move you from the middle to the left side and Karen*, let's move that microphone to the right."

Since this day I have not sung in any choirs.  [Well, not outside the walls of my home.]

But as I sat on Peanut's bed, last night, she said something that almost made me fall off her bed.

"Mom, will you sing me the song you used to sing to me when I was little?"

Me:  The "I love [insert Peanut's real name]" song?
Peanut:  Yes.

I sang.  Yes, a cappella. Which made the 8 pound dog rush in to see who was being killed.

She laid there without a judgement in the world.  face lit up like a Christmas tree at the song that was made for her.

I. felt. like. a. [closet]. rockstar.

Thanks Peanut.


What's the one talent you wish you had?

Is it just not in your cards?  Or have you never tried to develop it?

Happy Wednesday!
Three more sleeps until Pokey Marathon - and until I "get" to wear these!

Ron. you. Rock.
[really need to get that sports bra / arm warmer thing going . . . . I'll take 44 now.  Put in my order please.] ;]


misszippy said...

We could have a sing off, 'cause my singing voice is really frightening! But it's awesome that your gal still loves to hear you sing. The best!

misszippy said...

And really? There's life post Depeche Mode? I DO have a DP station on Pandora.

Emz said...

DM station?! Now. That. I. Need.

Rachelle Wardle said...

Your running pokey marathon?? Eeee I have so many friends running that race and I have a feeling (okay I know) you are going to FREAKING KILL IT! Gradual downhill the entire way. P.S. You could totally all out win this race. Seriously I think the winner last year was like 3:15! EMZ YOU. FREAKING. GOT. THIS.

A Prelude To... said...

Singing is it! I totally wish I could carry a tune. I really wish my husband would just let me sing...but he always has to make a comment that shuts me right up. Grrrrr. Dream squasher.

Dancing, too. I have two left feet, but love to do it!

Emz said...

Rachelle. You are too kind.
I'm pacing my freaking awesome friend to her BQ. Which totally out awesomes any race win. :]

Arica said...

I love that you said "Pokey" instead of Pocatello. My sister is in grad school there. I really wanted to run that race, but I am running Top of Utah in Logan instead! Good happy thoughts to you and Dawn :)

Christi said...

That is funny that you made up a song for your daughter. My husband and son made up a song for their dog and they sang it all the time to her. It was the "Hannah Song." Drove me crazy but Hannah seemed to like it!

CautiouslyAudacious said...

I ALWAYS wanted to be able to sing but as a kid my mom had taken me to get lessons and the guy basically told her there was no hope for me, true story! I loved watching musicals and always wished I could perform in them. So you aren't alone!! :-)

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I love it when kids view us parents through eyes full of love. They can see us as perfect...even when we are not.

Loving Rachelle's comment and hoping you do go out and win it!

Jason said...

The one talent I wish I had was that one the Dream of Genie chick had. Just wiggle my nose and stuff appears. Especially like lost keys and things like that.

That is awesome that P-Nut wanted you to sing that to her. Precious.

racing dawn said...

I wish I could sing too...but my mad rapping skills make up for it.

You should go out and just win that pokey race. I'm good with taking 2nd to you any day.

Jim ... 50after40 said...

IDK about "talent", but the one quality I NEED more of is humbleness ... why don't I have more of it? Insecurity I guess. You're a great mom - I think kids give us a pass most of the time.

Unknown said...

My Daddy used to make up all kinds of songs for me growing up!! I remember each and every word and hold those memories so dear!!! :) That's awesome that Peanut has her song.

Talent? Is running in a sports bra with amazing abs a talent? I wish I had that talent. Can I develop that? probably...still working on it.

Oh and I wish I could be a really good artist-painting, sketching, etc. I never really explored it but I think that would be neat.

Are those PRR tattoos????????????

DRog said...

I wish I could play guitar and be cool. But my hands and my fingers are too big (I think)

another 26.2 !!! Go YOU


Unknown said...

It would be cool if I could swim, that would rock.

And bike too. That would help as well.

Unknown said...

Hahaha... Jeff, that's funny!

I think it's super sweet that Peanut wanted you to sing. Obviously your voice doesn't scare her! :)

I love to sing and I'm horrible at it. Oh well...

I wish I could run on a treadmill without wanting to poke my eyes out. Any tips? :)

Caroline said...

for me: drawing and also play the guitar.

for my poor family: cooking!

Nelly said...

I'd probably go with singing and dancing too, I can't do either of those things!

I have zero musical talent, which is maybe why I like listening to music so much from people who have musical talent! lol

Aimee said...

O-kay....this post was just so precious!

I made up this "good morning" song for my boys when they were babies and I would sing it to them every morning. For some reason, I stopped doing it when they got older. But, the other day, they both asked me to sing it for them. It made my heart so happy. :)

Michael said...

I can't sing either. It has really always made me sad because I love to sing. My lifelong dream has been to play Riz in Grease, but alas that day will never come unless they have the world's worst version. Sometimes, life is just not fair :)

Love your story about Peanut though....AWESOME!

jt00ct said...

Jellyfish Heavennnnnn it's a L.Aaaaaaaaa.
I was one of the 6 people that listened to the Dead Milkmen "back in the day". I wish that I could play an instrument like the piano or guitar.

Gracie said...

I wish I could play piano, or really any instrument. I can read music and sing passably but I am too wretchedly lazy to learn an instrument!

Char said...

Just one talent? I wish I could run faster, really belt out a song without going off key, write a book and play my piano without music and with coordinated fingers. And I wish I could touch-type.

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

That is so so fun that you are pacing your friend for Pokey:) One talent I wish I be crafty or good at decorating...I have no idea how to do either:) Have an amazing day gorgeous girl!

Jen said...

My dad used to sing to me and it was really off key and horrible but I like it because he didn't really care. When my mom sang to me, she sounded like she was trying too hard. =P