Thursday, August 25, 2011

"Waking Up In Vegas" - Katy Perry

Vegas weekend . . . . by the numbers [and very few pictures]:

3 - nights in Vegas
1 - inches the Pita's head was from the roof in the airplane.

1 - slouchy Pita.

3 - the most nights I have ever spent in Vegas
0 - % chance we were going to walk outside [it was 108* there]
1 - car rented
1 - mobster / cop car rented

1 - happy Pita. 
4 - times he said, "We need to get one of these.  I fit in it!"
100 - % of times I walked up to a roulette table and told the Pita, "It's going black" & IT. DID!

50 - % I was right when OUR money was on the line. ;]
2 - in the morning ---- is when the fun starts in Vegas.
2 - girls we saw doing cartwheels in NYNY casino.
2 - boyfriends behind them laughing their butts off.
94 - other people also laughing their butts off when the girl ran into the wall after the cartwheel.
10 - the score I gave her for her facial entry into the wall.
1 - burger consumed at 3am
0 - % chance that will ever happen again.
4 - time in the morning of our latest night out.

2 - days I spent paying for that 4am night out.
44 - times I said it was so worth it.
2 - runs done at hotel gym.
1 - awesomeness gift I received from the Pita.
1 - time I silently wondered if I could apply the gift price towards my Woodway treadmill.

1 - gym in hotel which were under construction meaning . . . . the gym was in the hallway that lead to the pool . . . . MAIN ACCESS POINT!!  Which led to . . .
7 - people who said, "take a day off!  You're in Vegas baby!"
7 - times I said, "well at least you still know where you are!" ;]
1 - iPods I brought with me for my workouts
0 - headphones I brought....ugggg
2 - runs done without TV/Music but a whole lot of CRAZY, crazy, CRAZY stories overheard.
160 - dollar roulette donation we left Vegas.
100 - % I KNOW it was worth every penny x 44.

Hey Vegas . . . . . . See you in December!!

Will you be in running in Vegas?

What's the craziest thing YOU'VE seen in Vegas?


Marisa @ The Pace of my Life said...

i will be in vegas in december too, first 26.2. bring. it. on. :)

CautiouslyAudacious said...

That's way too hot! I've only gone to Vegas 2x so nothing too crazy...

Jamie said...

I WANT to run Vegas sooooo badly!!! It will be so awesome at night!! But it'll have to be next year. :( So jealous!!

Nelly said...

Sounds like a great trip!

The girl doing a cartwheel into the wall must have been classic to see! haha

Sounds like a good call on not wearing your headphones on the treadmill, those stories you overheard must have been great.

How does the PITA fit into an airplane? I'm assuming you guys have to fly business or first class or else he doesn't actually fit into the seat?

I've been to Vegas 4 times I think, craziest scene I've been around is being there for January 1st, the strip was just nuts. It was too nuts for me, I wouldn't go back there for a holiday.

Allison said...

Nope, won't be there. It's my baby's 3rd birthday!

Craziest thing I've seen in Vegas? My girlfriend get a lap dance at a seedy strip club. Ha!

Char said...

So I'm right in thinking you had a good time?

MCM Mama said...

Crazy girl! Glad you had a good time!

DC will be much more sedate LOL.

Cynthia said...

Sounds like so much fun!
So till 4 am... where you guys out at a club dancing? :)
Love the Pita picture haha.

I will be running Vegas baby! Can't wait it's going to be A.W.E.S.O.M.E

Johann said...

Never been to Vegas but if I do ever get to run the ATY 24hour race in Phoenix I will do a Vegas trip afterwards.

LB said...

ah vegas! LOVE vegas! craziest thing i have seen: drunk guy attacking people by throwing creamer packs at them as they get into the elevator at 430 am. then the struggle with security as they try to reason with a drunk man throwing creamers at people.

sadly, i dont think i will make vegas in december, i will be about a month too early. le sigh!

Silly Girl Running said...

Oh I'd love to run Vegas. The 10 hour flight is kind of putting me off, though...As is the $1,000 air fare... :(

Christi said...

I have never been to Vegas but everyone seems to think I should go. Maybe I should!

adena said...

#444444 - number of times I smiled reading this post.

Caroline said...

ah Vegas....the best way to go is to drive from drive in the desert, there is nothing...and then PAF! crazy town is there!...crazies thing I have seen there is hands down my mother in law. She wins the title.

I will not run there this year :(
Not fait for the family and espacially for Bill.

Unknown said...

These comments cannot hold my Vegas stories. My buddies and I had a "Hangover" type of night there a few years back - we will have the share that one over a beer after we run an ultra one day (-: