Wednesday, August 17, 2011

"Wrapped Around Your Finger" - The Police

Wordless [ok, less than 444 words] Wednesday.

Pita: you have a [omitted words] blog post for tomorrow.
Me: brain farts - yes. Posts - no

Pita: I have an idea. Get your camera. Peanut do rabbit ears.
Peanut: what?!
Pita: hold up two fingers then turn away
Peanut: you are weird Dad. ok.

Pita: ready?
Me: ummmmm, kinda, yes.

Me: ummmm, yes, you are so freaking classy [mind you we are in a pretty nice restaurant - don't let the lame straws fool you - that was my request]
Pita: see I just saved you 44 minutes of writing a REAL post.


Happy Hump Day!

One last thing . . . . .

A question for you.

The Pita and I got into a conversation last night and I want your opinion . . .

Do you think it'd be easier to:
  • "teach" speed to an endurance athlete
  • "teach" a speedy 10k runner how to go long [marathon].
? ? ? ?


ihaverun said...

This is like a whch came first question for me. I was trying to teach myself both at the same time. The endurance came first. Then the speed. So I'm going with teaching speed to an endurance athlete. Be sure you tell us YOUR thoughts!

And that is one long finger.

Caroline said...

Easier to teach endurance to the speedy one. endurance WILL come with time and patience for most people. Speed that is more specific I think and requires hard work.

Unknown said...

Ya know I think you can "teach" speed but only up to a certain point and that certain point is different for everyone. Technique and gains in fitness can only go so far but that is not the case with God given ability to go fast. Fast is fast.

But that being said endurance will most assuredly help you achieve greater gains in speed and even more so for those with greater ability. Slow can become less slow and fast can become faster but rarely do you see slow become fast unless other factors such as weight loss and health are involved.

So really I don't think either of you are necessarily right or wrong on this subject because the answer would be different for everyone.

And before we can really have a debate I got to get all Bill Clinton on you and ask for you to define FAST?

Ironman By Thirty said...

Easier to teach endurance IMO. I think there is more genetics and body mechanics involved in speed than in endurance. Endurance is more mental and the will to just keep moving forward.

Aimee said...

Nice picture! :)

I think it would be easier to teach the endurance athlete. I think a speedy, short distance runner would have a really hard time SLOWING down in order to train for a marathon!

April said...

I agree with Ironman by 30: I would think it would be easier to teach endurance to a speedy runner.

Jason said...

I don't think you can 'teach' speed but I do think you can 'teach' endurance.

If you have the fast gene then you can go fast but to go long it takes a mind change to go long. You need to be able to tell your mind that this is going to be longer and slower than normal and you can adapt to that.

You can't just tell somebody go run faster because they might be faster for 4 steps and then stop. You have to be genetically capable of going fast.

Jill said...

I am PRAYING you can teach speed to an endurance athlete...what happened to my speed?!?!? Whaaaaa!!

I love how classy you guys are on family night! :)

adena said...

I love your classy.. :-)

It's the hardest to teach me to run for 5 minutes in a row.. hahah

Anonymous said...

I just love you and your family!!! Great post! I would have to say speed to an endurance athlete!

XLMIC said...

I think both can be taught. I think the success of the 'education' depends largely on the individual in question. Seriously, if someone is determined and sets about taking on a task and is able to figure or work with someone who can figure out what they specifically need... you can get pretty damn far. I say that as a naturally athletically UNgifted and DISinclined person who is, however, extremely determined.

You find your 'formula' and put in the time, you can do pretty much anything you set your mind to, Emz.

Char said...

I definitely think it'd be easier to teach a fast 10k runner to run long. They already have a degree of endurance. It's just a matter of adding to it.

Johann said...

I follow the great Arthur Newton's training rules. Rule #3: train first for distance, later for speed.

Silly Girl Running said...

Hehehehe! Nice pic! ;)

As for the distance/speed thing...since I'm slowpoke #1 I'm in no position to answer that one. ;)

Unknown said...

I believe it would be easier to "teach" the endurance athlete. Quick people might have a hard time slowing down on longer runs and injuries would occur. That is my experience at least with fast friends - which I am not one of!

Heather-O said...

Nice, PITA, nice!

Hmmmmm....I am going to go with the second one. It's easier to teach a speedy 10K runner to go long! I don't think you can "teach" speed. I think speed is a God given talent or gift if you will. Granted you can teach someone to improve their time, but true speed is a gift (one I wish I Anyone can go distance as long as they pace themselves...and if they don't pace themselves, well then there is always the option to walk ;)

Matty O said...

Did you honestly ask this question?

Hands down any day easier to teach endurance, that is a matter of pacing. Its a matter of putting the time in.

Speed... ahhh yes, speed. Seems everyone is obsessed with this topic lately.

You want to be fast? Its going to hurt. Simple. People's pain threshold determines how fast they can actually be. That is my opinion, I believe this, I feel no pain running, it makes me feel alive and I cherish the ability to merely be able to run.

True story: MattyO is often seen smiling when running sub 7 pace in Cleveland, Ohio. No pain, no gain (last year, not this year... this year I don't care about speed).

Laura said...

I'd same endurance for sure. The mental side is sometimes to hardest part to teach/deal with/overcome.

Unknown said...

Good question - I would think it would be easier to teach speed. Speed just takes some pain. I think going long takes patience and that one is harder to learn!

Sarah said...

One of the rabbits lost an ear. That's sad!

Rachelle Wardle said...

Your family is so much fun! I 100% think it would be easier to teach a good 10k runner endurance.

Jess @ Blonde Ponytail said...

I love the label: that's one freaking huge finger!

Your fam is the best and I wanna visit you again soon!

The question: In recruiting, they always say you can't "teach" arm speed, bat speed, leg speed, or height for that matter...I would guess its split here?

Big Daddy Diesel said...

Its easier to teach endurance over speed. But both are possible. One is harder then the other

SupermomE13 said...

TOUGH question, but I am going to say it is easier to teach speed to an endurance athlete, because for me the distance came first, then the speed and I think with training just about anyone can get faster, but it seems not everyone can handle longer miles (but who knows if I am right!) :)

LOVE the pic.

Straws aren't classy??? Bummer!